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  1. He played SS when he won DPoY. They did in fact play the same position. Reed switched to FS after 4th year I believe. I just get ticked off when people compare players to 1st ballot HoFers. Disrespectful and inaccurate.
  2. I'd argue your wrong. The Jets have a losing record every year Jamal has been on the team. His impact is minimal. Reed in his 1st 3 years recorded more interceptions than Jamal will his whole career. Thanks for the laugh though.
  3. Reed won DPoY in his 3rd year playing. I need to wake up? Says the guys under his covers with his pajamas on.
  4. Speaking of wrong points. You have a knack of posting them yourself. Everything @Mogglez wrote is accurate. Reed was a FS, only played SS at the start of his career. Reed is a HoF, all the other players are young current players. Adams can't hold Reed's jockstrap. Only a homer thinks something like that. And most importantly, a elite pass rusher is 10x more valuable than an elite safety. You are delusional from a team building standpoint if you can't see that.
  5. Damn man. Hope you make it out okay. Positivity and being in a good mind state will go a long way, you've got this.
  6. I, along with many others agree with you. But the owner of the site and the mod team made it clear they don't want this kind of content on a Jets Football forum. Don't have to agree with it but try to respect it. There are many other places and outlets to discuss these very relevant topics.
  7. Smells like fish, tastes like chicken. Hold your nose and keep on...... i won't finish this because I don't know if it's ban worthy. Lol
  8. Call me crazy but I think Jets match up well with SF and start the year 2-0 vs Buffalo and SF. Jimmy G and Josh Allen will both prove they are not the long term answers for both their respective teams. Allen will have a longer leash obviously but will have more ridiculous plays this year like the ones he had in the WC game. But yeah the Chiefs, Seahawks, and Rams scare the sh*t outta me. Donald vs our OLine is nightmare fuel.
  9. The greatest Safety to ever play the gane, a proven HoFer over 2 young guys just starting their career? Quite the comparison, 2 different positions too.
  10. What's glaring to me about that Jags game is how Jamal was being used in the 1st 2 drives by Jacksonville and how easily it can be exposed. Jamal off the edge 1st play of the game, Fournette rushes by for 60 yards. Credit to Jamal that he caught him down the field but still. Later on that same drive Adams is playing the WR and he runs by in the EZ for a TD. On the following drive Adams once again comes off the edge, Minshew steps up and throws a floater over the backers to where Adams would be playing coverage, resulting in a long TD. If the Jaguars and Minshew can scheme around it so will all the good teams we play this year.
  11. Gase always seemed like he out-coached Bowles in the Miami games, not saying much but still. That year he made it to the playoffs with Tannehill was kinda flukey but he still gotta give him credit for making it. I have hope he can still be successful, he wasn't my 1st choice but I don't hate him as much as others do. Gase has alot to prove still, like many others in the Jets organization.
  12. Good takeaways, thanks for posting the video. Darnold was under pressure all game, some of that was on him and some on the OLine. Check out the sack at 5:10, that's a 4 man rush that gets to Darnold almost instantly, that's not on him. Same thing at 6 minutes and at 6:10 Edoga gets beat by Ngakoue in 1 quick move. Allen's 1st sack came on 3rd and 8, a drive killer at midfield. I couldn't find the 2nd sack but those 2 sacks already almost match Quinnens whole season sack production. I get Q plays the run well but Allen was also pressuring Darnold when not getting sacks, which is also valuable. I hate to mention Adams because the original post was about Q and Allen, but in the 1st 3 minutes of the highlights, Adams is in the box blitzing on Leonards long run on the 1st play of the game, he caught him 60 yards down field to his credit and later in the drive gives up a TD playing in coverage, showing off his amazing coverage skills. In the next drive for Jacksonville, on another blitzing play, Minshew steps up away from a blitzing Jamal leaving a open receiver 30 yards downfield. The commentator even mentions how theres no safety in sight. Those 1st 3 minutes are good examples of why I don't want to pay Jamal a mega contract.

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