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  1. One thinks of the families forever bereaved by the events of that day. The empty chair at the dinner table. Absent mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, siblings. For me that's what's always so tragic, the families who live it every day for the rest of their lives. The main thing that helped me with loss (not 9/11 related), and it was just one time when my Mom passed - I know she'd want me to be happy, not to suffer beyond what's necessary. But still for families that lost fathers and mothers with young children, it's just something you can't comprehend.

  2. That is assuming Joe D is as good as advertised. We start finding out more tomorrow. If his free-agent pick ups and healthy draft picks make some noise - bodes well for the future. 

    When his injured draftees return and if they perform, then the future looks bright. And we'll know moreso he nailed it on the Adams trade - as he'll add good firepower with all that draft capital.

    Of course if Gase continues to be a question mark it'll undermine Joe D's roster. But a Jets fan hopes Gase rises to the occasion this season and beyond, and with Joe D leads New York's AFC representative back to power.

  3. Of course, Gase has neither the vision nor the courage to attempt such a thing. Everyone knows that.

    So it'll be 6-10ish, Chris Johnson will be satisfied, and we'll roll in to 2021 with this same charlatan of a HC. And Joe Douglas, where are you in 2021 on the Gase thing? 

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  4. Bad luck happens, sometimes a position sustains a rash of injuries. But in a pass-happy offensive league, Douglas entering 2020 with a WR corps where that had to stay healthy for it break right ... well, it's been widely documented it's a concern for the Jets' fortunes this season.

    But let's assume Douglas isn't being totally truthful this isn't a rebuilding year (of course he can't say it). So assuming it is: in 2020 don't the Jets at least want to confirm or deny on Darnold's long-term viability? And to do so, doesn't Sam need a 21st-century offense to play with? Like the one last night Mahomes masterfully orchestrated?

    In one off season it was impossible for Douglas to stack KC-level talent around Sam. But since Sam has had two horrible supporting offenses starting his career - making it extremely difficult to properly evaluate his long-term potential - if your Douglas wouldn't you have at least provided Darnold more at the WR position? Even just out of depth concerns?

    Because now we're looking right down the barrel of another season of Darnold Who? Another season of incomplete information assessing him, due to another subpar offense around him. This year most glaringly at WR (assuming new OL is adequate). See article below - which I don't agree with overall, but I can see the author's point.

    Alas, maybe Douglas felt he had put together a strong WR unit. Maybe he had high hopes for Vyncint Smith as his WR4, and since he went down it's just been plain bad luck with Mims, Perriman, etc. Or maybe he's not at all sold on Sam, and the James Morgan pick is another indication of this. Because in the 4th round Douglas could've selected another potential weapon for Sam.


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  5. So says below.

    This as epitaph of a loser. In certain organizations anything less than a Super Bowl title = failure.

    Or IOW: Christopher Johnson only wants to feel like he’s trying to win - not actually do what is necessary. Great ownership demands playoffs at minimum every season. Chris Johnson? He was born with the right last name. He seemingly accepts progress over championships.

    With an Ace up his sleeve Jan. 19, he opts for a risky bet on Gase. