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  1. He must, he must... he must decrease his bust!
  2. This was bound to happen as I just picked him up off waivers in my fantasy league yesterday. Sorry everyone!
  3. That "rumbling" was probably just his stomach filled with diet coke and various sauces.
  4. static14


    Ask women he talked with online too.
  5. Say what you will about Saleh, but at the very least he isn't huffing paint on the sidelines like Gase did.
  6. I hope he took note of how mean The Ravens were to them on Sunday.
  7. We can only hope Flacco sees the light and retires mid week.
  8. He was frighteningly slow to make decisions. Held the ball for an eternity, and can't move to save his life. To say he's old and washed up is a severe understatement. He should not see the field again if The Jets want to win any of the next few games.
  9. I feel like I've been here for decades. Does that count?
  10. Glad we're not perennial losers like those guys!
  11. With the OL injuries the key is going to be getting Hall involved in the short passing game early and often.
  12. Hopefully Mitchell is ready to step up.
  13. I could see Hall being used quite a lot in the short passing game on Sunday.
  14. Whatever they wear I hope they look nice.
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