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  1. I get that, it's a fair point for most other teams, but are the Jets really in position to be hopeful their #3 overall pick will improve over the years? Last offseason the Jets needed WR help, Olinemen, CB, and PassRusher. The only positions we were okay at were QB, S, RB, DT, and probably MLB. This offseason they need....WR, Olinemen, CB and PassRusher, lol. They picked a DT because he's the BAP but now we have to wait and hope he turns into an impact player, almost seems like the opposite of BAP. Good on you for giving this pick the benefit of the doubt, but I can't do that.
  2. I mean, was he was drafted at #3 for his ability to quickly recover from a high ankle sprain? In all seriousness, I hate that the Jets drafted Q, absolutely hate it. He was a good player on a stacked defense that lead by 30 by halftime in most games. Never had to worry much about the run when Bama was always winning and did nothing in the Championship game. The Jets always make the draft much more difficult than it needs to be. Meanwhile the guys i wanted (Oliver, Allen, Burns) are all lighting it up. Didn't see this coming at all....
  3. Let me start off by saying if I were Douglas I would trade Jamal for draft picks since this team is lacking talent in so many position that it's scary. He's a very good player but if you can get a 1st and 3rd or better than you have to take that. With that being said, I hate this argument used above. Football is too much of a team sport for it to be this simple. Khalil Mack had 11 sacks the year before he was traded to the Bears and the Raiders still sucked, especially on defense. And Mack is 2x as impactful as Adams is. You can have a superstar on one side of the ball and still field a bad overall unit.
  4. Not to make excuses for these sorry ass Jets but in their 11 losses, the Bengals have lost 7 of them by a touchdown or less. And some of those teams include Buffalo, Baltimore, and Seattle. Perfect storm for these Jets to lose in, and perfect opportunity to make money lol. Vegas had some juicy lines up for this game.
  5. I don't watch college football often, but comparing the officiating from CFB to the NFL makes these refs look like such a joke.
  6. That's because Brown has like 25 pounds on Jeudy.
  7. Reddit NFL Streams, CrackStreams, Buffstreams. I always rotate depending on quality.
  8. Probably Bobby Wagner or Mosley when he's healthy.
  9. Jamal is like a suped up version of Mark Barron, which makes sense since Barron was drafted at #7 overall. We all should be happy Adams is playing great this year no matter how you feel about him, either to up his trade value for this off-season or to just he happy one of our defensive 1st rounders is worth something (Quinnen lol).
  10. Douglas should entertain trying to trade for Collins (26 year old RT) instead of Martin or Tyron Smith. I'd pull the trigger on Collins + a 2nd rounder, if we manage to get a 1st than great.
  11. The Packers 2 OLB FA additions have both looked great so far this year. Each have 7 sacks and have helped make that GB team balanced on both sides of the ball. Just to add on to the misery of being 1-6 with the team spiraling downwards, how the f did these 2 not get signed by the Jets? I get they were pursuing Barr but they could have easily double dipped since they clearly didn't think Josh Allen was worth the #3 pick (sigh). Shouldn't be surprising the team has no identity when in the past decade there have been 5 DT's picked in the 1st round, when's the last time a team was feared for their DT's? The Williams Wall the Vikings had 15 years ago? You really just have to laugh at the incompetence.
  12. My top 5 would be... 1. CJ Mosley- Not sure how he can play any better than those 3 quarters he played in Buffalo (Numerous tackles, Pick 6, Fumble Recovery) but he may very well have too if the Jets plan on upsetting the Cheats. Great players make an impact and CJ's will be felt on the field obviously but one could argue that all the pre snap adjustments defenses will be just as important with him back at the helm. 2. Edoga- Has looked good against some good competition. Needs to keep Darnold clean, this could easily be #1 position that needs to play well. 3. Poole- Has been playing well and tonight he needs to play lights out against that little scrappy f*ucker Edelman, who will undoubtably get 12+ targets. 4. Maye- Has gotten close to a couple picks already this season, Brady is a one of the best ever with moving safeties with his eyes. Tonight Maye will have a huge responsibility, hoping he gets his 1st pick. 5. Crowder- Gilmore owns Anderson for the most part, could be different tonight but probably not. Crowder needs to be able to find the soft spots and get open and keep showing the growing chemistry he has with Darnold. If they pull this off, reading these forums on Tuesday is going to be hilarious. Instant classic type of stuff.

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