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  1. To me, this is all a no brainer. Jets have needed desperately a QB and edge rushers since i was in diapers and now they have a chance to get both in consecutive drafts. Don't overthink this Mac, take Josh Allen and call it a day.
  2. MAN!!! Feels like forever since I had a competitive game to watch. The Jets and Rangers have been awful last couple of years. LGM baby!! Robinson Cano, a dontcha know!
  3. We got the teamwork to made the dream work, Lets' go...Let;s Go Mets!!
  4. No more double hair flips I guess...
  5. Could not have gotten the Giants at a better time, too!
  6. I guess Gase likes having a TE that commits a plethora holding and false start penalties,,,SMH
  7. Mine too! Rex's teams came close but they were never as good as the 1998 team.
  8. They were so locked in that season, after the blowout loss in St Louis. They just steamrolled everyone in 1998. We were up 10-0 in the 3rd quarter on defending champs and then, well, the Same Ol' Jets took over and the team imploded. Such a painful painful loss.
  9. We would have definitely crushed ATL in the SB. We beat them 28-3 i believe during that regular season. Talk about adding salt to a gaping wound!!
  10. It was a very polarizing trade but Cano's presence will do wonders for this line up as well!
  11. I tend to always be excited on the eve of a new season for one of my teams. And then the season starts, it's the same ol' same ol' and I turn into a neurotic nut case. Which Mets team will we see? The one who started out last season 11-1 or the one who couldn't hit sand if they fell off a beach chair?
  12. IMO Chris Herndon will definitely be an important part of the offense moving forward...
  13. No question, the 1969 and 1986 Mets won with great pitching, stout defense and timely hitting. This year's squad would have to follow that template.
  14. Hahahaha-we have no choice. We bleed green and white. After the Giants beat the Pats for the 2nd time in the SB, many of my Giant fan friends insisted I switch allegiances. As you would agree, exchanging the green and white for blue and red isn't even a thought on any of ours minds.
  15. If there was ever a time to unseat the Patsies, it's now! Sam, Jamal, C.J. Quincy, and either Allen or Williams will give us a core to be reckoned with. Gotta be excited about Gang Green this year. Gase still worries me but he is the coach and I have to accept it. I also believe in the Rangers rebuild, that is long overdue. I think they will get good sooner rather than later. As for the Mets, well, they could either win the World Series this year or lose 100 games. They are too erratic and unpredictable, but hope always springs eternal.
  16. The self deprecating humor of the Jet fan is something to behold
  17. I can't reveal my list but I will say that the playoff game against Cleveland in 1987 is on my honorable mention list and not my top five. Most that have read the book have said I was crazy but I explain my reasoning in the Jets chapter lol
  18. I don't drink during games. I figure alcohol mixed with aggravation is a toxic cocktail. plus I enjoy being married hahahaha
  19. Hahahah I am always optimistic in the off season then once the season starts and it's the same ol' nonsense I want half the team traded and the all the coaches fired lol
  20. Certainly seems like we get the Giants this season at the right time. We are on the upswing and right now, they are getting criticism normally reserved for our beloved Jets. I know divisional games are more important, but still, it's always good to be able to beat them when we play them.
  21. The Jets, like most other perennially struggling teams have cultural, systemic issues that can't be cured easily. My hope is "Dawgs" like Jamal Adams, CJ Mosley etc etc can rid the franchise of the stench that was Todd Bowles and his lethargy.
  22. Hahaha, misery loves company. I felt compelled to write a book about my decades of suffering following my teams. I listed the top five worst losses for each of them. I needed to vent on a massive level and not just on a cool forum like this. I was a bit surprised how many other Jets fans disagreed with my list of heart-breakers. In all fairness though, we have way too many to choose from
  23. For Hackenberg alone, Mac should have been let go.
  24. My honest opinion was that he should have been shown the door along with Bowles. But, he is here and having a good off season thus far. So, I have no choice but to accept it and hope for the best
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