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  1. Played decent in the regular season, stepped up in the playoffs. Not sure that qualifies aa great but he's definitely improving.
  2. If we had to the 2009 or 2010 roster than hell yeah im all in. Now is not the time for that kind of move.
  3. Texans Defense was bottom 5 in most metrics and the run game was non existant for most of the year.
  4. Most people don't know who Hendrickson is but he's going to get paid alot of money. He fits our need 4-3 DE. Had 8.5 sacks last year on the Saints DLine, is that a product of being on the same line as Jordan and Rankins or is he really that good.
  5. Ok fair i misread that. But did Favre get his shoulder surgery at the age of 20, because that's when Wilson got his. With his frame I think it's a valid issue to bring up. For every Favre there are 50 other QB's who got these surgeries and it effected them in the future one way or another. Favre was an anamoly, there will never be another Favre in the NFL.
  6. Are you comparing Wilsons arm talent to the NFL Iron Man Favre? Wow, i thought the Mahomes comparison was silly...
  7. Cleaner medical evaluation, better competition, more athletically gifted. In what way is Wilson a better prospect? Enlighten me.
  8. You just named them. All are better options than drafting Wilson at 2. JD does not seem like a risk taker in my opinion. I would love Watsn but dont see that happening either, which leads me to believe that Wilson may get some consideration but wont be the pick. Wilsons competition in college was laughable. Had all day to throw, only game i saw with decent pressure in his face was Coastal Carolina and he didnt look very impressive in that game. I said he looks 15 because he does and he better add some muscle or those cute scrambles he takes are going to get him killed. He has talent, but drafting him at 2 would be a mistake and would lead me to question JD as a GM.
  9. The difference is one is Mahomes the other is Wilson. Even without the hindsight of knowing how Mahomes turned out, he's still the superior prospect in almost every way.
  10. Good let him be someone else's failure. I never said i like him. I don't see a QB that can lead the Jets. Drafting him at 2 would be asinine, 2 major shoulder surgeries already, not to mention the kid looks like he's 15 and that's who we are rolling with? You guys are losing your minds. So many options at QB this year and this is who you latch onto? No thanks.
  11. I heard this story before too, comparing Wilson to Mahomes of all people is laughable. Wilson is like a super poor mans version of Mahomes, and you want to draft him at 2.... I'll take Fields, trade for Watson, trade back, or ride it out with Sam for another year before i draft Wilson at 2. The Jets most valuable asset right now is the 2nd overall pick, we can't F it up by drafting a QB with two Labrum surgeries already. PASS.
  12. I wasn't outlining a process for picking QB's in the 1st round, i was specifically talking about Wilson. IMO, he does not look like he is worthy of that selection. Going from Lawrence at 1, to Wilson at 2 is a massive drop off. Kid has some talent but the injuries scare me and he has a small frame, he needs to add some mass or else he will get hurt again sooner than later. If your comfortable taking that at 2 cool, but to me the risk of picking Wilson at 2 is much higher than taking Fields, trading for Watson, trading back or rolling with Sam for another year. JD doesn't strike me like the type to take that risk in his 2nd draft.
  13. Ideally anywhere from 6-15. If JD manages a trade back to lets say around 6-7 and the board falls in the Jets favor with Wilson sitting there, i'd be cool with drafting him. But not at 2, no thanks.
  14. Has some talent, will definitely be a good fit in a Shanahan style offense. That being said, taking him at #2 overall? That's a hard pass from me. With so many options on the table (Watson, Darnold, Fields) you guys are willing to go into the 2021 with a guy who had 2 major surgeries already? The kid looks barely old enough to start for a HS Varsity team...
  15. Are Gore and Etienne the only available RB's this off-season?

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