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  1. Even Revis had his hiccups as a rookie. Becton is exceeding most of my expectations. I thought there would be plays were guys get him off balance or he misses a block but so far against 2 top 5 defenses nada, Becton has been the best player on the team.
  2. Same here. I was at my friends house last night and I was saying how do the Giants not draft an actual Giant? Not only missed on the talent but the potential for so many puns.
  3. How do you not run 90% of the offense off the left side when Becton is just absolutely mauling people. You could drive your pick up thru most of those holes. It's crazy how good Becton already seems to be, his potential is limitless.
  4. Pleasant surprise. As unhappy with the selection but if he keeps developing and has game like this one more regularly, could turn into an impact player.
  5. How can you even defend that sh*t show of a list. Shame on you.
  6. No part of my post is an opinion. And not sure if you've ever been in a barber shop but politics is usually a hot topic. Perceieved failings....lol.
  7. People had an issue with Kap taking a knee during the anthem, even though it was advice given to him by a veteran. Now people have an issue with players silently protesting AFTER the anthem. Maybe it's time to admit it was never about the anthem, flag, military, or anything else but the one thing we all know deep in our hearts. You just want these black athletes to STFU and entertain. Do you throw the same fit over breast cancer awareness? Sports will always be a platform for change, like it or not.
  8. Thanks Captain Obvious. Clearly we haven't seen him play in the NFL, did you read the thread title? Most of your point are simple, i've yet to read a post of yours that exceeds 25 characters.
  9. For what? By all accounts hes a good kid who's a hard worker, is a willing learner, and comes from an extremely athletic background. Any number of things could happen and his career could disappoint, but to not have confidence in Davis is foolish. He's shown enough to give me confidence in his development.
  10. It's 2020 i'm not here to kink shame but.... Wtf
  11. Anybody with no understanding of how to build a football team, sure.

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