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  1. There is no doubt the roster still needs major work but for all those worried about trading picks away for Watson, let me paint a picture for you. Let's say we keep the picks and draft Wilson or Fields. For this plan to work, the guys you take with our other high picks have to be studs first of all. Then, you need to give the new QB at least 3 years to develop and acclimate to the NFL. If at the end of the 3 years the QB stinks and hasn't developed, you're screwed. You just wasted the opportunity cost over 3 years of finding another QB in the draft and have to start all over again. The players you drafted 3 years ago with those high picks are nearing their next contract and their talents are going to waste as you resume another search for a new QB (and that is assuming you actually hit on those picks to begin with which is a 50/50 proposition). There is no doubt a QB can't do it all alone. You need to have a roster around him. But some QBs cover up holes in rosters better than others. Mahomes does it, Rodgers does it, Allen does it, Lamar does it (sometimes), brady did it forever. I believe Watson is that type of QB. The idea of passing on a QB like that when you have been searching for 50 years for him is mind boggling. It actually hurts my brain that others would rather keep lottery tickets that may not work out rather than an elite qb who can provide you a decade of solid QB play. YOU HAVE A DECADE TO HELP SUPPORT HIM! I don't know what else to say. God bless all Jets fans!
  2. Amazing how losers change their stories like this, isn’t it?
  3. I hate this argument. I agree with the statement but it totally disregards the fact that we have been searching for a QB for 50 years! As if once we rebuild the rest of the roster, finding an elite QB is just a formality.
  4. In fairness, I’ve never seen a qb with such low completion percentage suddenly become accurate. This could be a first.
  5. Warfish, hear me brother. We haven’t had a franchise qb since Namath. Let that sink in. NAMATH. You have to do this if it is at all possible, damn the cost. I just still can’t conceive he gets traded. That thought is mind boggling. When was the last time a franchise about in his prime was traded?
  6. I agree with your premise that we are not just a QB away. However, if you can assure yourself a decade of superior QB play, YOU HAVE TO DO IT. It’s the most important position and without it, you got nothing.
  7. Everyone wanted to tank for Trevor. That didn’t work out but the premise still stands. Until you have one, you need to exhaust every avenue to get a franchise QB. Getting Watson is arguably a better scenario. Yes you give up more draft capital but you already know he’s a franchise QB who’s battle tested. I’d give up whatever to get him. I don’t think Houston trades him under any scenario.
  8. It’s not a “waste” of a pick of he’s a difference maker
  9. So why are you complaining? You should be thrilled.
  10. Amazing. Nowadays if there isn't instant reaction/feedback, people get condemned. Dude was hired last night!
  11. Fully agree. I’ll add that i want najee but think it’s more likely a pass rusher is available here

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