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  1. He got it wrong. He got a lot wrong in 2020 draft. So what? Many teams passed on Davis. JDs career is tied to wilson and the 2021 draft class. If he gets the upcoming draft/FA right and wilson makes some strides, only losers will continue to harp on 2020 failures. If he gets it wrong, everyone that hates JD will revel as he's fired at the end of the year. Either way, this will be settled soon.
  2. There have been plenty of superbowls won by QBs who aren't 6'4" and can throw a mile while running people over. Zach doesn't need to be mahomes or Allen. Football is the ultimate team game, zach just needs to be a positive contributing cog. Let's start there.
  3. 30 years and only 2 DBs. Yet every mock has Kyle Hamilton or Derek Stingley to the Jets. Unless you’re telling me one of these guys will be Charles Woodson, I don’t want to see this crap anymore.
  4. I like what the creator did. Even if you don’t agree, it certainly highlights the multitude of decisions and how FA/trades will be intertwined with the draft.
  5. I just can’t see a DB in round 1. It would be such a departure from everything JD and Saleh have done, a complete 180. If Thibs is there, he will 100% be the pick. If the worst thing we can say about him is he’s a bit of a know it all jerk, I’m good with that. The best athletes of all time were jerks: Brady, Rodgers, MJ. It’s just how they’re wired. I do like the idea of Ekwonu, however, not if Thibs is there at 4. Doubt he falls to 10 but I do feel like a good OL will be available at 10. Cross if want Becton insurance, Green if you looking for a guard that has enough versatility to
  6. I'd take any of the 3 guys after Hamilton at 4
  7. So draft a guy at 4 then ask him to change positions. What is "how a GM can get himself fired?" Alex
  8. We have a big body WR that doesn't separate in Mims. Why do we need london?
  9. I think Douglas has shown he's open to anything if the value is right. As far as maneuvering in the draft and with players on the roster to create additional assets, he's the best jets gm I've seen in my lifetime in that respect.
  10. Not thrilled if karlaftis is a rd1 pick for us. Rather take a shot at ojabo. Heck, give me Travon walker instead.
  11. Pinnock looked good, if nothing else he provides depth. Ashtyn Davis can't tackle, gets hurt a lot, and takes worse angles than a broken protractor.
  12. The fact that he’s been working with the nutritionist since the injury and he’s still drawing the ire of the coaches is not a promising sign. If I’m him, I go into F the world mode and come in at 330lbs to prove all the haters wrong. But that’s just me, not sure if the kid has the drive. He’s a good kid and ultra talented player, hope he pulls it off and makes everyone eat their words (pun intended).
  13. @Doggin94it, all valid points. With McGovern, OP believes in his talent strongly enough to cut McGovern. While that a huge risk/questionable move, there certainly is value to adding a young center that can grow with zach. You can't downplay the center/qb relationship, the 2 guys that touch the ball every snap. That said, if that's your plan, you must take linderbaum at 4 if you cut McGovern. You can't risk that he'll fall to 10. Which means your draft and plans get screwed up.
  14. Then you’re not paying attention. Stop posting and start googling.
  15. The people posting these mocks have zero clue about JD and how he works. I’d say there is less than a 1% chance he would take a DB at 4. He’s publicly stated the line of scrimmage and weapons are a priority. He got great value from DBs in 5th round or later. Saleh’s system NEVER needed great DBs, it needs great pass rushers. These mocks are ignorant and totally informed.
  16. I love the fact that we're staring at an entire off season of trying to analyze and project all the rookie qbs based on irrelevant rookie stats
  17. Dude. His coach called him out. On TV. In front of a live audience. Lafleur and Saleh. This isn't media making sh*t up.
  18. Quick, I need a pats helmet with a dildo logo...
  19. Here's the deal. I've been a fan of this team and of football in general for a long time. In that time, I learned not to buy rumors and sources. However, I also learned where there is significant smoke, there is at least some fire. With Becton there is significant smoke. You don't need to be an insider to see it. His coaches have alluded to issues, his teammates have alluded to issues. Chances are, they guy has some issue. Is it as cut and dry as "he's fat and lazy"? I dunno, but there's clearly something wrong here. To deny that is delusional.
  20. I would do that but I need some strong assurances about his mental health. I don't think there is any chance JD trades either 4 or 10 straight up for him.
  21. So they gonna go from one coach nobody can stand to another? At least flores was successful I guess....
  22. For those of you trading down 5x times and picking a dozen guys, keep in mind there isn’t room on the roster for all of them! Who are you getting rid of?
  23. I’m not opposed to this but I just can’t see a double dip for Oline with top 4 picks. There are too many moving parts on this oline, namely who will be resigned and what kind of Becton will show up next year.
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