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  1. Great signing. Can't remember last time the Jets had 2 reliable TE's. I'd still like to draft one in one of the 1st 4 rounds tho.
  2. Pick 4 should be Pass rusher. OLinemen, and than WR a distant 3rd option Pick 10 I would look at WR, Pass Rusher, OLinemen, CB...Wish there was a TE worth drafting this high this year.
  3. Scott didn't even bother to try to sell that pick play. That was some phony sh*t right there.
  4. started off the game by calling that soft ass roughing the passer call. set the tone for the rest of the game
  5. Only a safety with as much gifted natural athleticism at Jamal could cover that much ground.
  6. Good point they definitely should. But still Harrison, James, and potentially Maye would all be ranked higher.
  7. But but but... Jamal set the record for most sacks in a season for a safety!!!! And his dancing and bravado makes me feel all tingly down by my boxer shorts, that has to be worth at least the #6 spot.
  8. I just wish another developmental OLine prospect was drafted in the 5th or 6th. Saleh definitely needed guys for the 4-3 scheme, especially since our LBers were non existant to run that alignment. But another center or tackle in the later rounds would have been nice.
  9. You could argue that Shanahan and the 49ers liked Darnold but with the way JD was operating, they didn't have the time to wait around and some other team would have beat them to the 3rd pick. I'm sort of bitter though, because I wish Douglas took the trade down and loaded up on draft capital.
  10. Hopefully all this ZW ballwashing doesn't go to waste and this kid turns into a stud QB. I have my doubts but if he's the pick, he has my support.
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