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  1. Agreed, he needs time to adjust to speed of the game. Real training camp with dudes hitting is when you really get exposed to it. I mean the guy just got off a red eye the night before, did we really expect him to go out there and light up the defense?
  2. I would have done anything for Watson prior to all his legal issues. Now he’s a PR nightmare, especially in NY. Watson needs to go somewhere with zero media coverage.
  3. Upset to hear about Mims. I was so fired up when he was drafted, a guy a really wanted. Hopefully he can focus and improve his craft and this is just a wake up call for him. I’m pretty sure most fans wanted him too so we can’t even second guess JD. Drafting is difficult and just when you think you have a guy pegged, you don’t…
  4. Knicks traded their picks for worse picks. What a terrible draft. Hope one of these guys pans out
  5. “Fatso Joe” only hitting on the first round picks is still a MASSIVE improvement over the last 2 GMs
  6. It was a fluff piece, agreed, but it was still nice/better than nothing. Don't be such a buzzkill.
  7. You're right and wrong. I believe this is coming from ownership as the same thing happened with Sam under Mac regime. That said, if JD wanted to push back against ownership he can and most likely hasn't. Therefore he does shoulder part of the blame. The kid is going to play football for us and he'll be in camp very soon so let's all chill. And let's also wait to see the stipulations in the contract before we crucify JD or praise him. Maybe he's actively working to break past precedent and convince ownership? Nobody knows so let's all calm down.
  8. Agreed and I LOVE adams. 31 other fan bases posted about davante as well this morning.
  9. These lists of best GMs, best coaches, best in-stadium popcorn seller, etc might as well just we a list of perceived ranking based on the prior year’s team record. That’s all I see when I read these things.
  10. Great, this nonsense again? just pay the kids what they’re slotted and let’s move on already
  11. Great news is that we will find out about Mims in a few weeks! We all knew Mims was a stud in most aspects you can want for a WR (which is why we all wanted to draft him). The one area of concern was route running. He seemingly was working hard on this aspect during senior bowl and I think the coaching staff very clearly told him “work harder”. He certainly has the talent to improve in this area and I think LaFleur is trying to unlock that. I don’t expect him to move like crowder or Moore, but a kid with his traits and decent route running can be a dominant wr. Let’s see if he can i
  12. Exactly. This idea of “closing the gap” drives me crazy. As if the Jets just need to make slightly more incremental additions in the offseason and they take the division. No, that’s not how it works. Namath is correct, QB play will drive how the teams finish and we have STUNK there since Pennington left. The Bills have the best QB in the division and the most complete/deep team so I expect them to win. After that, nothing with the other 3 teams would shock me.
  13. This thread is officially a train wreck
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