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  1. Gase is a retarded neanderthal who gets the worst of his talent.
  2. His feel for the game and his instincts = Retarded Neanderthal
  3. Gase has the instincts and feel for the game of a retarded neanderthal.
  4. I hope the Bills score a TD so it better reflects how lop sided this affair has been. The Jets offense has been beyond anemic. Take away the Crowder TD and the Jets have a stone age offensive output.
  5. The Jets offense has consisted of one busted Bills defense play Crowder long TD. And that's it. A busted play is the entire Jets offense.
  6. Everyone hates on him but I skimmed a Seattle Times article - he was just so sick of losing with the Jets. Good for him getting himself out of this hell hole. Any great player who's a winner would've considered the approach he took.
  7. With two turnovers from the D, the Jets should have more than 10 in an offensive league.
  8. Crowder was one of Macc's good signings. A truly great slot receiver.
  9. In an offense-friendly league, on opening day, with two full off seasons: Gase has put up 3 points. With two turnovers. Webster Merriam's definition of "charlatan": Adam Gase Their definition of a chump: Christopher/Woody Johnson
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