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  1. And that's what we want.

    Woody saddled his brother with an awful front office and Bowles.

    He has now excised the boil that is Woody Johnson.

    Now we find out if our new owner has good judgment.

    I'm ecstatic he offed Maccagan. We all know he never drafted for sh*t.

    Better late than never.

    Unfort we are left with an imperfect oline.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

    We can all agree that the Jets handled this poorly (and that is being kind), but the reality is that the firing and surrounding circus doesn't significantly alter the Jets prospects for the 2019 season. For the 24 hour news cycle and talking heads this is a gold mine but the roster is the same today as it was yesterday. Darnold is still Darnold and Gase is still running the team. 

    Macc clearly improved the roster this offseason (even if it wasn't in the manner in which Gase approved), we still have cap space and whoever comes in has flexibility to adjust the roster in the next 3 months leading up to the start of the season.

    In the end, those that wanted Mac gone should be happy and those that were indifferent (like myself) can only hope Quinnen/Polite go 1-2 in the ROTY voting, Darnold/Adams go 1-2 in the MVP voting and the Jets win the Super Bowl and Macc becomes the first unemployed GM to win Executive of the Year. 

    Throw in the new GM able to magically upgrade at center & the right side of the o-line ... that would be nice. Unfortunately we would need an actual magician to get that done at this juncture of the offseason. I don't see anyone trading away their starting center for anything but a king's ransom right now.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, jayrad01 said:

    I call bull sh*t

    Definitely could be. 

    Conversely: I respect Anita Marks a lot. She's always struck me as a straight shooter. Not a BS artist who's in to innuendo like so many reporters out there.

    And if Gase & Macc have been telling the truth there were no serious problems between them, this makes sense.

    But definitely, the information she received could be BS. We'll likely never know the full story.

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  4. Offensive line: pardon if already covered - but it seems clear Maccagnan & Co. believe the Jets are set at offensive line. Because as much 'post June 1/late August cuts' chatter we annually hear about upgrading the roster - that rarely happens. A trade on the other hand, that can happen any time but still relatively rare.

    So this be the Jets o-line and apparently they feel good about it. I sure as sh-t don't. But keeping fingers crossed.

    Gase: we'll know if he's for real pretty fast IMO. When you have a legit HC the team performs in a certain way - smart, disciplined, inventive, in short competently - from the first whistle of the regular season. Jets go 1-15 in 1996 under Kotite, first game in '97 at Seattle they wax the Seahawks 41-3 (which I attended in a vociferous manner, annoying a few Seattle fans once or twice, only to find out after the game my tix connection scored the tix from the Seattle owner at the time. Lol classic!). So we'll know within the first game or two if Gase learned from his Miami experience and is proficient. If not, expect overly patient Christopher Johnson to allow Gase to flounder for a few years while hopefully firing Maccagnan. But if Gase is competent, then the Jets will be in a good place with two critical building blocks: legit HC and young franchise QB.

  5. We as long suffering die-hard Jets fans are conditioned to doubt. As are many sports fans period. And I dare say as NYC metropolitan area folks we’re also conditioned to be negative lol. 

    But like Mama & Papa’s California Dreaming I awoke earlier with some Sunday Morning Dreaming:

    What if it freakin’ works? What if it all comes together? Am I jinxing it to wonder and hope? What if Woody Jr. and Maccagnan got it right hiring Gase? What if he turns out to be a legit head coach and molds not just Darnold but the entire squad in to winners? What if the offseason additions led by L Bell hit the ground running and fuel up our Jets? What if the o-line we all worry about so much isn’t as bad as we think? That it was in substantial part due to a Neanderthal offensive HC in Bowles and a pedestrian OC in Bates? Not to mention an oft struggling rookie QB, usually lacking skill weapons to work with due to injury and Bates’ misuse? What if the Jets juice up the pass rush via the draft and Gregg Williams coaching it up? What if we stay fairly healthy this season knock on wood?

    In short: what if hope not only springs eternal but is real for these ‘19 Jets - and it all comes together?

    Like Red says at the end of The Shawshank Redemption: “ … I hope I the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams, I hope” ...

