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  1. static14

    Jets officially request interviews

    I think by Monday we’ll have our man. Or maybe Tuesday with the holiday and all.
  2. static14

    OTA Thread

    Anyone else really dig hearing Sam say the word aggressive a number of times when it comes to describing our offense?
  3. The universe was looking out for us. Cousins is Minnesota’s problem.
  4. Poor kid. Shriveled tendons, shrunken beans, and anger issues is no way to go through life.
  5. Do roids make your tendons shrivel up?
  6. static14

    Why I’m not sold on Joe Douglas

    Would Daniel Jones be a better choice?
  7. static14

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    It’s funny when you google Marvez the first result is him saying Dan Quinn will be the Jets coach in 2015. #reliable
  8. static14

    So Who is Our Backup Center?

    I know people be salty but Harrison is here and we have Toth as well, and also we have a ton of time between now and final rosters. Take a breath.
  9. static14

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Isn’t he busy hocking $hitty pizza?
  10. Westhoff was a good special teams coach, but it’s called a dunce cap, not a dunce hat. He can jog on.
  11. Is there a way to stop this guy from starting threads?
  12. Right now it’s the in thing to dig into the Jets. It gets em the clicks and the likes. Pauline is a jabroni. The Jets just made two moves everyone has been screaming for. Firing Mac and shipping Lee off, and some how doing both those things is now the worst, and most “circusy” thing that could have happened. It’s silly.
  13. Very excited, yes. Bring on the season!

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