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  1. Personally I would stay away. It is very risky with 100 people controlling the majority of the supply, they can crash it anytime while taking home a few billion . If you do buy it, just trade it in and out. Do not risk any money you are not willing to lose. Stay away from Binance issues with the feds, Binance us is a nightmare for a lot of people. A guy on reddit got $100k that is in Binance frozen. Just do a twitter search for binancehell
  2. Keep on eye on CB Derek Stingley Jr from LSU. His game should get better with the lesson that he learn facing Alabama Devonta Smith.
  3. Cringey and straight up perverted. The tabloid that also talk about it is are also cringey.
  4. Turning those box safety into LB should help with the middle of the field defense, along with our pass rush, which should reduce some of the pressure on our Cornerbacks. On 2022 draft get a top Center and Right Tackle but I would love for the UDFA would help change that so they would not need to do that in 2022 draft.
  5. In one of his video he hit a 71 yard field goal but that without no game time pressure.
  6. It been a good while since we had good wide receiver tandem. Marshall and Decker. Keyshon and Wayne Chrebet. Chrebet was always came up clutch. With the current wide receivers we got not the potential is there. Plus Kenny Yeboah could push Herndon for the starting spot.
  7. Could we get a compensatory pick for Crowder if we let him go in free agency after the season?
  8. I hope Seattle suck and not win more than 5 games giving us a Top 5 pick which we can flip for multiple future 1stt round picks with the gift that keep giving
  9. I agree about the emergency putting, he can also do kickoff. On one of his kick in the video that he posted was 60 yard down in the middle with enough room to clear the upright.
  10. We finally got a kicker just hope he can do it when it counts. Chris Naggar @chrisnaggar
  11. They need to sign K Jose Borregales. The kickers issue they had cost them some games the past few years
  12. Should the Jets take a kicker with their final pick? The past 2 season the kicker have not been that good and including injuries.
  13. I think they Jets should take Kyle Pitts the the 2nd overall and if they can't get a king ransom for the 2nd overall pick. Kyle Pitts would help reduce the percentage of 3 and outs, after the 1st drive to start a game. With the 23rd pick the best offensive lineman Landon Dickerson, Alijah Vera-Tucker, or Rashawn Slater.
  14. I should have explained myself better. Zach Wilson was not that good in 2019. I think 2020 was a fluke, because lack of competition with players opted out. Sam never got fair shot, with 2 different head coach, 3 different offensive systems. Since 2008, what percentage of Quarterbacks that were drafted in top 10, are still with the in the NFL and with the team that drafted them? Excluding Quarterbacks that are still on their rookie deal.
  15. The Zach Wilson hype reminded me of Johnny Manziel hype. Anyone remember what they said after Johnny Manziel Pro Day? Beside Trevor Lawrence, Sam Darnold is better than the rest of Quarterbacks this year draft. Sam Darnold went through two Head coach, three offensive coordinators, not much of supporting cast at wide receivers that are always hurt, Sam Darnold offensive could hardly protect him, he always running for his life. He should get a fair shot a good supporting cast at Wide Receivers, a Tide End that do not have butterfingers, and Offensive lines that protect him. I still remember the
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