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  1. Are you referring to the Giants suck thread?
  2. Wowie Browns are taking no prisoners.
  3. If there any schizoids out there will in FA, it’s a lock they sign to play for Gase.
  4. That’s if Macc has any common sense which we know he doesn’t. Hopefully we can trade back and get a 2nd + in the deal. If we don’t sign a center, it’s on Macc’s head.
  5. But this year’s 2nd will be awesome.
  6. It’s been a priority since Mangold was retiring. His replacement should have been acquired 3 years ago. Mac is clueless.
  7. Who’s left? Both top FA centers gone now Anyone have Zoloft they can spare?
  8. Add a baby rattle and a pacifier.
  9. Possibly a pattern here don’t ya think
  10. Bye bye Darron Lee. I’m sure he’ll get a job at a small and short haberdashery.
  11. Any dropouts please consider to give me a team. Appreciate it.
  12. Yea but we're smart. We picked 2 in the first 2 rounds.
  13. Gase spoke highly of Daron Lee? He's either never seen him play or he must be high....or both
  14. Mac stylin. Nice jacket. At least he can dress the part.
  15. Yes Cole Beasley PLEASE!!!!!! Made that great catch to beat Giants last game of year. Amazing catch!
  16. So in hindsight do you take Gurley or Leonard Williams
  17. We've spent countless picks on our defense over the last several years with our top picks and its still mediocre. The pressing need is to secure the OL even if we have to reach for who's considered the best OL.
  18. Its a slap on the wrist. He'll donate to a charity and donate red and white Patriot condoms to all the kids in South Boston.
  19. And we can make Bortles the 3rd stringer too. Who says he ever has to see the field.
  20. He's a force. No doubt. But he'd take a chunk of the money we have to utilize. Would rather go after some of the other players available. we could get 2 or even 3 pass rushers for the price that Clowney would demand.
  21. He'd be awfully expensive and given his injuries it would be risky. I guess our GM signs him then .
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