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  1. Sammybighead

    Some Much Needed Positivity

    Boom! I like where this is going
  2. Sammybighead

    Jerry Reese

    I hate life right now. Can we fast forward 3 months?
  3. Thats exactly why he shouldn’t be gm
  4. Sammybighead

    Stop blaming the owner, you idiots

    The buck stops with the man in charge. When that man has been screwing up for 20 years, that’s exactly who you blame
  5. Sammybighead

    Whether you are happy Mac is gone or not

  6. Lol mcgahee2121, you win. Jets stink and bills are awesome
  7. Do we have undercover trolls on the bills forum?
  8. Sammybighead

    What if Polite AND Quinnen BOTH shine?

    Then we'll be a good team, banish the thought!
  9. Liked this pick. It was a proper risk in the third round
  10. Sammybighead

    Le'veon mistake?

    We cry for nice things and when we finally get them, we cry that they not good
  11. Sammybighead

    Le'veon mistake?

    Seriously calm down. When this guy is scoring tds for us I’m gonna laugh at all of you worry warts.
  12. Sammybighead

    The Mini Camp Thread

    Any footage of the rookies reading a playbook?
  13. Sammybighead

    Sam Darnold vs Kellen Clemens

    I get some people get a rush out of trolling for some reason I could never understand, but how many of these Sam vs “insert bum here" threads must we endure?
  14. Not gonna argue with you on clown run organization, but McCarthy desperately wanted to be part of this organization. That sentence is just factually wrong. He wanted here or nowhere.
  15. Sammybighead

    Jachai Polite

    If he pulled his hamstring 10 days prior, he should have not even ran anything. Last time I pulled my hamstring I couldn't walk straight for 3 months

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