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  1. You ever pull a groin? I have, couldn't sit up for months
  2. Agree. But can we give him more than 1 game to show us?
  3. Sarcasm aside, did anything good show up on tape yesterday? Maybe someone with more technical viewpoint can shed some light on positives? I know the OL gave up 10 sacks but part of that was the QB holding the ball. I thought at times they actually looked less confused than prior weeks. Can anyone comment on this?
  4. Can we let Q actually play games before we trash him? Geez. Enough with these everyone sucks threads
  5. Am I seriously supposed to still care about the whereabouts of Nugent?
  6. New flash: running QB gets himself hurt. In other news, the Earth is definitely not flat.
  7. We have no depth and we looking to get rid of good players???
  8. Scheme me a wr open once gase. Instead we have our 3rd string QB drop back and try to survey the field. Brady was getting rid of the ball in 1 second to wide open guys. That's genius playcalling.
  9. Honestly, forget every other position. Draft 5 olinemen. Proceed to run over teams with bell and Chuck with Sam

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