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  1. Watson may have lost millions with Nike dropping him but he can make it endorsing massage oils.
  2. He’d have to move to Houston - what a sh*thole city. Was there for a month and HATED it beyond belief.
  3. Can you imagine if JD would have traded for Watson and gave up like 4 #1 picks prior to this mess breaking out. I guess it would have been vetoed.
  4. He may very well go to the big house. Oh my!
  5. Oh man this is NOT going to end well for Watson or @TomShane . He could very well be blacklisted from NFL due to the unethical behavior. These women are really credible or and there’s just mounting evidence surfacing. Saw 2 news clips of 2 different accusers and one was just in shambles due to the trauma and the other was just PISSED and is looking for blood. I don’t see how he overcomes this other than fessing up, apologizing, paying these women in settlements and then doing something similar to what Vick did In creating a foundation. He may then be able to resuscitate his career but this year is SHOT and if he’s not smart his entire career could go down the toilet.
  6. Thx, He’s vastly improved and is just BEASTLY
  7. Thanks homie. Was thinking CB or WR Marshall but Higgins was picked last year and is basically a Marshall clone who's great value BUT Greenie swiped him just before me BUT I wouldn't have taken him anyways since I'm looking for more of a joystick type WR ala Tyrek Hill to go along with Higgins. Barmore was ranked 19th so this is insane value as well. LETS GO METS!!!!!!
  8. With the 38th pick in the 2nd Round The Cincinnati Bengals select THE BEAST Christian Barmore, Defensive Tackle, Alabama @JiF OTC @section314 On deck
  9. Would be thrilled to get Newsome @ 34 but more than likely he’s sayonara by then. I really hope JD gets a CB early. Our pass D is atrocious.
  10. Right he’s a Tackle but man he sounds like a great developmental project that could blossom
  11. I tried like 5 times on profootball network.com and they sent a message after the 5th time ....GTFO
  12. Spencer Brown 3rd round. Offensive line coaches from the Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Arizona Cardinals were on hand for what some described as one of the best offensive line workouts they’ve witnessed in half a dozen years. Brown measured in at 6’8 1/2″ and 311 pounds. His arms reached 34 ¾ inches and he completed 33 reps on the bench, although scouts took four away for poor technique, officially crediting him with 29 reps. His 40 times clocked between 4.88 to 4.90 seconds, with his three-cone coming in sharp at 6.96 seconds. His short shuttle was 4.34 seconds. Brown’s other marks include 31.5 inches in the vertical jump and 9’9″ in the broad jump. Brown translated that athleticism into position drills and looked terrific. Besides the teams who sent offensive line coaches, the Baltimore Ravens are very high on Spencer Brown. This bears watching considering the ongoing drama with the team’s existing right tackle, Orlando Brown.
  13. I tried several times to pull that trade off you got for Slater and was denied every time on the draft simulator. I proposed the deal and it said DENIED. Finally, I added a 3rd rounder to 23 & 34 and it finally went through.
  14. JD is NOT taking a LB @ 23 34 or 66. I know cause he told me.
  15. Will be the best WR from this class in a couple of years.
  16. This is far fetched criticism. No GM is going to rebuild a team through FA. First, its way to expensive. Second, quality FA's don't want to come to a team that's equivalent to primordial ozze. JD's 1st year was a waste since he didn't get a chance to draft players. He was stuck with a mindless HC in Gase as well. The roster he inherited was in absolute shambles. The OL was abysmal. There's only so much you can do with your hands tied behind your back. In 2 years, JD has made considerable progress. The OL is much more stable, still sucks, but will be better after this draft. The WR corps has been upgraded significantly and I believe JD will get a good WR in this draft somewhere in round 3-4. We have a new HC and OC with an exciting approach to defense and offense. AND we have moved on from Darnold Duck and cut our losses. When we get studs in the draft, develop them, see QW, then you will have a competitive team that FA's will consider playing for. And even then, there are only so many FA's any GM can sign.
  17. LB @ 23? No way. We have a few good ones and desperately need a top flight CB. The #23 and #34 MUST ADDRESS CB and OL. Maybe grab a LB in round 4 Chazz Surratt
  18. You so silly. This was a genius move by the Panthers. Trade for Darnold as the starter and next they will trade Bridgewater. Panthers will go 1-16, 2-15 or 3-14 in 2021 and be in prime position to grab a QB in next years draft. It worked for us.
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