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  1. Wow weird hearing people think he didn't play well. I thought that was gritty of zach hanging in there, taking a beating and continuing to sling.
  2. Dude who cares. We're not a playoff team. We all know that. F the corners. Pray zach is the real deal.
  3. I was banging the table for him. Not here, but in chats with my Jets buddies, every pick after Michael Carter in the 4th I texted “I’d go Trey Smith here” The only thing I can think of is the Jets crossed him off their board for some reason.
  4. Agree with this bold statement. Is anyone seriously crowning JD yet? I don't get that sense, I think some are more hopeful than others...
  5. You misquoted me. I said give the players more than 1 year, NOT JOE DOUGLAS. You wrote off players after their rookie season. This is ridiculous. Period.
  6. I mean if this is how you see the draft then I can understand you're worried. I look at it more glass half full. First off, not sure why you crossed off Davis. Has he been hurt and hasn't done anything yet? Yes. Can we please give him 1 more year before we cross him out? I think totally writing him off after a rookie year is ridiculous at this point. Second, If Mekhi and Hall develop into solid starters, you just filled 2 of the hardest positions in football to fill. If Mims, Davis, Perine and Mann are solid contributors you have a good draft. For the love of god, can we please give
  7. SAR is on fire here, I'll take that as he really wants JD gone. One thing I want to point out regarding JD's first draft. JD has stated, OVER AND OVER, his objective is always to work with the coaching staff and take advice from everyone in the building on whom to draft. We don't know how much of Gase's influence was part of the 2020 draft. Certainly some of the guys they drafted are not necessarily a scheme fit for this coaching staff (i.e. Mims, perine). I think there is something to be said about a synergy of the coaching staff/GM being all on the same page. I think we have t
  8. At this point in time, we can say that the 2020 draft yielded a starting LT and CB, 2 of the hardest positions to fill. If Mims, Davis, Mann and Perine become legit contributors, it’s certainly not a “bust” draft. JD was given a 6 year deal. When you have 6 years, you’re going to build slowly through the draft. His approach is a result of a management decision. If you’re unhappy and inpatient, be unhappy and inpatient at ownership. JD is doing exactly what he sold Woody/Chris on.
  9. I can't even begin to describe how irritating this post is
  10. People burying it after 1 are equally delusional. After this year we'll be able to reasonably judge.
  11. I think OP needs to read about the Polo grounds and Shea stadium. Things happened before you were born.
  12. Wow, lot of analysis here, didn’t think it deserved this much. serviceable player, cheap cost, desperate need. What more needs to be said?
  13. I acknowledge this may be true that, if they’re 2-8, the sentiment we have now may sour. However, with 1 big caveat. I’m expecting them to win 5-7 games. Therefore, if they’re 2-8 and show fight in close games my reaction will be WAY different than if they’re 2-8 and look as deflated as they did under Gase.
  14. I hope we got something. God knows we need a TE
  15. I’m a Sam fan, still rooting for him. But we have Zach now, so beyond a casual interest into Sam’s success, I couldn’t care less.
  16. He stinks. Cowardly tried to ride the coattails of Trevor into the league. I’m not sure even Trevor can overcome Urban. One silver lining of getting the #2 pick and Zach is we didn’t get stuck with that horrific coaching staff right after the gase regime.
  17. So I listened to the whole thing and only had 2 problems with it: 1. He said Becton came into camp 40lbs overweight. This is false reporting, Jets said Mekhi's weight is where they wanted it at camp. 2. His voice and the way he speaks is one of the most irritating on earth. Everything else is his opinion, he's entitled to it.
  18. Perhaps winning those meaningless games allowed us to dodge a huge bullet with Urban. Lawrence is going to be fine, he has enough talent from what I’ve seen to overcome whatever the Jags are doing…
  19. I’d love to agree with you SAR but Saleh’s defense is predicated on QB pressure to save the secondary (especially one as inexperienced as ours). Without the pressure from Lawson, I’m not sure how this D will survive. They haven’t had a legit pass rusher in forever and put all the eggs in the Lawson basket. They need to really focus on and draft pass rushers to complete this rebuild.
  20. I was slightly over with Lawson, now slightly under without him. I think 5-6 wins and I’m not happy about it. Hopefully we see an offense/QB that progresses.
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