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  1. 1975 was the year I was born and yes I have my father to blame for being a Jets fan. I also blame him for being a Mets fan. Hahaha.
  2. Hahahaha-I haven't' been this excited in an off-season since Rex's introductory press conference
  3. Assuming Trumaine Johnson decides to play hard this season, it seems to me the only major thing our D is missing is a bonafide edge rusher. If Josh Allen is there at three, I think Mac has to take him.
  4. All sports is cyclical. Eventually, even the most downtrodden organization gets it right!

  5. Hahahaha I am a Jets, Mets and Rangers fan dude. I've encountered enough misery to last five lifetimes. lol
  6. Then this place is right up my ally. I am always positive and optimistic during the off-season. Then the regular season starts and I want the entire coaching staff fired and half the team traded or cut. However, eventually every team figures it out and finally builds a winner. Have the Jets found the right formula? It is bound to happen at some point...
  7. Hahaha I could but not successfully...
  8. Hahahaha I like this forum already, and thanks for the well-wishes everyone. As a 40 year Jets fan, I am conditioned for misery and heartbreak. But. hey, if the Chicago Cubs can win then any team can win!!
  9. Hello All-found this forum on Twitter and had to join. Bursting at the seems for the upcoming season. So excited that our football team is trending in the right direction.
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