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  1. The cap is going to have a lot more to do with the eventual trade partner than anything else.
  2. You have to think Miami can’t be 100% ready to move on from Tua. Not with such a small sample size.
  3. I’m glad the staff is being put together without a lot of foot dragging.
  4. They failed to mention that he’s a snappy dresser.
  5. I was thinking he might be ready to be a QB coach. Head coach?
  6. If Watson stays in Houston he’s going back to a team that will be worse in 2021 than they were in 2020. They’re going to have to cut good players just to have enough money to pay the kids they draft. 18 million over the cap is a horrible place to be. So aside from his issues with the GM and owner he knows the team is headed in the wrong direction. It’s gonna keep the fire lit under him to get the hell out of town.
  7. “I’m rich as f@%k” - the former coach with restless eye syndrome.
  8. You’d figure if he was retained that would have been announced by now though.
  9. Waiting for the poll now about whether Watson is eating too much roughage.
  10. Hoping someone inept gets fired isn’t the same as rooting for their failure.

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