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  1. I do think if Douglas really beefs up the OL it’d be silly to get rid of Bell.
  2. it would be a good move. Especially since there are all ready games played on Saturdays anyway.
  3. He can teach Sam how to breathe out of his mouth.
  4. He’s a free agent. Why would he leave his belongings with a team he’s not technically a part of? that said, I hope this is the end in NE.
  5. Woody had a strict policy about not cutting the sleeves off of shirts.
  6. And the ball was all ready out too, so it’s not like he could have even effected the play.
  7. If he gets a GM job we won’t have to listen to him “call games” anymore so I say best of luck.
  8. Bailed us out? That was pass interference.
  9. He’s too busy shooting supplemental health care commercials.

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