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  1. going in to Baltimore - who's going to that game with me? That game will be our Super Bowl for this season. If we win and then win the final game - maybe we sneak in as a 6th seed. Don't know the scenarios. First: Jets must come out with their hair on fire v Cincy. That's a name of the game.
  2. Any true fighter of truth would never want back in on his enemy’s terms. He had a valid topic of discussion- but no one wants a prima Donna. And that’s who Kap is I’ve realized. He thinks the world revolves around him. But i still honor his actions. For 400 + yesterday. Blacks in America got officially and legally ****ed until mid 60s and then the 70:s. They’re still getting ****ed and always will.
  3. I think it was Ray Lucas who recently said he had a “first round grade” but his injuries obviously dropped him. Granted Lucas is biased as a fellow Rutgers alum - but if that’s the case and he’s back to full health - could be a draft steal.
  4. - Joe Douglas. As he said recently. That’s very high praise for me. As I see Joe Douglas as the epitome of the football warrior mentality: gritty former college o-lineman, worked his way up the ranks in Baltimore, Philly and elsewhere prior, earned commendation throughout as a grinding, capable hard worker - ultimately becoming a highly respected NFL personnel man. My first impression of JD was he’s the real deal - and most everything since has supported that including things he says. Tho this upcoming off-season will be the first real test So yeah, I took note when JD bestowed “warrior mentality” on Sam. And to me that’s what’s excited me most about Darnold since I began learning about him: he’s also the real deal. Hungry. Hungry to compete, hungry to win. You can’t teach that. Also: I remember during the draft Darnold’s father said something like that - “this kid is only 20 years old, but he’s just solid.” Perhaps even higher praise, from what I’ve gathered comes from the hard working, solid father of a hard-working, solid wife and family in turn including Sam and his sister. Darnold may not be the most physically gifted QB ever and obviously he must start NOW getting rid of the ball or if necessary take sacks rather commit reckless INTs and forced fumbles ... but his competitive personality and intangibles are special. Here’s hoping the Jets provide this young man the support necessary across the board, so he can realize his full Jets & NFL potential.
  5. Looking at things objectively, I think it's unfair to definitively judge Gase: I've mostly been down on him, without calling for his firing. Too premature for that, too premature for any final judgment. I still sense he's bit of a con man. In that he seems to possess impressive football IQ - yet too often it hasn't translated on game day. Be it here or his time in Miami. Seems he becomes needlessly conservative and predictable. Too many wasted run plays and dump offs gaining 1-2 yards. Constantly putting offense in 2nd and 3rd longs - the opposite of what good offenses do. Jets are currently NFL's dead last in offensive yards per play. Also I don't get the feeling he's a galvanizing leader of men. One troubling anecdote: Darnold said before games Gase dispassionately lays things out to the team; and then steps aside allowing Joe Vitt to conduct the fiery pregame talk geeking up the charges. Darnold said he found the dynamic funny; I do too but I also find it troubling. Gase just doesn't come off as that inspiring leader of men type general. But again, too early for any final negative or positive judgment. As it must be pointed out: if the Jets had a kicker week 1, they'd almost certainly be 3-3 with Darnold at the helm. And for most of that run with a sieve o-line. If the line was just somewhat more serviceable, perhaps the Jets knock off Miami & Jacksonville. I know that's not saying much, but that'd put the Jets at 4-2 or 5-1 with Darnold starting. I know if, if, if. But when an o-line is as porous, decimated and unsettled as the Jets line has been basically all of Darnold's starts except Buffalo - it's almost impossible to function (all the moreso with a 3rd-string QB running the show). And that's certainly not Gase, Douglas nor Darnold's fault. That's all Maccagnan and Idzik's fault. Perhaps not adequately addressing the o-line was a major conflict Gase had with Maccagnan? Also: Kyle Shanahan is in his third year helming the 49ers. He's compiled an 18-23 record. With Garropolo starting Shanahan is something like 16-4. Without him, well, you can do the math. Let's see what Gase's final 2019 record is when Darnold started. But ... if it's too soon for a negative final assessment of Gase, it's certainly too early for any comprehensive positive appraisal. And anyone in here or anywhere saying folks have overreacted to numerous alarming Jets moments this season - that's just not being truthful. Regardless of the QB and o-line situations, there have been a slew of shocking occurrences this season. 8 points at home week 1 even with four first half defensive turnovers to work with (yes should've been 10 points, then again a 45-yard FG is no gimme; and again 10 points with 4 first half turnovers?!), 33-0 MNF Pats massacre, losing to Miami, lots of penalties including untimely killer penalties, and more. One thing that is certain: he's been a polarizing figure since basically Day 1.
