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  1. I’m just speechless. Trading the best player in the draft before he takes a snap. Genius fan base we got here
  2. Lol that should be the question the jets ask before every remaining pick
  3. You guys are nuts. We got arguably the best player in the draft by many scouts. Let me repeat that. The best player. Period. I get it, everyone has their favorites. Heck, I wanted Allen when we were on the clock. But let's not make Q out to be chopped liver. And let's not make Oliver out to be Aaron Donald. He had no sacks against terrible competition. Spin however you want with his pointless combine numbers, he's guilty of the same sins as Leonard Williams: almost getting to the QB. Except Leonard is at least being double teamed by NFL players.
  4. Who cares? If we pick up an extra pick and still get the guy we want, that's the best case. I couldn't give a damn what the raiders do after that.
  5. Everyone complains about Leo sack numbers and yet we want to draft another guy that wasn’t known as a pass rusher and specializes in almost getting to the QB (against bum competition). I don’t care that he’s double teamed by OL that won’t break our practice squad. Leo gets double teamed and nobody wants to hear it. hard pass, give me Allen or Bosa or trade down
  6. Mac should turn in his resignation with the card if it has Oliver’s name on it
  7. I'm not converting a DT takent at 3 to a lb. Not will I ask him to play in space on any regular basis. That's insane. Sorry but no.
  8. There is 1 Donald in the nfl. 1. There are way more decent edge rushers that impact the game for their teams. You'd bet it all that Oliver will morph into the disruptive DT in the league? The likes of which we haven't seen in years?
  9. I'm done with numbers honestly. Oliver couldn't find a sack against bum teams. DTs just don't have the impact an edge rusher does. No to oliver, no to DTs, enough already. 15 years no edge rusher 15!
  10. Is this a joke? Revised in his prime may be in the convo for best CB ever
  11. That's the opening line just so Mac doesn't instantly hang up the phone. I feel like an additional second round on top of that and we're talking. Not sure if they have the draft capital
  12. To move back to 15 I would need a tremendous haul. I'm not moving back just for the sake of moving back. I'm talking multiple first and second round picks just as the starting point of discussion. Do that and I won't “lose my sh*t"
  13. Hi all, using the fanspeak simulator today I came up with the following. I personally would sign up for this now, let me know what you think: 3: R1P3 EDGE NICK BOSA OHIO STATE 68: R3P4 CB AMANI ORUWARIYE PENN STATE 93: R3P29 C ELGTON JENKINS MISSISSIPPI STATE 105: R4P3 EDGE JOE JACKSON MIAMI 196: R6P23 G FRED JOHNSON FLORIDA 217: R7P3 RB BRYCE LOVE STANFORD
  14. Unless bosa/Allen go 1/2, drafting a DT is a fireable offense for Mac (among the many other fireable offenses he's committed)
  15. Stupid mock. And if the jets take another dline, they equally as dumb. I can somewhat understand Q if the board falls that way but Oliver would be a disaster
  16. Why is the thread still going? This is the exact reason we're one of the most pathetic fanbases in the NFL. Give me a break with this horse poop
  17. I hope so but without a trade down for more picks, I’m not going to be surprised at all to see only 1 olineman drafted in round 1 to 4. I think people who expect it will be raining olineman in 2 weeks will be disappointed.
  18. Terrible. To move up 9 spots? No. If it's the second 3rd round pick, now we talking
  19. Get ready for 2 safeties and a dlineman
  20. Yeah it’s funny, when I run the simulator I always try to end up with Allen/Bosa, Elgton Jenkins and Long within 3 of the top 4 picks we have. The other pick is usually best available oline, pass rusher or rb/wr available
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