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  1. So is the defense gonna apologize for letting the team down today?
  2. As of now the SNF game week 11 is bengals vs steelers, which nobody wants to watch, so other than cowboys vikings theres no other good games to be flexed lets get the Jets in primetime
  3. After the Denver game, Saleh said he could have gone back in the game but was just being cautious so why a week later can he not play?
  4. Jets defense will feast on bailey crappe
  5. Bears taking to the Pats so the Jets taking belichek on doesnt worry me so much now
  6. I honestly thought Joe Douglas would give up on the season and go with practice squad garbage, I guess I was wrong and he made a great trade getting Robinson
  7. Hall and AVT gone for the year.....Jets will now pile up the losses and maybe win 2 more game the rest of the season
  8. we're gonna lose this game, you can just feel it
  9. That's a lot for an RB that's always injured
  10. trade him to carolina for DJ......Moore for Moore
  11. Jets never seem to play well in Denver......this is gonna be a low scoring defensive game where zach throws for less than 150 yards
  12. can refs and the DPI calls get miami back in this game?
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