  6. Good points. Additionally, Sam has missed him (with assistance from pass-rush pressure due to Jets sieve o-line) on at least 4-5 bombs that would put Robbie's yardage closer to 550 with another 2-3 TDs. On those plays he was wide open but the ball didn't find him.
  7. If SAR wins the day, he deserves a victory parade. His steadfastness was my preseason dream - and was why I acquiesced to the plying Jets tix office coaxing me back in. I jumped in with 2 feet and then their ticket re-selling system failed me preseason when demand was high and I offed them - blocked the installment payments. You interfere with business and you put a poopy product on the field - you're dead to me. But this SAR - if Gase wins the day in the end, SAR without a doubt deserves massive Jets encomiums. His willpower is unlike anything I've ever seen on Jets message boards. I'll say this: Gase made me happy first half. And Sammy lad seems to like him. And IF if if the Jets can right this personnel ship aka offensive line or bust - and I see results week 1 '19 - maybe. Maybe this Darnold-Douglas-Gase triurmvirate can. Maybe.
  8. Great game thread post, Maxman. Got my competitive juices flowing a bit. Gase, I tip my cap to him so far and happy to eat crow: good play calling/design, creative. Darnold, a few dangerous throws but looking good. Maybe having Beachum back has been a big boost to the o-line and its cohesiveness. Including Edoga goes back to RT. Of course this all against a bad Giants defense. Yet the offense is doing what a good offense should do against an inferior defense. So job well done.
  9. - Francesa, in giving an overview of how god-awful the two NY football teams have been past 5-7 years. Gist was he said NFL is set up so teams can fairly easy by 7-9, 9-7, 8-8. That it's hard to be really good but when you're annuallt as bad as the Jets & Giants have been - you're literally "inept, you stink." No big news there, but thought I'd share.
  10. Gase is among the best con men I've ever seen. He is a highly-evolved con man. I should know, I'm among the biggest cons I've ever come across in business and otherwise. The Johnson twins are so infantile in dealing with con men - they can never see it from 1k miles away. In the spirit of The Sting perhaps the best film ever: I tip my hat to a brilliant con man, Adam Gase.
  11. BroadwayRay yesterday made a very insightful, thoughtful post reflecting on 40+ years of being a Jets fan: the numerous cycles of new-regime hope, eventually sucking again, then wanting to suck for a high draft pick/fire current regime to hire a new one. And on and on the cycle goes. And how that's an unhealthy, kinda sick existence as a fan. He likened being a Jets fan to a disease. That post, the Jets' truly pathetic current plight made me realize ... I almost forget what it's like being competitive & relevant on a weekly basis, much less an annual and consistently winning basis. We've gotten so stuck in this Woody-Christopher Johnson created mire of Idzik-Maccagnan-Bowles-Gase ... it's just man, makes you long for the days of Parcells-Herm-Mangini-early Rex. And as we know there were some clunker years in there too, by what proved to be clunker HCs & GM. But at least it usually only lasted one season. But therein lay a truth many have pointed out: ever since Parcells' imprint on this organization began fading, and the inept Johnson brothers increasingly put their stamp on it: it's gotten continually worse. Even Rex's early teams bore some of Parcells' imprint - as he recommended Bradway and was instrumental advancing Tannenbaum's career; both GMs' players populated Rex's early teams. I guess you could say Tanny ended up a failure and thus Parcells wasn't infallible, as we know. But to me Bradway's relatively short tenure was as much an incomplete as anything. And that was a decent stretch and Parcells recommended him. Even then, many of the best players on Bradway's teams were hand-picked by Parcells. It's just, with Parcells' teams and players you at least knew what you were going to get: smart, competitive football basically every game and by the end of the season in the playoff hunt or in the playoffs. But these past 6 years or so it's been the opposite. Never knowing what you're getting any given week, often getting crap, only once sniffing the playoffs in '15. Why God, why, have we gone through long stretches of such incompetent ownership-leadership through the decades? Is it because as legend has it Namath made a deal with the devil to guarantee his Super Bowl III guarantee? Joe Douglas, save us. Your resume is better than any GM we've had since Parcells. You mostly came up in Baltimore, followed by Philadelphia, and you're highly regarded in league circles. Please save us, Joe, make us good again.
