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  1. Why is it not long after we traded Keyshawn and Revis they were soon part of championship teams? (Makes no difference Revis was in NE - another championship team, cheaters yes, scooped him up). Because championship teams recognize special players who teams must account for. Adams is a difference maker. He influences the offense when he’s at the LOS. Make him the highest-paid safety in NFL history and don’t look back. It’s a bad precedent to tear up his deal after year 3; but every player and every deal is different. Adams is the AAPL of safeties - you don’t let go of such an asset, you pay the premium and watch your investment grow. And then for a little while it becomes a bargain. Also: sure safety isn’t the most valuable position on D, but it has become a premium position in the flag-football modern NFL. ‘19 Honey Badger with his big contract in KC and they win it all; Earl Thomas in Baltimore they get the No. 1 seed. Thomas & Chancellor LOB Seattle. Denver’s ‘15 safeties. Safety position has always been strong at the Cheating Pats. And so on.
  2. Coming from someone who would know in Von Miller ... this provides a succinct synopsis of today's NFL. If you want to compete for a title, your offense must roll outta bed able to drop 30+ points on any opponent. I liked the Jets offseason, but it seems pretty clear we don't have the offensive firepower of a Kansas City. To compete with a team like that, seems the Jets would have to win TOP decisively while scoring at least 25ish points. Even then that probably won't be enough points. https://sports.yahoo.com/von-miller-stopping-patrick-mahomes-105246264.html
  3. Onwards, Samuel! Pretty funny there’s all of one highlight from the New England MNF game. Definitely not all his fault, that was putrescence across the board offensively. Perhaps most of all with Gase getting his OC clock cleaned by Belichick.
  4. Lol, definitely. Because globally soccer dwarfs all other sports by any metric such as fan viewership and economics. Even here America is waking up to the beautiful game, as it’s essentially surpassed the NHL in popularity and still growing rapidly.
  5. Amen! Any legit organization welcomes challenge.
  6. He,seemed con manish to me at least once last season. If he truly is, I think he’s the kind of con who doesn’t do it intentionally. Just somehow wriggles his way thru taking the blame. The frustration with Gase, for me, is I think he’s got the skills to be a good OC. But it hasn’t translated consistently on Sundays. He’ll have a couple good weeks then an absolute head-scratching embarrassment like New England and Cincy. He’s also a funny dude when you hear some of his interviews. Hopefully he puts it to together this season. Won’t be surprised if he does or doesn’t, he’s in prove-it more.
  7. Overall yes, the Jets have an inglorious past. But the first ten years under the Johnson ownership were actually fairly good. Playoffs most years, 2 AFC Championship appearances, only a few losing seasons. Whereas the past ten years have been god awful.
  8. From your lips to the football Gods’ ears!
  9. Is that Johnny Bravo next to Darnold? Also Sam's gotta work on his California surfer Spicoli-esque smile and demeanor.
  10. Appears Jets goal is to have the slowest RB corps in the NFL 🙂. Unsure how this fits with JD's emphasis on adding "explosive" skill players to the offense. However, lack of speed at RB isn't the end of the world. And JD did add major speed at WR with Perriman and Mims. If they & other receivers stretch the field while the o-line opens holes ... hopefully that = our powerful backs Bell, Perine and Gore getting to the second level. Can still make hay with a downhill rushing attack as Titans, Ravens and Niners demonstrated last year.
  11. Quite true. I attended 3-4 Jets games from 2000-2002. A huge portion of Oakland fans are literally outta-control predator animals, including a number of current/former gangbangers. Barely made it out alive twice through no fault of my own other than wearing a Jets jersey. Last time I went I wore Jets gear underneath a shirt initially as I wanted to enjoy the game rather than fend for my life.
  12. No I’m not. I’m cautiously happy with the Becton and Mims picks. And Zuniga. The bottom line is the Jets offense and pass rush aren’t scaring anyone. The NFL requires both of those units to be feared. I want JD to create it. He’s taken some steps but I have my concerns.

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