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  1. 13 hours ago, fullblast said:

    My humble ask is the same as every week; if you insist on playing from behind, just try to keep the deficit within single digits for the majority of the afternoon.

    I've been bored during every game so far, whether it be getting smoked by Baltimore or Cincinnati or because the game looked over and we couldn't do anything in our comeback wins. I just want to be entertained

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  2. Is this an overreaction from Rex designed to grab a headline? Of course. But looking at our history of QB, it isn't crazy to say he is the most innately talented from a tools perspective. In terms of athleticism and arm talent he is the best QB we have had this century. (No disrespect to Pennington, he was obviously a better QB but physically can't do the things Wilson can.)

  3. 2 hours ago, BCJet said:

    I find it odd that most of the board wants to upgrade the offensive line and the first thought it to let fant walk.  He isnt elite, but I think his struggles this year were injury related and id like to see how he plays after this break before "letting him walk".  Hes got the athleticism required for this system, has versatility to play both OT spots and is well-respected in the locker room. Im not rushing to dump him.

    I also dont see spending huge money on a LT like orlando brown.  To me the best FA money would be on Elton Jenkins who can play either tackle spot or guard (or center in an emergency)

    I would love to see us upgrade center with our 2nd round pick and continue to use one of our mid round picks on developmental OL.  

    OT:  Fant, Max Mitchell, Veteran swing tackle (with AVT as further tackle insurance), developmental player

    OG: Tomlinson, Jenkins, AVT, Herbig

    Center: Draft pick, feeney  

    I agree, especially with how we seem to injury a tackle a game. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, Biggs said:

    He showed amazing mental toughness when the game was on the line.  Elite NFL QB's aren't game managers.  They perform when the game is on the line.  Zach lead 2 fourth quarter drives for TD's for the win.  He milked the clock to kill any chance for Pittsburgh to win.  That's what elite NFL QB's do.

    All he needs is more reps.  The talent and mental toughness were all on display yesterday.   Guys also dropped balls early.  They will get used to the ball coming in hotter than it did from Flacco. 


    The dart to Davis needs more credit. He put the ball on a rope to a sliding Davis into a tiny window. That is the stuff that can make him special. However, the ugly pick to end the first half is what makes me yell at my TV and drink out of a coconut from party city. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Dcat said:

    Nahhh.. The Jets medical staff cosists of Dr. Vinnie Boombotz and Dr. Bombay. 

    p.s.  we used Dr. Bombay on our fake med excuses to get out of tests in high school.  




  6. Reed looks like a legitimate CB1. Very happy with him, although his height will always be a concern in the back of my mind, even if that is not fair to him. Although he did get absolutely mossed by Higgins in the endzone this weekend.

  7. 8 minutes ago, BurntDice said:

    This take is so tired. Wirfs is a rt who has had the luxury with playing with the goat qb who gets the ball out crazy fast. I guarantee you that he would not have looked as good playing in front of guys like Flacco and Zach. Who would be the LT if wirfs was taken? Fant still?

    Would he look as good? maybe not. Would he be be on the field?  yes. Regardless of whether he played left or right (any lineman worth their salt can play either side of the ball, it isn't a difficult transition) we would have one more tackle on the field than we do right now. 

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  8. First and foremost, we do not like the Johnsons. They have proven to be incompetent, and could not care less about the fans. We do hear from and see the Johnsons every now and then, but they are not making front page news. They speak when they have to but seem to be relatively hands off. I do not foresee the Johnsons selling any time soon. They make an obscene amount of money from this franchise.

  9. Not taking Wirfs over Becton is killing us. It was the most obvious choice. Would you rather take the guy who broke Iowas lifting records and is a weight room warrior who works his ass off? Or would you rather take the guy who came into the combine overweight and has parents that rival the weight of our entire line combined? 

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