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    Our 2010 home comeback against Houston
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    The second AFC championship loss to Pittsburgh
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  1. I was really impressed by Wilson considering who was blocking and running routes. The first almost pick was strange and the second was on the TE for dropping it. Shoutout to Fant for breaking up the pass on a tipped ball too.
  2. Brass Balls Berrios (TM) is the only player on the roster yesterday who would have caught that 3rd and 10 pass in the 4th where he got absolutely popped after catching it
  3. It just looks like Wilson forgot how to throw a football. I was high on him coming out of the draft for two major reasons; his accuracy and his decision making. For some reason he has devolved into an inaccurate and slow QB. I'm not out on him yet, but he can't be this bad going forward if he wants to stick around.
  4. at minimum 18% of Offensive Rookie of the Weeks will be jets. thats gotta count for something, right?
  5. My personal favorite has to be the humiliating 2011 beatdown. Thanks Jets.
  6. I want 7 edge rushers. Imagine trying to block 7 pass rushers at once. It's impossible. I don't know why nobody has thought of this yet. Someone get Saleh on the phone
  7. Three years is the time frame for a quarterback. If the dude does not produce well enough after 3 years, its time to move on. For the most part, a quarterback will show who he is in his 3rd season (Josh Allen, Kyler Murray). A rookie who shines or sucks does not always indicate he will be a Rockstar/bum going forward. Baker looked light out his rookie year, now he's meh. Mahomes and Lamar sat their first seasons. Having a guy like Herbert is such an anomaly. There are always exceptions, like injury (RG3), off field issues (Haskins) or advanced suckage (Rosen). A rookie season is a relatively p
  9. It's brutal to find a QB in the NFL. Not every team can be so lucky as to have a Mike White
  10. Totally agree. I think the personnel we have isn't being utilized properly either. I think Mosely has gotten to skinny, which was done as per Saleh's request. Our linebackers have gotten really small, making it impossible for them to take on blocks. Quincy Williams has been the only guy who has been reliable stuffing the run. Quinnen has the same issue. He's a bit small to play DT. He is talented and strong as hell, but doesn't quite carry the bulk. I believe he should play more edge/DE. Lastly, our D lineman are not in the optimal position. We are not using our lineman to eat
  11. Unfair to compare anyone to Mike White. He's truly in a class of his own. I'm just glad I can watch his career, can't wait to tell my kids about him
  12. I don't think that's necessary. Granted I'd like every pick on that list but having one is excellent. Especially if the other guys can get to that point or close to it. Michael Carter 2 has looked really good for a mid-late round corner, but he was still not a coveted prospect. However, getting a starting caliber corner out of that spot is fantastic. Same with Michael Carter 1. Moore has flashed, but in a top heavy WR class he had no chance of making the list. He was the sixth (fact check?) WR off the board after all.
  13. Starting White is the only decision the staff can make. There a few outcomes: A: White plays his ass off against Buffalo, solidifying his starting job B: White implodes against a super bowl hopeful, giving the staff an excuse to send the mormon back in C : Wilson starts against a great Bills team, is rusty and gets smacked around a bit, and the fans want his head on a pike and White to start the rest of the season, putting the 2nd overall pick on thin ice not even through his rookie year D : White plays meh, and we are back to square one
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