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  1. And that's with Diggs and Thielen was putting up 100 yard receiving games for the first what ~10 weeks of the season? Granted Cook was hurt for a good part of the year, but Darnold had to deal with Enunwa and Anderson both being hurt along with a bunch of the RB's and linemen. Vikings did the Jets the biggest favor by signing Cousins. Sometimes the best deal is the one that doesn't happen.
  2. Mayfield is a good QB, may even turn into a great QB, but goddamn do I find him hard to like and am glad he's not on the Jets. It's one thing to be outspoken and confident, but it seems he goes out of his way to run his mouth. Colin Cowherd, Hue Jackson, Giants fan, which i can agree all deserve criticism but just stfu and play. If he has a bad season in the near future all this will come back to bite him in the ass.
  3. All good. I always just change the stats anyway since the person who comes up with these rosters seems like a biased a-hole, haven't bought a madden game since like 2010 though.
  4. If you mean trolling than sure. What did i say thay you don't agree with? That Bell is more agile than he is fast? Cause i think that's pretty accurate. He ran the 40 in what like 4.6? I love Bell as a player but there are plenty of plays where he gets chased down from behind.
  5. What about it? 3 cone has more to do with agility which is one of Bell's best attributes and it shows with a 95 rating. Guy is 225 lbs and you wont find many players as agile as him at that playing weight. Love Bell but he is no burner, 89 speed seems right imo.
  6. Speed only 89 but agility is a 95, that seems about right considering his style of running and how rarely he runs away from the defense for long scores.
  7. If he can pull off running routes in platform shoes than he's definitely making the roster.
  8. Kinda looks like Crowder isn't wearing shoes.
  9. Absolutely, I'm pretty sure I'd be one of them since I love to troll people in real life. I still remember how many Jets jerseys and gear in general I saw in 2009 and 2010 when the Jets were a good team. It was everywhere, probably most of them being Giants fans or closet Jet fans that only root for the team when they have success.
  10. We'll have a nice close up look of both Q and Oliver in week 1. I think (hope) Q.Williams is going to be a superstar but I really wanted to Jets to draft Oliver. I can't see how our OLine aside from Osemele is going to be able to handle him.
  11. This is the most excited about a football season since the 09 and 2010 season. Maybe it's just naive optimism since I'm relatively young and don't understand true pain and heartache but this year have a confident different vibe to it. Darnold practicing against an aggressive Williams defense in practice is going to accelerate his development by a good amount. I still have flashbacks to week 3 of last year in Cleveland how the whole offense struggled, obviously the Jets don't have a Garrett level pass rusher but the scheme is the same. It's going to be a good year to be a Jets fan.

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