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  1. Gravy yardage is what wins games. Teams are focused too heavily on marinara sauce yardage these days.
  2. Ah yes, his enormous ... talent. Definitely knew this headline was about his talent and I did not expect anything else
  3. I've been bored during every game so far, whether it be getting smoked by Baltimore or Cincinnati or because the game looked over and we couldn't do anything in our comeback wins. I just want to be entertained
  4. Is this an overreaction from Rex designed to grab a headline? Of course. But looking at our history of QB, it isn't crazy to say he is the most innately talented from a tools perspective. In terms of athleticism and arm talent he is the best QB we have had this century. (No disrespect to Pennington, he was obviously a better QB but physically can't do the things Wilson can.)
  5. I agree, especially with how we seem to injury a tackle a game.
  6. As a former pretty good high school lineman and multiple time madden super bowl champ, I feel qualified to evaluate that as good plan of action. If Wilson decided that we should not score a touchdown, we would not have won.
  7. The dart to Davis needs more credit. He put the ball on a rope to a sliding Davis into a tiny window. That is the stuff that can make him special. However, the ugly pick to end the first half is what makes me yell at my TV and drink out of a coconut from party city.
  8. If Wilson was my high school quarterback we probably would have won more than 1 game my sophomore year.
  9. Ah yes, the day I drove my father to madness by saying "Andrew Luck, more like Andrew Suck" after every play. I have no regrets.
  10. Yeah he should. There really isn't anybody else we can throw out there.
  11. The 49ers defense still looks awesome with Saleh gone. Just something to keep an eye on
  12. I really like Huff, not sure why he isn't getting any reps. Would love to see him on the field this week
  13. I'm taking bets for how quickly we go from super optimistic to Wilson is a bum. My money is 9:37 left in the 1st quarter when the first "Wilson isn't the guy" thread pops up.
  14. At this point we have to at least consider the possibility that Belichick has a sleeper agent on our medical staff
  15. I long for the days where stealing Cedric Ogbuehi is not a noteworthy headline.
  16. Reed looks like a legitimate CB1. Very happy with him, although his height will always be a concern in the back of my mind, even if that is not fair to him. Although he did get absolutely mossed by Higgins in the endzone this weekend.
  17. Would he look as good? maybe not. Would he be be on the field? yes. Regardless of whether he played left or right (any lineman worth their salt can play either side of the ball, it isn't a difficult transition) we would have one more tackle on the field than we do right now.
  18. You are not allowed to be happy, optimistic, or reasonable. Please only post reactionary and directionless anger on this board.
  19. First and foremost, we do not like the Johnsons. They have proven to be incompetent, and could not care less about the fans. We do hear from and see the Johnsons every now and then, but they are not making front page news. They speak when they have to but seem to be relatively hands off. I do not foresee the Johnsons selling any time soon. They make an obscene amount of money from this franchise.
  20. Not taking Wirfs over Becton is killing us. It was the most obvious choice. Would you rather take the guy who broke Iowas lifting records and is a weight room warrior who works his ass off? Or would you rather take the guy who came into the combine overweight and has parents that rival the weight of our entire line combined?
  21. Surprised they didn't refer to him as former Jets quarterback since every article involving a player doing something bad is somehow linked to the jets
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