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    Debate - Bell vs Coleman

    the Jets need to sign Leveon Bell there is no excuse. First off, we have 100+ mil in cap space. You can sign him and still other OL,DL. Secondly, Darnold is in his rookie deal so they have the luxury of spending some $ for RB even if they end up over paying. Third, Bell is still in his prime years and took a year off which is big cause he has less wear and tare on his body. Probably resulting in playing an extra NFL season. Fourth off, even if he is rusty this season he is a huge threat to opposing defenses, just his prescence on the field is a threat in itself. Plus i bet Bell as a rusty back is better than majority of RBs in league. Fifth, we dont have a true weapon on offense. Robbie Anderson looks like he could potentially be...but thats about it. And finally, Leveon Bell was second to AB in the 2017 season in receiving yards on the Steelers. That is an amazing statistic. Bottomline signing Leveon Bell makes our team so much more dangerous. The Jets need to pull the trigger and be aggressive. Sick of this organization worrying about the “future” and being conservative. The time is now... oh yea and Leveon Bell’s favorite RB was Curtis Martin growing up https://www.google.com/amp/s/jetswire.usatoday.com/2016/03/20/leveon-bell-idol-was-former-jets-hall-of-fame-rb-curtis-martin/amp/

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