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  1. Former 1st round pick by Lions LOL only the Lions are worse than us in the draft.
  2. I knew this chic who drank that and had more hair on her chest than a gorilla
  3. I think now that we have signed an edge and WR, JD will focus on the OL with picks 23 & 34. Probably will trade back @ 23 and add a pick or two. Still, we could come out with three of these guys and Wilson. Wyatt G, Alex RT and Crreed C. That’s a nice foundation to go along with Becton. I wouldn’t be against this since the OL just has sucked azz for years. Give these guys a couple years playing together and they will be slamming.
  4. Davis is NOT a #1 WR. We probably won’t have one. Nor are we drafting one of the elite WR’s. That’s fine. Maybe next year. He’s an upgrade from Perribum. So far, Mims, Crowder, Davis, Berrios, Smith. Scary stuff.
  5. Many analysts pushed for Jets to sign Lawson as he’s a perfect fit for Saleh’s scheme. We haven’t had a guy like this in eons.
  6. He’s CB a decent #3/4 WR. They’re plotting him out as a #1. Good luck. Mims is not ready to take on that role so essentially you’re going with 2 #3 WR’s in Mims and Davis. We’re not in a position to get an elite WR this draft. They will be gone by #23.
  7. This is HUGE. Now JD can trade back a bit @ 23 and get more picks. CB and RT or G with the other 1st rounder and #34.
  8. JD has done 4 things. Drafted Becton, Mimis, Mann and traded Adams for two #1's. Hiring Saleh may not even have been his doing.
  9. Efff it cant hurt. What JD has done thus far AINT working. Wilson #2 QB LT Becton, G Wyatt Davis (34) C, Josh Myers/Humphrey (68), RG McGovern, T Slater/Leatherwood T (23).
  10. He’ll probably extend Darnold to 4 year 150M since he’s got 4 years left on his contract and laugh his ass off on thw way out.
  11. Just snap the ball behind Becton. We have to think outside the box.
  12. Got to use that line. He’s got that hot chick in the palm of his hand.
  13. Trade back - get picks - take Lance - sit Lance for a year - trade Darnold - get picks - trade Crowder - get picks - resign Flacco - go 1-15 - trade back in 2022 a get picks - sense a pattern?
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