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  1. At minimum, the Giants would need to give us both their first and a second this year to swap. I wouldn't do it for anything less.
  2. Fifth for a backup? I'd take it in a heartbeat
  3. Sammybighead

    Offensive Line or Bust!

    IMO, pass rusher at #3 is given. From there, 2 of the next 3 picks should be center and CB. The other premium round pick has some flexibility, can go guard, tackle, WR or RB
  4. I agree with bosa
  5. Sammybighead

    Raiders Release Jordy Nelson

    Who cares
  6. We’d be lucky to get a 6th rd pick for Lee. He will be cut and teams know that
  7. Sammybighead

    Trading out making less sense

    For the most part, I agree. If we trade down to the Giants, there is still a possibility of Allen or quinnen so I can see that. Otherwise, just stay put and draft the pass rusher. Then again, if someone offers a ridiculous package of multiple first round picks, I can be swayed again...
  8. Josh Gordon? This thread is embarrassing
  9. Bosa is the best player in this draft, period.
  10. Good, hopefully they are that dumb
  11. Sammybighead

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    So we ever figure out who the magnet doors were?
  12. Sammybighead

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Your words and about half the population's words. But they are marked....

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