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  1. There's a chance GB told us to keep the 2023 draft picks and wait until June 1st because they value the cap flexibility more. At which point maybe the trade is for a higher conditional pick in 2024, a conditional pick in 2025 if he plays again, and Corey Davis.
  2. I'm totally ok with that scenario, I just don't see the packers wanting to miss on some additional picks this draft.
  3. They actually need someone to step up and want him for that to happen. He's out there. He's available. Nobody else stepped up. Every team spent FA cash and brought in other QBs or plans to draft a QB. There literally is no room (cap wise or roster spot) on any other logical team. Name 1 team, at this time, that's even RUMORED to want him. If there was another bidder, jets would have a tad more urgency, don't ya think? Edit: if there was another serious player, don't you think the jets would know? Either through discussions with GB, or Rodgers, or just through normal channels/pipelines?
  4. This is exactly right. I trust JD in any negotiations. He will not bid against himself out of impatience or stupidity.
  5. They are certified insane. These cheezewiz must have gone to their brains. They still having these fantasies about a 1st rd pick. Now that I know Rodgers wants to play here, I'm willing to wait until after the draft, if not longer. We're not gonna lose out on him. They have no other suitors. They publicly said they'd do want Rodgers wants. They'll have even fewer options and return after the draft. If they negotiated in bad faith and are asking for more now, I hope JD nails their asses to wall and waits them out as long as it takes. I'm not afraid, nor desperate. We've sucked for 12 years, what's 1 more?
  6. JD is playing this perfect. Everytime GB calls trying to change terms, JD is just hanging up. Go head, drag this out. We're perfectly fine waiting until after this draft when you'll go from minimal leverage to negative leverage. GB will have to pay us to take on Rodgers contract.
  7. Yeah I was all for carr when he was available. After him, it doesn't much matter. Forget plan B. Plan B is bring in any other vet, stink again, get high draft pick, rinse and repeat.
  8. Was Irvin fired from his jobs or just placed on leave pending the investigation?
  9. Please change thread title to "Jets better wait until after the draft and force the packers to pay them 2024 draft comp to take on the horrendous contract they are attempting to dump" please. Thanks.
  10. The more I hear, the more I implore the jets to wait. Packers lose more leverage/comp as we approach the draft. Make these cheese eating scumbags suffer.
  11. Here's another theory. Listen to the people saying that GB is asking for 1sts. They're all ignorant jackasses who hate the jets, love gb, or just love poking fun at the jets. None of these people had a ounce of factual info to share throughout this drama. Now listen to the people who don't have an agenda and actual connections/factual info (aka Wingo). He says this is 99% done, it should be consummated next week, and would be shocked if it involved a 1st. Finally, use your own brain and logic. Do you believe a billionaire woody johnson would waste an iota of his time flying out to see Rodgers across the country if he wasn't sure this trade was realistic as far as comp? Do you believe that GB would let any team touch Rodgers with a 100 mile pole without first agreeing to a trade in principal that both sides are comfortable with? Choose carefully what you believe and apply some basic logic.
  12. Benn saying this forever. Trade for tunsil. Send them 13.
  13. Agree with OP. Jets should simply say: go ahead and hold him until after the draft. That takes any 2023 comp out the equation. Who else are they gonna trade him to? Other teams are bringing in qbs and spending money. The ideal options were already limited before free agency.
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