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  1. Jets offense - essentially the worst in the NFL this season. In what is an offensive friendly league, with all kinds of gaudy numbers being put up this year and recent years.

    Yes with a tattered o-line it was near impossible to put up big numbers. But man, the Jets offense was simply awful:



  2. Does anyone else feel this? (Not the died in the wool anti Gasers - rather the 'give Gase time' lot):

    Gase seems too satisfied to collect a paycheck. And we all know what that means.

    I've never ever felt Gase would, virtually, sell everything he holds dear to win. If that's accurate - he should be gone now.


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  3. 18 hours ago, southtown24th said:






    6th win in the second to last week of the season, stop the presses! Only several games off the Wild Card pace, Lombardi glory here we come!

    That out of the way yes, the anti Gase/Johnson brothers negativity can get annoying and tiresome, guilty as charged (I’ve never been Darnold negative, I’ve always been a fan). Then again so do excuses and being an also ran for almost a decade. 

    But yesterday was a solid win, no doubt. That was a very good defense the Jets offense did enough to overcome. The Jets defense was even better producing several turnovers and smashing Rudolph out of the game, kudos to that unit. And specials were also good. 

    Enjoyable putting Pittsburgh’s playoff hopes on life support. 

  4. I badly want the Jets to win tmrw to sink Pittsburgh’s playoff hopes ...

    If they don’t it will be due to some ugly, embarrassing optics:

    Darnold & Gase’s Jets offense manhandled by a good Steelers pass rush & defense. And obviously all in a sea of Terrible Towels. 

  5. This season’s schedule was a good one to feast on. See: what Buffalo did. That could’ve been us, if we had multiple different circumstances than how it turned out.

    We could be completely healthy next year and struggle to make the playoffs. Not being negative just realistic with that schedule. 

    But hope springs eternal, let’s give it a go 10 months from now. I for one can use the time off to recharge the batteries. Then come in next season extra chastened with this current HC and see what happens. 

  6. “This ship is England” (great line from top 5 film ever Master & Commander, spoken by the captain when England were under threat of Napoleonic invasion and that ship was fighting France 5k miles away)

    This Jets ship is Sunday - this is our Super Bowl. The Jets have a chance to deal a death blow to a team that killed our ‘04 and ‘10 playoffs, the latter preventing us from the super bowl. ‘04 f—king Doug Brien, choke a pautumas.

    No referendums, no past, no present, only deal your enemy a lethal blow to their season.

    ”I’m about to put my spoiler cap on. If I’m going down, I’m taking someone with me.” - Marcus Coleman, 1999  



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  7. Much here seems logical. Jets definitely don’t want to be another version of the Browns sticking with Hue Jackson. Tho overall we’ve pretty much become Browns east aka a NFL laughingstock these last 7 years or so. As Vaccaro said in today’s post, time flies when you stink.  

    Save us Joe Douglas with a bang up offseason most of all at the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting!


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  8. 'Crappy o-line and injury decimated' - if each Jets fans including myself who read, posted, thought or saw that got paid a nickel - that'd be a lot of nickels. And despite nickels and pennies often getting short shrift - they go a long way in good ol' SE Asia.

    The Gase-led Jets have no doubt dealt with some adversity mainly the injury bug.

    But here's the part I don't get: do you make excuses in your line of work? And if so and it worked - call me, I've always wanted a side government gig. But no seriously: you show up late more than a few times to work - you're gone. You do something else fireable - you're gone.

    What is the obsession with parsing and excuses for Gase's performance? He's certainly done some good things, but he's also done some very bad things.

    Do you think they accept excuses in New Orleans, New England, Baltimore ... Baltimore - even in some transitional years they were in WC contention.

    I just don't get it. In the free-agency, salary cap era it's a fact that competent regimes begin turning things around almost immediately. No one was expecting the Jets to do much this year beyond perhaps competing for a WC, including me. But I hoped for better than a 35-7 scoreline late Thursday night; 33-0 MNF v NE; Philly & Cleveland demolitions, losing to two winless teams, and so on.

    I mean, this Jets team was flat out non competitive in at least 3 games this season. Like the offense didn't even want to compete. What's the excuse for that?

    Bad o-line, injury decimated - show me excuses and I'll show you a loser.

