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  1. Totally agree. Totally. JD drafted Becton with his 1st rounder last year. He's tried to patch the line up in his 2 years as GM. It was improvement to the 2019 turnstile OL but obviously needs to be bolstered and JD, I believe, will look at the OL in this draft. There's tons of good OL prospects in this draft. With the way FA panned out, the Jets were able to secure a WR in Davis and an edge in Lawson. That's 2 positions they don't need to focus on with 23, 34, 66. The top WR's Waddle, Smith, Pitts will be gone. Perhaps an edge is possible but we signed Lawson so I look for JD to address the OL and CB with those three picks. CB is a MUST and there are some good ones to be had @ 23. Wait any longer than that at CB and the talent level drops off. The OL is much deeper which is why I'd take 2 OL @ 34, 66. These are the higher rated OL in the draft RT, C and G. There's just an abundance of talent here to pick from that could step right in to strengthen this porous OL. Rd 1 Slater, Tucker, Rd 2 Leatherwood, Mayfield, Cosmi, Carman, Eichenberg, Jenkins, Humphrey, Wyatt Davis, Dickerson, Rd 3 Hill, Brown, Trey Smith, Myers, Meinerz,
  2. Is that SAR1 and his date finally letting go of his Gase obsession?
  3. Teseron Lot 53 Cognac. Find the prettiest girl and say I guess you heard the world is coming to an end. Care for a drink? And this of course Dawn of love sent within us colours of awakening among the many wont to follow Only tunes of a different age As the links span our endless caresses for the freedom of Life EVERLASTING
  4. Mora Jr. is the biggest turd in football. I wouldn't hire him to coach Madden 2021.
  5. I can hear it now. He sucks. He only averaged 5.2 yards a carry last year.
  6. Think Farve be able to win 2 games next year LOL He'd go 8-8 with Jets next year even at age 50. #Darnold SUCKS
  7. So what you're saying is your 42k + positive posts are just more like 20k + positive?
  8. Actually the #2 is worth 2600 points. Miami's 1st #18 is worth 900 so that #2 is equivalent to THREE #18 1st round picks. Hey Texans Go Suck A Big One.
  9. I wouldn't give up more than 2 #1's. And throw in Darnold. That's at least a #2. No way I'm also giving them QW. Cant believe he's turned it around. Was all for getting rid of him last year but he's become a force. That would be ANOTHER #1, So we were 2-14 w/o Watson and Texans, with Watson, were 4-12. Why would Watson want to come here when he can go to a Miami team that was 10-6 and light years ahead of us in their rebuild.
  10. Lets just trade the whole damn team away why don't we, all draft picks for the next 2 years and have Watson play offense and defense.
  11. So you'd think a WR taken 5th in the draft just a few years ago would be highly valued by the team that drafted him instead of letting him go and getting nothing more than a comp pick (maybe). JD 'El Cheapo' strikes again.
  12. Because he's like a dumb blonde who's jealous she doesnt have big boobs like her neighbor.
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