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  1. I was almost certain we'd get a ring with darnold. oops
  2. If Thibs (or some how Hutchinson) are not available at 4 I would love to take a tackle. It gives us Beckton insurance, makes him tradeable if we prefer the other tackle, and gives us Fant insurance
  3. With DK Metcalf, and to a lesser extent AJ Brown trade rumors heating up, a lot of fans are pining for one of the two young receivers to help Wilson develop. The question is, would acquiring one of these guys be worthwhile? I say no. First off is Metcalf, who is coming into the final year of his contract. After seeing the mega deals Kirk, Adams, and Hill got this offseason, its safe to say DK is going to want a substantial contract. That much money, as well as draft assets is a lot to tie up into one player. I don't think Metcalf is worth that money and those assets for what we want. The Jets are looking for a true WR1, which Metcalf is not. He may make the highlight plays, but is still the secondary option behind Tyler Lockett who led Seattle in receiving yards. Metcalf is best used as a 2, who can stretch the field and make big plays and contested catches. He does not have an excellent route tree, but instead serves a role. He would certainly be an upgrade to our receiving corps, but not a substantial enough upgrade to warrant a big trade and contract. Secondly, is AJ Brown. Brown is a stud, and a true WR1, but deals with injuries quite often, missing 5 games last year and 3 the year before. Brown is also looking for a new contract and should fetch roughly the same as Metcalf. Brown would also likely cost more than Metcalf in draft assets. When on the field, Brown is worth every bit of his trade and contract, but his unreliability is a massive concern, considering both Moore and Davis missed substantial time last season. In short, Metcalf is not a true 1, and is best served as a high end #2, who will demand elite money and assets to trade for. AJ Brown is absolutely a #1, and a very good one when healthy, However, I don't trust him to be healthy with this Jets team, as nobody stays healthy.
  4. Live and die by sphincter training. Set a new personal best for ass bench press the other day.
  5. I don't think there are any receivers who are worth picking at 10 since they are far from can't miss #1 guys. Wilson could end up as a 1 some point in his career but right now fits a similar mold to Moore. London has elite upside and can certainly be a 1, or he could Mims it and be a waste. These seem like unwise gambles for a team that still needs talent elsewhere with better prospects on the board at those positions (CB, S, Edge, Tackle, Center)
  6. would you also like to see my butthole muscles?
  7. I don't think WR is as big of a draft concern as many people believe it to be. Of course, I would love to add another weapon for the offense, especially with Davis/Moore's health last season. However, with the return of Berrios, we have 2 legit outside receivers as well as a slot guy. There is no bona fide stud receiver this class. No Chase, Waddle, Lamb or even Pitts. However, there is a a lot of 1st-2nd round depth. To me it makes more sense to snag Gardner and an edge at 4/10 and pick up a receiver at the top of round 2.
  8. If we want stars we have to draft them. Tampa built a nice core, but needed a few stars to get over the edge. Enter Brady, Gronk, AB, Shaq Barret. The rams built a contender but needed a few stars to secure their ring. Enter Stafford, Von Miller, OBJ and Ramsey. These teams were good before adding star talent because of drafting. Wirfs, Vea, Cappa, Godwin, Evans, Whitehead, Carlton Davis, Devin White, Murphy-Bunting etc. In LA you had Donald, Kupp, Goff (a starting QB who was a trade piece), Havenstein on top of smart free agent signings like Whitworth and Woods. Whens the last time we've drafted or signed guys like this. If you add either group of guys to our roster right now we may be a wild card team, but won't win a ring. We haven't been ready for stars in a decade because we've had Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing the ball. We are not a piece away. We are not 5 pieces away. We are a competent roster away from being a few pieces away.
  9. We are not a team ready for stars right now, whether that be financially or competitively. Star players want to win. We are not ready to win. In order to attract these stars we need to pay "the bad team tax". This is irresponsible and how you end up in cap hell. Looking at the Jags as I say this. Our team is not a piece or two away. Remember, the raiders were in the playoffs last year. We had 4 wins. we need to build the middle of our roster to be a competent team first. For example, spending 14m a year on marcus williams, or 18m a year for Whitehead and Reed.
  11. I'm also not a fan of how inactive we have been so far, but gotta remember that most of the league has been quiet, and there isn't much of a reason for high end guys to want to come to the Jets.
  12. Can't wait to see him in Philly this year. Wonder how many beers will be thrown at him.
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-41977709
  14. Rams gonna give us 12 first round picks and Stafford for Wilson
  15. There was an argument for this before he (likely) tore his ACL. Again. Now there is no way in hell the Jets should even think about looking at him.
  16. My dad promised me he would take me to the game whenever the Jets made it, no questions asked. His father made him the same promise, but never got a chance to fulfill it. He even got tickets early when we played Pittsburgh in the AFC championship. Lost a lot of money reselling those lol. End of the day, whatever it takes to get us in the door.
  17. I was really impressed by Wilson considering who was blocking and running routes. The first almost pick was strange and the second was on the TE for dropping it. Shoutout to Fant for breaking up the pass on a tipped ball too.
  18. Brass Balls Berrios (TM) is the only player on the roster yesterday who would have caught that 3rd and 10 pass in the 4th where he got absolutely popped after catching it
  19. It just looks like Wilson forgot how to throw a football. I was high on him coming out of the draft for two major reasons; his accuracy and his decision making. For some reason he has devolved into an inaccurate and slow QB. I'm not out on him yet, but he can't be this bad going forward if he wants to stick around.
  20. at minimum 18% of Offensive Rookie of the Weeks will be jets. thats gotta count for something, right?
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