  6. This is an over-simplification but there is much merit to it:

    Teams like the Pats often generate pass rush because their opponents are down 14 points + in the second half and guess what - human nature has the opposing OC abandoning the run game. And giving the Pats defense the chance to essentially tee off with their pass rush and blitzing. You see it time and again including us Jets fans - how often have we been down a lot to the Pats in the second half and suddenly it feels like a prison break collapsing our QB pocket. Well, the Pats be teeing off. As they and other winning teams do. They get a fat lead and the opposing OC starts semi panicking and abandons the run. One dimensional football. Game over.

    The point has been made in here it's not just about sacks. Indeed: when your team's OC starts abandoning the run, all the opposing defense must do is disrupt the pocket and passing game. Which is more doable when an offense gets one dimensional in favor of the pass.

    What does this mean for the Jets? A couple things IMHO: continue upgrading the offense/offensive line, hopefully get those 10 point + second half leads so we can pin our ears back. And obviously, continue upgrading the pass rush.

    Also: I think the CJ Moseley addition, for example, actually has a lot to do with the pass rush. For the other obvious way to force teams in to one-dimensional passing is stop the run.


  7. 7 hours ago, Smo0v3mik3 said:

    Trading down will be the best thing this team could do! Get more picks! Center,edge,cornerback! If we do this correctly we can build like the saints did! One draft and they were back in the playoffs 

    Sounds good until one remembers it's Mike "CFL/AFA extraordinaire Christian Hackenberg & Jamal Adams over Mahomes" Maccagnan making the picks.

    This said last year's draft looks like it could be good, so hopefully he's on the upswing.

  8. 47 minutes ago, JetsMetsDevilsPA said:

    We're all Rammy.  The Uniform release, the shi*ty end of Free Agency, the draft.  Lets face it, most of these topics that are posted are done because we are a bunch of agonizing, bored, die hard Jets Fans.  Who do we sign? Is Defense more important than Offense? Where do we go with the draft?  Personally the only god damn thing I care about is we put tools in place around Sam.  That starts with the O-Line and reliable targets... I hear everyone saying edge rusher, edge rusher, edge rusher and thats not what Sam needs.  If I were Mac I would be doing everything in my power to trade down.  Thats not necessarily for a team looking for a QB, it could be that team looking for the edge rusher that everyone is getting a stiffy for and i'd bet my left nut that some of these teams would trade up to get them.  This draft has to be about putting the pieces around Sam.  I personally feel he is the FQB we have been waiting for over ages but how exactly can you evaluate that unless he has the tools?  Bottom line:  If you score 55 points a game you dont need the elusive edge rusher.  Draft has to be all Offense.  

    I think it behooves the Jets to build a wall of an offensive line around Sam asap and for good. From there you don't necessarily need true No. 1 WRs or RBs, but rather a fleet of solid skill players across the board. Tho it does help having one elite skill player (Gronk, Gurley, Kamara). We have that in Bell. Anyway, building a great o-line should be non negotiable IMO.

    As for defense: I see what you're saying, but I think building a strong pass rush is of similar importance to that side of the football.  

    Bottom line: in today's game where the rules cater to offense, the only way to compete is to be able to light up the scoreboard. So your logic corresponds with that.


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  9. On 3/17/2019 at 12:57 PM, MDL_JET said:

    Bangkok post is where you're getting your sports news? Interesting.

    BUT I don't really understand the 'me first, distraction' part. Before last season, was there ever a problem with him?? And when he did hold out last season it seemed more of his teammates not welcoming him back and not supporting what he was doing, taking stuff from his locker...was more of the distraction then Bell actually holding out. Only reason he was, was to make a statement to get paid for how much he was used. He was never the distraction how AB was. 

    Lol I was going to remark the same thing about being from the Bangkok Post. But it came up during a Leveon Bell or Jets Google news search and I found it an interesting read. As an aside Thailand can be very American/British in many ways, lots of expats there.

    The me first, distraction part: I heard on NFL Network he was late and/or missed practice enough through the years to the point it was a distraction. Plus his prior off-field issues (DUI, marijuana, etc). Which when you're Le'veon Bell becomes a distraction vs. some scrub.

    But you're right about he was never the locker room cancer type AB was.

  10. I don't agree with everything in this article below. But it reminds me of what I replied to a Steelers fan friend who said "enjoy Bell" after we signed him: we'll see which Bell we're getting - the hungry, good teammate Bell or the me-first, distraction Bell? Fortunately it seems when he's healthy and happy with his contract, he does nothing but produce on the field. That should last for this season, and hopefully next. Beyond that who knows.


