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  1. he also very clearly not healthy.......you could see in the 1st quarter he was moving gimpy. He said himself that his knee is still unstable. The play where he was almost sacked in the end zone he could barely roll out and get away
  2. please stop with the bryce hall is a stud nonsense greebean
  3. another jet no named scrub in the secondary gives up a score
  4. While wilson was out though the o-line looke competent, now wilson is back and hes getting crushed already
  5. does this line not wanna block for wilson? the other qbs they protect but not him
  6. Texans going right down the field.....keep deferring Saleh
  7. Tennessee. Atlanta. Cincinnati. Three times the #Jets defense needed to get a stop. All three times they allowed offense to go down field and score a touchdown. Can’t blame offense today. Defense needs to find killer instinct. That was bad.
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