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  1. I wouldn’t be shocked if they passed on him for an OL target. But yes, he would be one of very few defensive players that would make them think.
  2. I’m just a layman, so maybe I missed the intricacies of QB play. But I watched every snap of Fields and I counted on 2 hands the amount of times he turned his head in the pocket.
  3. Maybe. But I think people underestimate how difficult it is to maintain that size playing a sport so physically demanding. These guys probably had to force feed themselves 10,000 calories per day. The human body wasn’t designed to naturally be that big.
  4. I agree terrible in the first. I'm think they'll be more impactful players at 23 and 34. After that, I'd be ok with him in the third.
  5. Drafttek’s mock updated 4/8/21 has the following: Zach Wilson QB Wyatt Davis G Greg Newsome CB Javonte Williams RB Josh Meyers C Brevin Jordan TE Tutu Atwell WR Keith Taylor CB Victor Dimukeje Edge Landon Young T I would have like 1 more WR weapon in there but I’d otherwise sign up for this now. What you guys think?
  6. Is this 6 pages of dudes whining their boyfriend didn’t say goodbye?
  7. would a statement give you closure? Still wish Sam only the best, was a great person/leader here.
  8. It really seems like to me we’d have to walk away with Jenkins, AVT, darrisaw or slater in the first for me to be totally comfortable. I acknowledge that we’d have to trade up possible to make that happen.
  9. Love moore but I findnit hard to look at any mock that doesn't have OL at 23
  10. I hear ya but I can't get behind any move other than taking best available oline at 23. If that's jenkins or avt, great. If darrisaw somehow falls, even better. If it means davis, humphrey, radunz or whoever else, do it. Guys, we cannot afford to watch another rookie qb get killed. We CANNOT. We just flushed 3 years down the drain. I don't care if we need to give up 50ppg in the process, all that matters is protecting wilson.
  11. Jawalrus could throw a ball 80 yards from his knees. Ultimate alpha male.
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