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  1. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-jets/cap/ The more I read about the Bell deal and its structure, the more I am impressed. Keep in mind that was decidedly opposed to signing Bell and investing in RB, but this structure makes a hell of a lot of sense. After accounting for the starting bonus being distributed over the entire deal, cap it in 2019 is $8.5 million. After cutting Crowell- savinging $3 million- the net cost of Bell in 2019 is $5.5 million. Considering the Seahawks are paying Jason Myers $4 million- not too shabby at all!
  2. I'm going to go with C+. I actually like all of the signings. I wasn't high on Bell, but I thought that the low price and guaranteed money made it an excellent signing. The low grade I'm giving is because there are so many holes with too many players off the board. Some of the holes will be rewarded with patience- certainly there will be some value out there as some players linger, and also some positions (backup QB, blocking TE, Kicker) should be had for a discount to what teams are overpaying for now ($4mill a year for Myers? Really?). But that being said they missed out on a lot of guys I had hoped they would sign, and we have the potential of going into the draft with serious needs at Center, O Line, Edge, and CB. If they can sign Houston and Poole, then I would change my grade to a B+/A-, but while I'm still optimistic, I think they are losing opportunities. What's your grade?
  3. Before I go into detail on how we can still have a great offseason, I do admit that I really liked the idea of Barr and Paradis. They are top guys at their positions and would have been huge assets for us. But they're not coming, so be it. Something to keep in mind that with everyone talking about how much $ the Jets have the reality is that with so many open positions, the net money per roster spot was not huge, and that total sum is very deceptive. At some point yesterday when I was adding up all of the signings I started to get concerned that they were going to run out of money too quickly. These misses hopefully give Mac a chance to regroup and make some good signings. Here are some things to consider: 1) We need a a CB, and almost of of the top quality guys are still on the board: Darby, Callahan, Nelson, etc; 2) Whether it's Bell or Tevin Coleman, we need a RB. I hope that if they get Bell they don't overpay. The failures of today could lead to that, and if Bell gets over $15mil a year, it is a bad sign; 3) The class of Centers this year is a bumper crop. We should be able to get an excellent one with one of our 3rd picks; 4) We should be able to get an elite Edge with our 1st pick- probably better than anything we can get in Free Agency; 5) Using remaining cap space to find value is what long term winning teams do. If we end up building depth it might very well be better than spending it all on 5 guys. 6) If for some reason we don't spend it all, it rolls over to 2020, and we are suppossed to be building a long term team around Sam. Having some flexibility to sign guys next year is not such a bad thing. So relax, and let's see what they do....
  4. I get teams like Jacksonville, Washington, and even the Giants pursuing a QBs this year- but dumping Carr makes no sense in 2019 for Oak. There are no options out there that are clearly better than Carr. Murray, Haskins, Foles, and Rosen are all risks and none are a no brainer over Carr. In 2020, there will be a great class of QBs including Tua. I would think the smart thing would be to give Carr another year, and then trade up in 2020 for an option with a better chance to be superior. Anyway, hopefully this rumor is true, because more teams in the QB market help our chances to get a solid return on the #3 pick.
  5. Those 3 guys are going to be pursued by a lot of teams, and there aren't secondary options in FA like EDGE and CB. You can't compare the quality of FA Defense like Clowney, Callahan, Nelson, Clark and Jarrett with Saffold. Saffold is also 31 years old.
  6. Whether it's Jonah or another OT, I think that giving Darnold protection has to be a top priority- even if it means passing on other positional talent that is superior but less of a need. Again, we can shore up Edge in Free Agency, but we can't shore up the O-Line in free agency. Frankly, I'm not comfortable waiting for the 3rd and hoping that guys fall into our lap. Hope is not a strategy. Ideally, we find a trade partner, even it means getting just a 2nd round + a midround 1st in exchange for our #1- but if that doesn't happen, I view drafting the OL here as the best option.
  7. I know that the consensus is that the Jets will trade down- and I'm all for that! But given the rumors that the Jags will sign Foles, that AZ will draft Murray at #1 (meaning another QB needy team trades for Rosen), the number of potential suitors willing to pay up would seem to be dwindling. If the Jets can't get a good return to trade down, what do you guys think of taking Jonah Williams or another top OT with the pick? I think that Allen and Bosa are great talents- but the Jets will hopefully address Edge in free agency with many great options available. There are very few OT options and none of them are first class. Thoughts?
  8. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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