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  1. Former 49ers’ DE Kerry Hyder is signing a three-year, $16.5 million deal with upside to $17.5 million with the Seattle Seahawks, per his rep @ErikBurkhardt.
  2. Douglas's goal is to put together a team that will pick 2nd in the draft again next year
  3. this team will be picking 2nd in the draft again next year
  4. 1 year 8 million for JuJu and 1 year 5.5 for keelan cole......douglas maybe legally retarded
  5. Douglas is a complete idiot if he doesn't jump all over him
  6. another offseason for douglas signing no named garbage pail kids
  7. We're gonna draft Zack Wilson and this organization will destroy another QB with no offensive line and no weapons....rinse and repeat
  8. Jets aren't even mentioned in any rumors....all that cap space im sorry douglas has got to go enough already
  9. Joe Douglas has to actually wake up from his slumber and call
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