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  1. Jets vs Texans 2010 The people I was with wanted to leave the stadium after Houston scored, and I forced them to stay. Sanchez threw a bomb to Edwards and a beautiful fade to Holmes to win the game. Never seen the stadium so hyped.
  2. Polite has 'motor issue', or in realistic terms, Polite doesn't really want to play NFL football. He's acknowledged this. In my eyes, a prospect who doesn't want to play is undraftable. Plus, who shows p to the combine fat and out of shape. He's going to be a Joe McKnight type player. All the upside but is too lazy to put it all together.
  3. I wouldn't drive an hour out of your way to go, but if you have friends of family you want to bring it's a fun night. They have a few players there signing autographs and they either let you in the VIP lounge or on the field. I'd recommend, but keep Metlife prices in mind lmao.
  4. Any idea how much Houston is looking for. Fowler went for about 14 mil. and Dee Ford went for around 17.
  5. Yes it is. Mosley is probably the best inside linebacker in the NFL outside of Kuechly. I know he's expensive but that was the only way the Jets could get him out of Baltimore. Mosley said he wasn't leaving the Ravens unless the money was much higher. Crowder is a little over payed. He is a great character guy, look at him and his brother. The deal is also structured so the Jets ca get out after 2 years. Now Bell was a great deal. He's a dynamic back that can get extra yards where there are non. Getting him for 13 million a year is a no-brainer. I've been very critical of Mac. In the past I know he's blew through cap space but he's improved his contracts. I think he learned from the Tru deal.

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