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  1. Perfectly said. I don't get it. It's like the haters don't realize there are 10 other guys on the field. When Green Bay stunk last year, it must have been because Aaron Rodgers is terrible and couldnt make others around him better, correct? I mean if you can't see Sam has talent unlike anything we've seen with Sanchez, Geno, or the long list of bums we've had recently, you're lost. When you have a guy with talent, you build around him and give him a chance to grow. Not chase him away after every bad throw
  2. Seriously? The whole planet knew we were overmatched. He's throwing to practice squad guys for Christ sake. Can we please relax?
  3. Not buying this with Adams, he’s their best pass rusher. bell on the other hand...
  4. English doc? There are two arguments on this board. 1. Sam sucks because he's not carrying a bunch of XFL players to a Superbowl. 2. Sam has all the ability to succeed, just needs some decent bodies around him. I watched enough bad QBs on the jets to realize #2 is true. I'm sticking by #2 until I see video evidence of Sam stinking with a competent oline in front of him. Guys, let me be very clear. WE HAVE THE WORST OLINE IN THE LEAGUE. That's not hyperbole. That is fact, check the ratings. You guys would have said deshaun Watson stinks when he's was getting killed in prior years behind a sh*t oline. And he had great recievers! You guys would have said Aaron Rodgers stinks when Green Bay stunk last year cause he couldn't succeed with McCarthy. Guys, circumstances have everything to do with success. Some times they are a bit much to overcome. If you can't see the good traits that Sam has and envision that with a good supporting cast, that's your failing.
  5. 26 games on a reasonably competent team, yes. When Sam has at least a slightly above average oline and someone who's not a complete moron calling the plays, then we can judge. Till then, I consider Sam a god for simply surviving. Notice I said nothing about skill position players cause I believe with some solid blocking, he can elevate others around him.
  6. He's a human. He will make mistakes in a game. Go scrutinize all 22 video of drew Brees. I gaurantee you'll find some screw ups on him. Geez people
  7. Sam will leave the Jets and become an absolute star after this fanbase chases him out. I really can't believe people think he's a bust.
  8. He's as healthy as you can hope for this time of year. Every other play was a drop, penalty, pressure/sack or terrible execution. That's hard to overcome for any QB

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