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  1. I have a feeling Mosely will be a go for Sunday.
  2. This is not an excuse for Gase and Douglas, but literally what you’re seeing is what Mac built. His mess was not gonna get cleaned up in one partial off season post draft. also we have a guy who doesn’t belong on an nfl team playing QB.
  3. Edoga had a really rough first game. Hopefully he improves a lot with another week of practice with the #1’s. Also Kalil needs to sit. Give Harrison a whirl.
  4. Falk has zero pocket awareness and holds the ball at least 3x longer than any sane person would.
  5. I actually feel bad for Falk. He’s being asked to do something he can’t, Play QB in an NFL game.
  6. This is for all the folks who get their financial hot takes from the NY Post.
  7. Beningo also believes that people who breathe through their noses are elitists.
  8. Let the guy use the bathroom. Wtf. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

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