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  1. For all those saying GB didn't move the goalposts. Followed by going out of his way to say Jets wouldn't negotiate in bad faith...
  2. He's the best GM many of us have ever seen unless your Fandom goes back farther than 20 years.
  3. I mean the adams and darnold trade returns were pretty damn substantial and impressive and should cover up a lot
  4. Does he run around aimlessly in the backfield?
  5. This is another excellent point. There MAY BE free agents waiting on this trade to go through before they put pen to paper with the jets. They won't wait forever.
  6. It's a good point, let me clarify. The draft, in my opinion, has to at least be a part of plan B. I'm not suggesting you necessarily have to take a prospect in the first round. Let's say you want to pivot to trying to acquire Ryan tannehill. Everyone knows he's a stop gap and not the answer. Ideally, it would be better to go into camp with a rookie learning/competing with him. That could be hendon hooker in the 2nd rd, could even be a later round prospect, I don't know. Also, I would think if the titans were to trade tannehill, they'd want to do so prior to the draft so THEY can go into the draft with their strategy cemented. Maybe this would really force them to consider a trade up for a prospect. If your wait until after the draft, you may find potential trades for the Staffords and tannehills of the world are far more difficult because those teams no longer have any better options. Bottom line: can you wait for gb until after the draft? Sure. But it takes even more viable options off the table for the jets. If for nothing else, it would take the threat of another viable option off the table.
  7. I'm just telling ya what I would do. I see the draft as a possible plan B. We have 1 qb, who we have no intention on starting, on the roster. Like it or not, we need to know if, by some miracle, a good prospect is available for us to pick, we can go ahead and take him. Therefore, I need to know from GB if they wanna make this happen.
  8. Bottom line. Jets just need to set a deadline and be willing to walk away. I think the fanbase would be upset but ultimately supportive if they walked away from outlandish demands. If it's me, deadline is before they leave owners meetings. You've had months to figure this out. If it's not happening by now, it's not happening.
  9. I think many will be surprised to find out the stumbling point was money, not draft picks
  10. Both you and beerfish are making up crap. Neither of you know anything. For all we know, the draft comp is set, these rumors are bogus, and they're haggling over money. The contract is horrible. How much of it we take on could be a major sticking point.
  11. I'm never been more proud to be a Jets fan. We'd almost unanimously rather stink then cave to entitled pricks. Love you all.
  12. Yeah they're incapable of making any other moves like trading Moore 😏 From the guys that brought you not a shred of credible rumors throughout this saga, now they know how the Jets are feeling/acting. Give me a break.
  13. I'm with ya OP. Ready to set a hard deadline, no further negotiations. 1 week tops, give us you're decision because we need to move onto plan B.
  14. Good. He'll be there at 13. Let's move on. If you want to offer Lamar, fine, do that. If you want to trade for Stafford, great. It's enough. Yeah I want Rodgers but I'm not selling the next 3 years for a 1 year rental in an extremely competitive AFC. JD needs to put an expiration date of next week on this offer and start enacting plan B.
  15. Good. And we shouldn't call them anymore. Our offer is on the table. Do you want picks for 2023 or no? JD is more than fine moving on as he's proven time and time again.
  16. Baby steps. Whatever motivates him to maintain these positive habits is fine by me.
  17. If they insist on 13, I'd tell them they have until the day before the draft to come to their senses or we're moving on. Take Hooker at 13, oline with 2nd rd picks, sign any vet available to compete, 3 way open competition with hooker, vet, zach.
  18. No but it made the year slightly more tolerable as we slowly came to the conclusion that zach sucks by ourselves
  19. Can we get back to pining over rodgers? This thread is getting derailed by bitonti's misery. Seriously though, i need this trade now. I dont think i can go another week listening to GB fans now thinking they getting a 1 and 2x 2nds. Especially after giving up on an ultra talented receiver like Moore. Enough is enough, you guys negotiated, you both need it to happen for various reasons, just freaking pull the trigger already.
  20. I hate this trade, let me preface my next statement with that. Everyone saying the value is equivalent to a third based on some trade chart is lost. The value is potentially picking an immediate contributor (most likely oline) for Rodgers vs a developmental guy
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