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  11. 17 hours ago, SouthernJet said:

    what can I say, I am happy. I see 2019 meaningful games in December, in this the 2nd year of rebuild.

    I see 2020 as  (barring disaster injuries en masse) a year where we have a team that can make a serious p[layoff run, forget scratching into the wildcard.

    Main thing though I see is starting in 2019 maybe, but 2020 I see us making the playoffs for quite a few years. part of rebuild wasnt just players, but philosophy. I think we figured it out. I hope Chris Johnson is still here as I think he 'gets it' better than Woody.


    Bleed Green. Stay loyal, dont give up. Our time will come. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS


    IF Gase and Williams can match wits with the best of the best. The best teams have great talent but even more they have the best coaching.

  12. On 3/15/2019 at 1:54 PM, UnknownJetFan said:

    I would like (in addition to a trip to Europe) the following come end of April's draft;

    Round 1: BA Pass rusher

    Round 3A: BA Center

    Round 3B: BA LT

    Round 4: BA swing G/T

    And on and on and on.  Only taking the pass rusher in the top of the draft because there are no OL worthy of a pick that high. I played Oline in HS football so I know the importance of it since before I started the QB got his ribs broken. Then as the LG I made sure that never happened again.

    I could roll with that. I'm also open to trading down so we can get help at CB, too. Pass rushers are a premium commodity, but teams like the Pats win with edge pass rushers not drafted high.

  13. I think building a dominant o line just makes so much sense now:

    Future HOF RB, talented budding QB, a decent fleet of receiving weapons including Crowder. I think the Crowder addition is huge. An elite slot receiver like that unlocks the whole offense at times.

    So it just makes sense to round out the offense with a great o line. Can Jets do it between now and week 1? Well unless Maccagnan essentially focuses this year's draft ammo and maybe future years, it's going to be hard. As great o linemen don't come cheap.

    I know the draft is strong at pass rusher, but I just like the idea of making a formidable o line at this moment in Jets history.

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  14. 15 hours ago, NYJ1 said:

    You see this team had needs virtually everywhere, this fa period is definitely a step in the right direction, but I can't see it making a difference in the win column.

    Now I think that is spot on. Maccagnan has done such a horrid job of drafting the roster had holes across the board before FA. Certainly he's added some major talent, but there are still gaping holes at pass rush, CB and o-line. Osemele alone doesn't seem near enough to improve the o line. I think the rest of the line is between average and below average. So that's a major issue right there along with the aforementioned problems. Highly unlikely Macc can solve all these issues between now and week 1.

  15. 14 hours ago, Team archer said:

    What was our record 4-12? Unless we get a number 1 reciever to unstack the box vs Bell, i think at best we are 7-9/8-8. An emerging reciever would help us so much. Plus if we dont have a good pass rush, our cornersWILL get torched every game.

    The No. 1 receiver thing is slightly overrated IMHO. Plenty of recent playoff 'final 4' teams haven't had the true No. 1 WR. In today's game it's more about creating a fleet of receiving weapons at each skill position such as the Pats: Edelman, Gronk, James White, etc. Or KC, New Orleans, Rams.

    The Jets have the makings of such a pass-catching fleet, but it's based on a lot of IFs. If Enunwa & Crowder can stay healthy, if Anderson doesn't disappear (tho I imagine that was J Bates' fault too), if Herndon develops. No IFs for the receiving weapon RB - Bell is as good as anyone.

  16. 14 hours ago, NYJ1 said:

    As a result of this FA push, how much better is this team? In the win column that is. Ultimately any move any football team makes is in an effort to win more football games.

    Does this make this team bound for the playoffs? Or is this just a waste of money?

    My feeling as of right now they still have nobody at corner and they let two of their best players walk. The ST will most certainly take a hit. The secondary should get lit up like a Christmas tree.

    Honestly, I don't see this team being much better before the draft. Maybe one more win? What are your thoughts?

    I think it may come down to coaching as much as anything - as I think if the big offseason additions stay healthy the roster is better. 

    With Bowles & his staff leading a shoddy roster in recent years, the Jets didn't have a chance.

    With Gase & Gregg Williams leading what looks like a better roster on paper right now, will Jets be better? Because great coaching goes a long way. As Bum Phillips said about Bear Bryant: "Bryant can take his'n and beat your'n, and then he can turn around and take your'n and beat his'n." 

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