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  1. This seems identical to the situation that landed us Brandon Marshall. Can't complain with that. I'd have no problem sending over a 6th or a 7th
  2. I love Williamson but I think we need to let him go. We have linebacker depth. Cashman looks to be a legit player, and Mosely is a top linebacker in this league. No reason to pay both of them when Greg Williams can get it done with backups and guys off the street
  3. I don't hate Idzik. I feel with more time he could have been successful. I liked how he helped us get out of cap hell, but there is no excuse for how poorly he drafted
  4. What do you mean "a #2 that can catch?" Are you saying that Robby can't catch? He's been holding on to contested catches all year. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/highlight-sam-darnold-finds-robby-anderson-for-1-yard-touchdown https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/highlight-robby-anderson-makes-contested-catch-for-two-point-conversion
  5. to be fair ficken had a good kick. If it wasn't blocked the kick would have been money. Hell he almost made it even when it was tipped.
  6. I don't think there is any doubt about the competence of our ownership. We all agree that ownership is wildly incompetent.
  7. I have 3 tickets in section 334 I’m looking to move by tomorrow. The seats have a great view and are right in the corner of the stadium. I’m looking for 25 per seat. Lmk if your interested
  8. I don't think he's been great. I've seen him pitter patter and fail to escape pass rushers more often than we are used to
  9. IDK About that. A slot/nickel/ good corner is more valuable than a safety, even though Adams is a much better player. I think a 1 2 and 3 would be solid but I'd like a bit more. Preferable a 1 and a pair of 2s. Maybe two first rounders but that could be a stretch.
  10. Exactly. This was not a good draft pick, but he's already on the team so there is no reason to try and move him yet.
  11. Shanahan would be a dream come true Why can't we run a combo role. Have Douglas act as president and GM. I feel having a president would just be another position for the Jets to screw up
  12. Supposedly Gettleman was the only person seriously interested in Leo, and what a finesse this trade was if that is true.
  13. Darnold has the quintessential happy feet. Last year I was extremely impressed with his footwork, and kinda reminded me of young Peyton Manning's footwork (Not that Darnold is destined to become Peyton, just a similarity) The constant pressure this year has freaked him out. Instead of relying on his fundamentals, his feet are all over the place, and he isn't falling back on his good technique. A little confidence and a little blocking alongside solid coaching should be able to fix that right up
  14. Can we relax for a minute. Quinnen has by no means been a stud, but he's yet to play a half season in the NFL. We already drafted him, and it's a waste to trade him away already. I don't think he was a great selection, but there's no reason to trade a cheap rookie who hasn't had a real chance to shine. He hasn't been terrible, and he will only improve throughout this season and the next.
  15. Obviously Adams isn't the only reason a player would come to the Jets, but that doesn't mean he can be an influence. Some defensive players, especially in the secondary would love to play with a kid like him
  16. I'm with you. I don't want to trade Bell nor do I think it' s an option we should explore. But If there is a reasonable option we should take it, he is by no means untouchable.
  17. The new question is do we trade Bell. I love him. He is one of the best backs in the league and could be a huge help to Darnold's development ... if he was properly utilized. There is no reason for us to have him with a line this bad. I supported signing him this offseason, and still think it was a good move, I don;'t feel like we should go out of our way to trade him, but if a good offer comes from a good team, we don't need a back that much
  18. We don;t know how much money Adams is asking for. If he asks for something along the lines of 20M, then don't resign him, its not worth it. If he wants a more reasonable contract then do it, we don't have anyone else to pay. Of course he is going to dedicate himself to whatever team he is on, that's why he should stay a Jet. I agree Mosely is also a leader. The lead by example type. Every player is different, and a lot of guys respond to the hype Adams brings. We've seen Adams constantly tweet at Bell during his free agency, and he's put pressure on the front office to make moves.
  19. I don't see this as throwing Darnold under the bus. Darnold does need to work on his blitz pickups. We all know this. He isnt Brady. he has a lot of growing to do. But Adams is at least trying to hold him accountable, like the 60's jets did by voting a party centric Namath as captain (albeit under different circumstances)
  20. We don't know this. We can predict but who knows if he wants 14M or 20M. It's all speculation. How do we know he doesn't fall off or get injured and isn't worth 14M anymore. He's still a Jet through his heart.
  21. That identity is Adams. H's the only player with any kind of fire. Whether he makes plays or not, whether he talks too much or not, he has heart. He is a player other players look up to. He is someone who works to lure in free agents. Adams is someone who you want to build a team around, not just a roster
  22. This is exactly right. Good teams need good players. We lose Adams and we lose some identity. There is no guarantee that our potential picks pan out either
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