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  1. Was it? Smoked to much of it to remember.
  2. And there’s so much more than that as well that are highly rated. Myers, Wyatt Davis, Jack Carman, Deonte Brown, Trey Hill, Alex Leatherwood, Dickerson, Tucker, Meinerz, Kendrick Green, Trey Smith, Jack Anderson, Cleveland etc etc
  3. Clark didn’t even take a snap last year. Lewis is a JAG as is GVR. McGovern struggled but hit better as the year went on. The middle of the OL is just terrible. @ 23, JD may even have to reach if his target -Tucker- is gone by then. But the more I think about it, the more I’m open to trading up for a CB from 23. Reason being the OL is much deeper than CB in this draft. Horn would be my choice. The good cb’s - Surtain, Farley, Horn - will be gone by 23. Then focus on the OL with the next 2 picks. They’ll be some good talent in round 3 that can be had for the OL.
  4. I suggested JD might be taking at least 2 OL @ 23/34/66. @Sperm Edwards shot that theory down. Do you think JD may do that? It’s a deep draft for OL. Don’t tell Sperm.
  5. There's a new sheriff in town and his name is JD
  6. Its an equitable trade - 23 & 34 = 1320 for Broncs # 9 = 1360. Broncs could have gotten another mid 4th to equalize the deal. Regardless, 2 for 1 for a team that is devoid of talent just doesn't seem wise.
  7. Come off the edge. This ain’t Macc or Idzik. It’s JD. The saving grace here is the overall roster absolutely stinks and we have several positions of need to be filled. Primarily, G, T, C, CB, WR. And we could use another LB and TE. It’s also a very deep draft which is to our advantage since we have 2 #1’s, an early 2nd, and two #3’s. I don’t see how JD could possibly screw up #23 & 34. There’s just to much talent across the board.
  8. I was reading he doesnt have that Nasty element as a RT. Alex Leatherwood Player Profile Negatives: Must improve his overall strength at the point. Rarely finishes blocks. Does not always play with a nasty attitude. Analysis: Leatherwood showed flashes of dominance in 2019, but I was disappointed he did not progress at the rate I thought possible last season. He’s a natural left tackle with the footwork and movement skills to be used in a zone-blocking system, but Leatherwood must get stronger and compete to finish blocks on every down. Senior Bowl Performance Alex Leatherwood was one of the higher-rated players at the 2021 Reese’s Senior Bowl. However, he wasn’t as consistent as his high billing demanded. Leatherwood had some good reps, courtesy of his overwhelming length and functional power. That said, he struggled to deal with quick rushers around the edge at times, and his one-on-one losses might have exposed a lack of elite raw power. Leatherwood’s power is more a product of his length, which serves as an effective conduit. That said, he can still get stronger. Leatherwood is still a solid prospect with a relatively high range, but the Senior Bowl helped quantify his limitations, and strengthened the calls to move him to guard. ------------------------------ So if JD doesnt grab a OL @23 and he falls, he'd be a good pick.
  9. Did you not read @Sperm Edwards recent post about grabbing 2 OL @ 23/34/66. He'd be very upset about these rumors spreading on the board.
  10. This is one guy, Humphrey, who I see ALL OVER THE place. Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3. Very strange for him to be mocked up down all around. But would love to grab a Center in this draft. Some good ones to be had. Dickerson, Humphrey, Myers, Hill, Menet. Still have McGovern for a couple years I believe and could sit behind him.
  11. Can he play G? I thought he was strictly a T. He's a Big Bama Hamma.
  12. And the season after that and the season after that.........
  13. Which makes me think JD may go T or G @ 23 rather than CB. Both are huge needs but Wilson must be protected at all costs.
  14. I was leaning and craving for Chase but Burrows is just to important to their franchise and is coming back from a terrible injury. Just a no brainer as much as Wilson is to the Jets.
  15. Fair enough. And I agree and I look for JD to definitely grab a CB and a G/C/T at the least with 23/34/66. Was watching NFL network and one analyst was raving about the talent at WR in this draft. The Penn State TE would be nice to have as well. There’s a surplus of talent on the OL. JD could go CB/ G-T-C/ TE -WR then grab another OL in round 3. GVR, Edoga, Lewis are perennial backups. We could get a steal in round 3 at OL.
  16. Sam will go route of traveling salesman like Fitzpatrick and become a perennial back up.
  17. You want to partner him with another one. I have the #1 Sam Darnold draft bobble head. It needs a good home.
  18. But Pitts is not an ordinary TE. He is in fact a hybrid TE/WR. I’d go with Chase who just looks like the next coming of Hopkins.
  19. With the 5th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft the Cincinnati Bengals select Future HOF Tackle Penei Sewell @Beerfish OTC @oatmeal On Deck
  20. We got a 2nd rounder. Are you kidding me? Take the money and run....like a thief across the neighbor's yard. Oh I forgot . You're on concussion protocol for playing HS football for 10 years.
  21. We have #23 #34 and #66. Two of those three will be OL. LT Becton.... LG ? (Tucker/Davis)... C McGovern.... RG ?.......RT Fant . They could also grab a RT and slide Fant to G or grab a center and slide McGovern to G. Lots of options but I definitely sense JD doesn't mess with the OL and uses 2 top picks here.
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