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  1. malone had his back to darnold wasnt even turning around
  2. Someone get Laverneus Coles on the phone. The Jets' receiver injury bug has infected Berrios, who caught a touchdown on eight targets last week against the Niners. If Berrios is inactive this week, Chris Hogan could stumble into considerable volume. We're not sure if that matters or not. Jets wideouts should be avoided outside of 20-team fantasy leagues.
  3. I'm not sure how many years are left on his contract (3 years I think)......Could douglas get a nice return?
  4. 3rd and 9 and again with the quick screen play calls this coach is a moron
  5. I dont know what you people thought this team was gonna be....this was an obvious throw away year by douglas
  6. Joe Douglas was not trying to win this year, hes playing for the draft picks

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