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  1. When have we ever been that lucky?
  2. So if they not writing any Jets stuff, aren't we already boycotting them? Why would a Jets fan read it? For their world views?
  3. anyone mentioning Mims as a possible playmaker for us should be banned from commenting about football and stick with basketball
  4. Isn't this basically guys jogging around in shorts and lifting weights? Not sure anything reported from this is worth much...
  5. So what do you want? Misery before, during and after the season? If you can't be optimistic now, just quit already.
  6. One time I went to Arby's and they ran out of roast beef. Can I sue them to vacate their slogan "we got the meat" as false advertising?
  7. Hate it. Guys go harder at these joint practices, more chance to get hurt. Learned nothing from last year's debacle.
  8. In fairness to Mims, Moore is a tough act to follow. Let's just appreciate the fact that he's healthy and in good shape. PS: Moore will be a top 10 receiver in this league
  9. Let's ask every failed bust qb what their opinion on good qb play is
  10. Agree. That said, I liked london and think he's gonna be a very good pro. Would have been happy with him but preferred wilson due to scheme fit. Actually Jameson was my #1 but I can understand why they didn't go there with the need for immediate help. Frankly if Jameson was healthy he doesn't make it to 10, we may take him at 4 if not another team.
  11. I think zachs career arc in college was a bit different than others which makes him a hard comparison. His sophomore season was shaky if I recall and he entered his last year at byu not even having a firm grasp on starting job. But what I recall is he focused, worked hard and took control and never looked back. I get the sense he's a slow starter, hopefully he's finally comfortable
  12. I think everyone on earth had his number after the combine. Except the titans. I went from loving him to wanting nothing to do with him myself.
  13. Imagine being the lawyer leading these idiots and truly believing you have a shot at the 6B pot of gold...
  14. 10 wins, I hope so. Might be tough as the team still needs to gel and the early part of the schedule will not be conducive for gelling…
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