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  1. Gase is a retarded neanderthal who gets the worst of his talent.
  2. His feel for the game and his instincts = Retarded Neanderthal
  3. Gase has the instincts and feel for the game of a retarded neanderthal.
  4. I hope the Bills score a TD so it better reflects how lop sided this affair has been. The Jets offense has been beyond anemic. Take away the Crowder TD and the Jets have a stone age offensive output.
  5. The Jets offense has consisted of one busted Bills defense play Crowder long TD. And that's it. A busted play is the entire Jets offense.
  6. Everyone hates on him but I skimmed a Seattle Times article - he was just so sick of losing with the Jets. Good for him getting himself out of this hell hole. Any great player who's a winner would've considered the approach he took.
  7. With two turnovers from the D, the Jets should have more than 10 in an offensive league.
  8. In an offense-friendly league, on opening day, with two full off seasons: Gase has put up 3 points. With two turnovers. Webster Merriam's definition of "charlatan": Adam Gase Their definition of a chump: Christopher/Woody Johnson

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