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  1. Hopefully time away from the game did both Bell and Rex some good.
  2. MindOverMatter

    RB Depth

    Agreed. Would prefer Powell, having Crowell coming to give Bell a breather would make the offense very predictable. Maybe even draft a RB after round 3.
  3. Depends how many Chuck-E-Cheese coins you have.
  4. Maybe Oakland wants to get rid of Hudson for a 6th or 5th from next year.
  5. Late 1st, early-mid 2nd probably.
  6. Powell, if healthy, maybe. But Kearse can kick rocks.
  7. Not too shabby. Sign Tyrell Williams and then aim to trade down in the draft. Imagine Bell, Q, Robby, Tyrell, Crowder, and drafting D.Samuel or Campbell and finally some young Oline talent? Defense will get help by the Darnold and company scoring.
  8. Hope so. Wish we landed both Barr and Mosley. Feel like Williamson and Mosely are similar players, there is no one like Barr on the Jets roster.
  9. Not saying it's his fault, just if I had choice i'd take Barr over Mosley. Feel like Mosley is a better Williamson, Jets don't have anyone close to a Barr playing olber with his skill set.
  10. MindOverMatter

    Mike Maccagnan Appreciation Thread.

    Probably had more suitors then Bell did.
  11. F*ck him after the stunt he pulled but, Barr would have been legit to have in this defense. As a 3-4 Olber, he'd be a terror. Would have prefered him over Mosley, tbh.
  12. MindOverMatter

    Crazy traffic this week

    I've been lurking and using this website for Jets info/news for years. Hands down the best site for everything Jets related. Hoping this is just beginning of Jetnation's success.
  13. MindOverMatter

    Barr Stays with Vikings

    At this point I also want Houston, but Barr would have been an amazing pick up. He was athletic enough @ his size to play off the ball in Minny's scheme. Would have loved to see him play OLB in a 3-4, too bad he dicked the Jets over. I'd take him @ 15 mil per over Mosley @ 17 (or w/e the # was)
  14. MindOverMatter

    Paradis signs with Carolina

    For f*cks sake, just pay the man 10.5-11 mil and call it day. We just wrote Mosley a big check... Better then settling for a lesser center with all this money or even worse, going into the draft with a need at center.
  15. MindOverMatter

    Paradis signs with Carolina

    For those numbers, this fan base will need answers. I can hear the mob forming, lol.

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