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  1. we still need a true number one receiver. anderson, enunwa whos always injured wont cut it and crowders is just a slot guy. we need a true #1 big threat
  2. Of course....and i was talking sh*t to my brother whos a niner fan about bosa getting hurt.....utterly ridiculous
  3. Mike Francesa is an ego maniac........he really thinks hes a god of some sort. It dont take much to talk about sports for 3 hours mike....a monkey can do it. He's a pompous ass.
  4. Oh boy. SOURCE: The #Cowboys will be taking G Connor McGovern out of Penn State after this #Colts pick. Big #Jets target is off the board.
  5. Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa, D.K. Metcalf and Jamison Crowder plus Herndon and Leveon Bell would be a nice stable of weapons for Sam
  6. im hoping for metcalf to fall to us....which teams ahead of us need a reciever?
  7. I knew this schmuck wouldnt be able to get in to the 2nd round
  8. He wouldn't cost a lot and could be a low risk high reward type situation......why not.

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