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  1. Nobody is arguing he isn't a good player. If he's a 20+ million player is what is up for debate. Especially on a long term deal, with significant gaurantee, without every producing any lofty sack totals
  2. Aren't all these guys essentially on 1 years deals? How is that overpaying?
  3. Who cares? Sanchez did his jets west every year and it did jack for him. You’re either good or you’re not.
  4. Now if they only had the same pass rush grade...
  5. Can we please change the title of this thread to “Report: 0 trade discussions for Jamal Adams” Fielding a call isn’t a trade discussion. He isn’t going anywhere. He isn’t sitting out a season. Jets will smartly pay him after after this season.
  6. First of all, calm down with the preemptive insults. Second, you bring up great points. However, I look at this as a positive. If you put a gun to Joe D's head and told him to choose between gase and darnold, you'll be seeing gase caddy for manning on "The Match III"
  7. I have zero faith there are any trade discussions happening. If by trade discussions we mean Joe D won't immediately hang up the phone short of the first two words uttered being "two firsts", then yes, maybe you can consider it trade discussions. Other than that, this is all hoopla. Jamal is under contract. His option is to play or skip the season. He can look to his own teammate Bell to see that the second option doesn't exactly get you want you want except a lost season.
  8. Just to be clear, the team had 2-10 talent prior to the injuries. I fundamentally agree with you SAR. Sam is light year’s above the other 2 and this year he will prove it as he finally, FINALLY, has a least some starting level talent around him. Not great talent, just basic starter level guys. Sam will elevate them. Also I fundamentally disagree with OP premise. Sam had a fumbling problem in college and fixed it. I agree that there are characteristics you can never change, but you can learn to mitigate bad decisions if you are a QB with a brain which Sam is. I never though Sanchez or Geno would ever learn to mitigate bad decisions because they had .02 brains. Sam is a different animal.
  9. I ask yet again. Did the jets believe themselves into Logan Ryan? If I believe hard enough that we'll trade for mahomes will it happen?
  10. Both will make it. Don't get cocky yet about our oline, it's not like we brought in 3 all pros. Also cashman has a unique skillset at lb. He can run and cover better than any lb we have. He's not getting cut unless it's clear his injury is basically catastrophic.
  11. Did we believe ourselves into signing Ryan yet?

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