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  1. Listen, I’ll be the first in line to yell bust if he stinks in games. All I’m saying is you have to afford him that opportunity to stink in games. He’s actually earned that. Pointing to training camp/practice and whipping yourself into a worry before those actual games is a bit much. I mean, feel free, have at it. I just think you’re prematurely driving yourself crazy. When I see with my own eyes him consistently stinking in real games, I’ll fork lift him myself to RT.
  2. Mogglez, you need to relax. You’re writing the dude off when he was legitimately good last year. He faced really talented pass rushers last year and proved his worth. Maybe he does regress but he’s earned the benefit of the doubt where we should at least wait until we see a game before we move him to guard or RT.
  3. ok, i'm concerned too but he was legitimately good last year. He deserves the benefit of the doubt to prove he stinks in real games.
  4. Do you have any insight into this? From the recent pictures i've seen, he looks in better shape than last year. Fat and out of shape, really?
  5. Can you imagine living with this nut? Isn't this dude on his 6th wife or something?
  6. dude take a swipe at 3 guys and then gets pounded on, idiot
  7. Guys, what are we debating here? a rookie qb can never have a bad throw now? It's like saying a pitcher stinks first time he throws a ball. It's getting ridiculous already, i'm done putting any significance on practice. Just show me in the freaking game who you are.
  8. I think every Jet fan had Gibson in their mock draft at some point. It still kills me how these scouts can constantly miss the most obvious guys…
  9. We have nothing to worry about. The one guy he struggles against is on our team so he should be really good against the rest of the league.
  10. His overall vision and culture built has been great. Jury still out on the execution.
  11. Lol neither of those QBs are officially slated to start the season. Which means they getting heavy reps against backups. So they're blowing up backups. Cool.
  12. Totally get that. Many fans have suffered longer than I have (going on 24 years or so) so I understand just wanting to know you finally have one in the bag. Unfortunately, we all will have to live with the fact that nobody will know anything for sure for about a year and a half. Even if Zach was lighting up training camp, we'd still have to wait a year and half to say he's probably good. I'm not saying he's going to be good or going to be bust. I genuinely won't know for a while. If you asked me after Josh Allen's rookie year, I would tell you he was going to be a bust and Sam would
  13. The hysteria is unreal. Guys like Josh Allen are lucky they didn't end up here. First incomplete pass in practice and he be written off.
  14. so that's it? throw in the towel? Please read my post below again and chill
  15. Holy crap with this hysteria. Guys, its camp. I repeat. It's camp. It's zach first camp playing the hardest position in sports. Can we please allow him to make mistakes? I get everyone is fed up and impatient. I get the Jets don't deserve the benefit of the doubt. I certainly won't try to convince you all is well and zach will be great, he may just stink. But even if that's the case, you have to afford the kid the opportunity to prove he stinks. That won't happen tomorrow in camp, or pre-season game 1, or by week 10 of the regular season. It'll probably be midway through the sec
  16. Agree it's important but EVERYONE please keep things in perspective. Sounds like the coaches have put everything on Zach's plate and did not hold back. There is no simplified rookie version of the offense for Zach like some other rookies may get (i.e. the "running" qbs). He's trying to put everything together on the fly while dealing with a whole new speed of defense than he's ever played against. Add the in the fact that he's seemingly struggled since AVT has been out and that the oline is struggling with the dline without pads on. He's also still developing timing with his #1 rece
  17. who the heck said mike white is the best qb out there? Guys, you're giving up based on practice reports. Please, for the love of god, chill
  18. stupid question: does not having pads on benefit the defense as OL have less to grab onto?
  19. Nobody is lighting anything up as they haven't played a game yet. Can we please at least wait to see a singular game?
  20. Can we change the title to "Jamal Adams farts. Should jets fans continue to care?"
  21. The idea of cap hell is a desperate ploy that losing fan bases use against successful competing teams to give themselves hope of one day overtaking them. Fact of the matter is teams can cut some over priced veterans, restructure a few deals and viola, they're out of trouble. It's hard to be in true cap hell within the rules of the NFL since most dollars to players are not guaranteed. Let's just focus on improving us and not worry about who's salary cap is where. Good for Allen, I wish we picked him.
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