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  1. Yeah but didn't Wesco pancake a 3rd string LBer in practice that one time?
  2. Wow... Not even 2 weeks into the regular season and i'm already over it. I wasn't expecting the jets to set the league on fire, but a well coached and hungry group of improving young players with Bell, Mosley, Crowder, and Osemele would have been fun to watch. But of course, that is way too much to ask for with not enough pain and suffering. Sigh...
  3. This loss hurts, but the I came away feeling the worst about Gase and his ability as a head coach. Called imo, way too many pass plays in the 3rd and 4th. Not sure if the abundance of screens and swing plays was a direct result of our oline getting badly beaten by Buffalo or is that just what Gase loves to do. My worst fear is that Darnold is being conditioned not to leave the pocket and make the awesome backyard football plays that he seems so good at doing. Defense was impressive for the 1st 3 quarters until Mosley went down. The effectiveness of a whole unit can't fall on one player, no matter how good he is. I wish Quinnen didn't hurt his ankle because i would have loved to compare him to Oliver, who btw looked really good.
  4. That's the power Gruden holds behind that 10 year $100 million contract. Gruden knows he needs to start winning some games.
  5. I agree with your premise but if the Jets had even 1 pass rusher as talented as the Bears, whether that's Mack or even Floyd, we would have beat Indy or Pittsburgh. Rex's defense was based around scheme pressure and having great CB's, also funneling most the offense to throw at Revis, but we never had a pass rusher even close to what the Bears currently have.
  6. He's probably the best young LT in the game. There really is no such thing as Jonathan Ogden, Walter Jones, or even Tyron Smith it seems like, franchise LT's are becoming harder and harder to come by. Tunsil is going to help that Texans team much more than Clowney, imo. I wish Mac had the stones to trade up for him instead of picking Lee and Hackenburg that year (lol).
  7. Was going to write out this exact post. Maybe a change of scenery is what he needs but Reddick is basically Lee.
  8. Wow. You can argue at this point thay franchise LT's are harder to find than QB's. Miami is going to be awful this year.
  9. I'm with ya, i just feel like people look at Clowneys sacks and think that's the end all be all. He has led the league in TFL's over the past few years and is very disruptive. For the same money I'd rather have Clowney over Leo, and i like Leo more than most here. We'll see how it shakes out, not our problem now anyway.
  10. Cardinals took Butler with the 1st pick of the 3rd round if i remember correctly. The guy I wanted was either Michael Jordan (Guard) or Montgomery(Bears Rb)
  11. Obsession? You dont think Winovich being the pick right after Polite is even a bigger miss of a pick? **** the Pats, if any other team drafted Winovich or anyother good prospect that played the same position as Polite with the pick directly after Polite than i'd be comparing them as well. Seems like you have the Pats obsession. I could care less who they draft, they usually don't draft well but Winovich looks good.
  12. And like clockwork Winovich will become a better version of Ninkovich. I hate this sh*t.
  13. A 3rd round pick and some depth scrubs is selling the farm, huh?. Must be a small farm. Seattle will get a 3rd round pick as compensation if Clowney walks next year so Seattle basically robbed Houston. I'm kinda indifferent about getting Clowney, but let's not act like he wouldn't help the team win.

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