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  1. Guys, we all saw this coming. We knew Sam would be good once away from Gase and this talentless team. The only thing that matters is the development of Zach. If he’s good, it doesn’t matter what Sam does. Which brings me to the final point: Joe Douglas. Generally speaking, I’ve been happy with what I’ve seen from Joe “approach” wise. Has it all worked out? No. But I was able to live with the growing pains because I knew the approach was sound. However, things changed. We have a young heir apparent. By the middle of next season, if we’re still wondering if Zach can get it done, JD wi
  2. Not to sound rude, but is this even necessary to point out? Sales is 2 games into his tenure, of course he’s going nowhere! Are people really trying to replace him already?
  3. Remember last year when Gase would tell us the team looks like a Super Bowl contender Tuesday - Friday?
  4. I kinda got the same impression but it's hard to say without a larger sample size.
  5. Their QB is average 3 air yards per pass attempt. I’m sure that’ll be enough to beat Mahomes in the playoffs
  6. I actually thought the first INT was him being way too cocky. He trying to place the ball just behind Davis away from the coverage like a back shoulder throw. Problem is he's triple covered and in the middle of the field. You can't make arrogant throws like that in the middle of the field.
  7. More often than not, a young QBs biggest issue is understanding game speed and processing quickly. Right now, zachs mental processing is extremely slow. He's holding the ball and not making quick decisions. I can make an argument that those INTs last week stem from him being mentally slow. This aspect of a QBs game is the slowest to develop when they first come into the league. Only cure for it is seeing enough snaps. Hopefully zach looks at the film and realizes how much he needs to speed things up. Sometimes that means taking the quick underneath stuff. The good news is he's displa
  8. Serious? We should be sensitive and not boo? That's the low point? Sorry, but cheering Chad getting hurt is wayyyyyyyyyyy worse.
  9. Noted. You better not cheer for him once ever again or you'll be called out
  10. JD is Zach and Zach is JD. His career is banking on this kid. Agree he won’t survive if kid doesn’t improve.
  11. In fairness, Zach still gets the benefit of the doubt to have a chance to improve. After year 3, its safe to say it won’t happen. P.S. Sometimes you have to see a game live to understand what’s happening. Zach’s failure came through perfectly on tv today as well.
  12. Nope I love it. Take nothing but OL
  13. Guys we have a very good WR Corp. Enough with Mims already. I get everyone is frustrated because he's a second round pick and they want to feel justified in drafting him. But let me repeat. WE HAVE A GOOD WR CORP. We don't need him. Let him develop or let him fail, it's up to him. There isn't some coaches conspiracy to keep him out. Others are better right now, period.
  14. Damn I'm down on him too but this is a bit extreme.
  15. Agreed Lafleur needs to simplify and utilize more plays with extra protection/hot reads
  16. Not at all. And I'll say what I said last year. Let's just draft 10 offensive lineman.
  17. Well he's lucky, he'll get a bye week in there too
  18. One thing is for certain. If JD doesn't get serious about completing this oline rebuild next year, he won't be around to see zach become a stud. That means actually paying someone that can play
  19. Can't believe the season is over. Feels like it just started...
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