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  1. Rookies have huge learning curve do you really want a rookie protecting Sam
  2. Wouldn’t Winters cost 14 million dead cap money hard to believe they cut him - trade bait?
  3. Lol My favorite Martin, Boy Wonder
  4. Calling all arms! RT, LT and C. Get it done Macc or this will limit Bell’s potential. Even great runners need a viable OL to succeed. Right now our OL is very questionable. Trade, draft, FA....we must make the OL formidable. Hi Ho!
  5. We haven’t had a back like this since Wonderboy.
  6. Crowell does save the team money on toilet paper.
  7. STEAL! 13 and change per year. Keep it going Macc.
  8. Woooooow that’s freaky
  9. Would be a great fit for him. Who besides us are gunning for him?
  10. Colts or Jets Andrew Luck, young veteran QB leading a playoff team and a solid OL. Sam who is still raw behind a patched up OL. Hard decision.
  11. And who is supposed to block for Bell? This guy.
  12. It’s 7 key positions. And there’s even more holes than that needing upgrades.
  13. Besides the point. OBJ is still top 3 wr in the game. I thought they would have had to give up 3 ones at the very least.
  14. So who are the lb’s? Mosley, Avery, Jordan and who else l. And the starters on the Dline? Williams, ....Anderson? We need a big Carrie in the middle. Can’t see them keeping the midget.
  15. To give him away for that is downright criminal.
  16. Highway robbery by the Browns. So it’s essentially 2 1’s and a 3Rd rounder. Giants must be sick of OBJ’s crap.
  17. Probably grabbing his crotch after finding out about the trade. Of course he found out here!
  18. Have no fear. We’ll be resigning Roberts, Myers, McCown and the water boy. You rock Macc.
  19. But he doesn’t fit a 4-3 defense. So are we sticking to a 3-4?
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