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  1. Bummed this went south so quick and very meh on overall comp. Makes me think OBJ may happen and NYJ preparing to offboard a 2 in AR trade and still want one left behind likely to target center in 2nd round. #13 Broderick Jones #42 John Michael Scmidtz
  2. #Jets just got a faster and better version of Braxton Berrios for Braxton Berrios money. There’s not a lot to be confused about.
  3. This is purely about replacing berrios. Hardman is one of, if not the fastest player in the NFL....elijah moore is not getting traded
  4. feel like 3 million is something Jets could have done
  5. The Jets could have cut/traded Mann, Bryce Hall and Ashtyn Davis for the exact money that CGJ just got. This is a botched move by Douglas.....1 year 8 million?
  6. what if rodgers retires? then says im coming back like tom brady has done twice....Jets get rodgers and give up nothing
  7. LT Broderick Jones Draft C McGovern, Ryan Kelly trade, Corey Linsley possible cut BQB Zach wilson DT Calais Campbell
  8. Adam Thielen was cut by Minnesota, doesn't that mean we could sign him for the Vet minimum? I'd rather have him than OBJ
  9. Just get the defense to support rodgers and the offense
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