  12. I tried using the Jets contact form on their website but it was locked. I wonder why. No one has time to write letters anymore, but if you feel so inclined dispatch letters to Johnson, Douglas & Hymie Elhai to fire Gase immediately and entrust the entire football operations to Douglas. Because clearly Johnson is easily taken in by a smooth-talking idiot who was endorsed by Manning.
  13. At that moment I didn't see any other current Johnson-specific thread to post it in.
  14. Perhaps the most insightful (and painfully true) post I've ever seen in this or other Jets message boards.
  15. The Ravens are one of the most solid outfits in the NFL the past 20+ years. Annually they've been in the playoffs or in the hunt. Now it could be Jackson is better than Mayfield, Darnold and Allen - the 2018 QBs drafted before him. At the moment that's case closed. But let's wait 5 years before we put him or any of the other '18 QBs in Canton or the bust scrap heap. But I don't think I'm going out on a limb here, and this is taking nothing away from his Jackson's special, exciting skills: his success is in no small measure a result of being in a rock solid, functional NFL organization. Ya know, the antithesis of our Johnson-owned Jets. And Hess before him. Put Darnold in Baltimore where they'd tailor their offense around him as they have with Jackson: I'm guessing he'd be faring a bit better than he is with this currently inept outfit known as the NY Jets.
  16. Yesterday during the game CBS put up a graphic illustrating Peyton, Steve Young, and other great QBs had WORSE starts to their careers than Darnold. Yes, Sam could be a bust. But to categorically say he's a bust 1.5 seasons in to his NFL career amid nightmarish offensive coaching and supporting casts, is way premature.
  17. This is they key point of your post. Darnold has been saddled with nightmarish coaching and completely substandard players around him 1.5 seasons in to his NFL career. He's going to be a very good QB when/if he's in a good system - i.e. competent coaching and supporting cast. Btw: Peyton, Steve Young, and other greats had WORSE starts to their careers than Darnold.
  18. It is a fact in the free-agency, salary cap era you can turn things around FAST ... IF you have competent people running the show. We saw it here with Parcells, we've seen it recently with the Rams, Niners, etc. This all turns on Chris Johnson (and to a lesser extent Woody and their mother as apparently the three of them jointly co-own the team). Chris made two fateful decisions this past offseason: foolishly hiring Gase, wisely (fingers crossed) hiring Joe Douglas. If Chris is wise now, he'll can Gase sooner rather than later, then let Douglas run the entire show from there. If that happens and Douglas is for real: that means the Douglas hires a competent HC and he leads a bang-up offseason resulting in an improved roster most critically at o-line. Combine that with who I think is a fine talent in Darnold and voila - Jets could be wild-card contenders next season. It all turns on if Johnson has the humility to realize he didn't know wtf he was doing in hiring Gase - by firing him now. And also realized he must lead from behind during the new HC hire as Douglas leads from the front.
  19. And he was stuck with the predicament Gase was after the season began - Darnold going out, Seimian going out, all of it: What would the Jets record be? I'm thinking 5-3ish. For me reason enough to move on from Gase.
  20. I don't want to draft a QB. I think Darnold's combination of his talent and intangibles = a future elite QB. He's been stuck with very substandard supporting casts last season and this year, and even worse offensive coordinators. I think his poor play is 90% a function of that vs. his capability level. Trade down and re-build the offensive line to start.
  21. Adam Gase putting the finishing touches on his new how-to book: "How to Charlatan for Dummies"
  22. Wow, you could hear the disappointment in Bob Wishcusen's voice as the game ended. He's a great announcer and generally unflappable. That shows you how pathetic the Jets' situation is.
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