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  1. Can’t wait till this fool is gone. He can go back to kindergarten and continue to try to force that square peg into the round hole.
  2. You're 100% correct. All their actions tell me they actually hate Sam. They only have 4 WR active on gameday but they have 4 qbs on the active roster
  3. And one of them is hurt/questionable! I can't wait till 2 of them get hurt during the game and Gase to cry about not having enough bodies at WR to execute a game plan.
  4. This guy will be the first to applaud joe's long term vision when he turns us around
  5. Knowing what I know about the johnsons (between their ineptness with the Jets and cancer baby powder) and the fact that they have their head’s up trump’s butt (Mr. shoot up lysol to cure Covid), i certainly will not be first on line to take this vaccine.
  6. Is this one of those weeks were everyone is expecting a couple call ups to fill in at WR but instead Gase decides to only activate 3 WRs and acts totally shocked and caught off guard when one gets hurt on Sunday and we don’t have enough healthy bodies to execute any semblance of a game plan?
  7. So is Gase seriously coaching the team this Sunday?
  8. No. He’s not. If “Fitzmagic” was in this offense, he’d be forcing throws and have 5 interceptions per game. We’ve seen that already.
  9. Ridiculous thread. Douglas has a solid plan and 6 years to execute it. He's not tanking but no amount of FAs he could have signed would cover up the shortcomings of this roster. Hence he's playing the long game, which is correct and smart.
  10. What can he do? How about just 1 deep shot per game and pray for a PI? It’s better than the 2 yard WR screen that everyone and their grandmother knows is coming? How about running behind the 370 lb OT which is generating our most positive run plays? How about a little motion to at least try to confuse the defense? How about activating more than 4 WR on game day? SAR, i was with you on Gase through the offseason. I suck at picking out whom is a good head coach so i figured “let me go against my gut and give Gase a shot even though i hated him first season”. So far, HE HAS DONE NOT A SINGLE THING to dispel the notion he is horrible. I get we don’t have talent and we’re hurt. SO WAS THE NINERS DEFENSE! They had nobody left. He didn’t want to even challenge them when guys got hurt. That’s playing scared. That will NEVER win a championship. I used to cringe at the “Prevent” defense. This guy is calling prevent offense. Sorry, but I’m officially done with Gase and will continue to call for his removal. I respect your lengthy fandom and opinion but I’m going back with my gut and what I’ve seen. He’s losing the team.
  11. Love Dan but i didn’t need him to confirm this. It was blatantly obvious watching the game. They were terrified to drop sam back and let him throw more than 2 yards.
  12. Can we please run behind the 370lb guy when we need 1 freaking yard??????? Stop showing me stupid clips of why a play failed when the guy that called the play is a complete moron.

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