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  1. is he going to explain to his defense what a screen pass is?
  2. If GVR is really that bad, that means there has to be a guard on someone’s practice squad we can sign that’s better. Why don’t we???
  3. This coaching staff says the right things. We’re going to elevate Zach. We’re building a system to our players strengths. Moore’s time is coming. Imagine they actually delivered on these promises?
  4. Agree zach is the issue right now. We should certainly continue to address the oline but zach holds the ball forever. For a series or two, white seemingly did what zach should have been doing. He was quick, decisive.
  5. To me, Chase was the best player in the draft and the best WR coming out I’ve seen since megatron.
  6. I agree LaFleur was terrible but honestly the defensive game plan was worse. It’s like the jets had no idea of the existence of the screen pass. They had no clue how to defend it. I need someone to explain to me why the game plan again Mac isn’t rush 3, drop everyone else between 5-10 yards of the LOS. He’s not beating you deep. He’s throwing 1 yard passes. Why can’t the jets defensive staff figure this out?
  7. Agreed. Demanding he goes is wasting your breathe. He’s here through next year. Hate it all you want.
  8. LaFleur needs to go. He made zero adjustments despite all the bullsh*t he promised. I know a lot of fault lies with Zach, but instead of demanding the rookie conform to your offense, try something that takes advantage of his skills.
  9. Agree with the general sentiment. Jets can't go a decade without fielding a watchable team and expect fans to show up. And the commissioner can't expect that the jets can somehow force fans to do so. Maybe Goodell should use his powers to stop giving the pats free passes on cheating and 1000 bullsh*t flags in their favor and the jets may actually win a few more games to get fans to show
  10. 1. Fact check before you post 2. Why is that so terribly offensive/ embarrassing to you even if it was true? You're ridiculous
  11. I'm gonna make this easy for everyone since I like all you so very much. Whether you support JD or don't, his top 3 picks from 2021 draft must be the foundation of a golden age of jets offense. If not, he probably doesn't make it through next year. If you want him gone by end of this year, give up, you're delusional is not happening. His 2021 draft needs ample time to prove they're great or a failure.
  12. Runs off left tackle have been non-existent with fant. People seem to forget how a good running game ALSO protects a qb
  13. My god if we get Thibodeaux and Linderbaum I’ll go nuts. I’d sign on the dotted line today for that, don’t care what we do in any other round.
  14. Problem with being a fan, in the words of a wise-man, is “we keep getting older but they stay the same age” It’s not fair for us to impose a higher level of immediate gratification upon the new guy simply because we’ve been disappointed on many prior occasions. Zach was not part of those failures. He deserves an honest shot to fall on his face and lift himself back up.
  15. The key to fixing zach is simple. This season is lost and never was gonna be a playoff run. Therefore, let him stink up the joint. Eventually, by the end of the season, he'll show us that he's starting to adapt and gets it or he'll be just another qb disappointment for the jets. Therefore, the key to fixing him is do nothing, watch and wait.
  16. honestly what the heck are you guys even talking about? You're analyzing zach like you have any clue what your saying and your analysis will determine his future. How about we just give the kid a chance, FOR 1 WHOLE DAMN SEASON, to develop?
  17. Isn’t this the same fanbase who gave Becton the most fan votes for the pro bowl last year? Are you guys bipolar?
  18. I love how everyone acknowledged this would be tough season and we weren't making the playoffs before the season started and now that we're in the thick of it, they looking for the exit
  19. Guys it's too early for this sh*t, we have no clue what zach will become yet
  20. The word is zach. He's moving at a snails pace mentally right now and missing layups. Give hime time. He's got the rest of the year to work on these issues. Josh Allen had similar issues his rookie year.
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