    Still and all: as a sometimes rational person when it comes to the Jets, I'll give Gase thru week 5 next season. No doubt another big injury will occur, and if it hadn't, if only, if - if only an excuse could be pointed to.

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  9. What would their record be?

    Does Darnold at 100% help get the Jets over the hump week 1? Do they win in Miami, Jacksonville and Cincy? If so would 8-6 right now work for you? Keeping in mind the Jets have had one of the easier schedules in the league.

    I'm thinking 7-7ish, perhaps 8-6. 

  10. 1) You make some valid points, a few questionable points.

    2) Personally, I never called for Gase's firing. I just pointed out alarming offensive red flags beginning with that week 1 offensive fiasco - 8 total offensive points, off 4 first half turnovers: a historically low scoring output. Then the NE MNF disaster, Miami game 1, Bengals, other games and moments. The fact is despite a 3-week mini renaissance the Jets offense is at or near the bottom of every offensive category.

    3) By definition, the HC is 100% responsible for his players' performances. The buck stops with him. Player miscues like missed FGs, dropped passes, untimely penalties, etc are ultimately his responsibility. Be they starters, back ups, 3rd stringers or 4th stringers. Solid HCs and programs weed out mistakes and mistake-prone players. 

    4) There are no excuses. A good program is expected to perform in spite of injuries and adversity. For example: the Steelers are 8-5 with a back-up, 3rd stringer, 4th stringer QBs (for the record it seems Gase chose Falk over other options - that worked out well). Yes their roster is better than the Jets, but they also lost their No. 1 WR and No. 1 RB.

    5) People tend to forget one major reason Gase has been roasted: it's not like he walked in with a recent sparkling track record as HC/OC. His time as HC and his offense's results in Miami raised many eyebrows, as did the Jets hiring him. 

    6) Parcells said football is about the most cut & dry business there is; and famously that you are what your record says you are. It's a slippery slope when one starts parsing a team's performance, semi explaining things away. The Jets got waxed last night on national TV, as they did vs. the Pats and Browns. Any impartial observer would come away with the obvious: the Jets are awful. If we say that's 90% due to Macc's roster - how much has Gase squeezed out of the roster? Did he get snake bit with the injury bug thus deserving a pass (there are no passes)? Why did his Miami teams also face rashes of injuries?

    7) All this said you're right: let's see how the Jets fare after JD & Gase put their stamp on the team. That's the only way to give a fair assessment. But beginning next season, play time is over. If the Jets aren't competitive every week, and Peyton's offensive guru's Jets offense doesn't produce at a consistently higher level, well ... 

  11. 17 hours ago, SAR I said:

    Jesus Christ, the level of SOJF stupidity just continues to astound.

    SAR I

    So when the OP refers to the Jets pathetic results the past decaded under the Johnsons' stewardship, he's a SOJF?

    And this as they've increasingly put their stamp on the team: firing Tannenbaum & Rex, utilizing suspect outside advisors in headhunters & Casserly to brilliantly deliver us Idzik, Bowles & Maccagnan. And more recently Chris making the questionable decision to hire Gase.

    The fact is since Parcells' residue faded and the Johnsons re-made the Jets in their own image, the results have been awful.

    If anyone is a SOJF, it's you: a Jets fan placing faith in folks like the Johnsons and Gase who's results have been underwhelming. Which is what the Jets and SOJF fans like you have done for decades: have hope based on faith instead of actual results. On the contrary, us non SOJF like to focus on results.

    Chris hopefully got it right with Douglas - ya know, someone who actually has had good results.


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  12. Is it me or is it every time Gase faces a strong pass rush/defense - he has no answer?

    It's like Gase runs his favorite plays even if he's facing a good pass rush and/or heavy blitzing; and so folks like Belichick & others have determined all you need do is pressure the pocket and Gase's offense crumbles. I assume I'm over-generalizing, but this does seem like the case more often than not. In short: perhaps Gase can't defeat strong defenses. If that's so and Gase can't adapt, the Jets have no chance of winning a Super Bowl under his tenure.

    What sucks is if this happens, likely 1-2 more seasons will go by with Chris Johnson standing by him, as he said Gase "has the trust of his players, Darnold, Joe Douglas, myself ... he's a good man and a good coach."

    Hope I'm wrong, but fear I'm right.

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