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  1. A good thing...April is almost here!
  2. Cooler than jumping from a C-141 with a T-10C parachute and an attached M-47 below (Dragon). They preferred taller people jumping with it.
  3. F TV, F Hollywood, F gossips, F society, F social media, F politicians, F news, F plastic surgery, F divas, F glutinous people, F French fries, F McDonald's and Burger King, F Disney, F ESPN, F AFC East rivals, F lazy people, F filthy people, F stuck ups, F Ben Roethlisberger and Watson, F cowards, F those cowards again, F racism, F hypocrisy, F bullies, F internet thugs, F greed, F mock drafts..sub please.
  4. That's an overstatement. They have the rights to revise their plans and it makes sense to have Tomlinson play his natural position where he was a pro bowler. AVT had previous success at RG and could benefit from Tomlinson's leadership. It's a win-win and not as jetsy as people are perceiving it.
  5. AJ & Elijah; Zach and Braxton, we declare you...
  6. He is a great lawyer! Fast freaking Eddie!
  7. Yeah? Why not ask our own Nostradamus @whodeawhodat?
  8. I love some @T0mShane a true legend.
  9. Will this help us reach our accustomed offseason ?
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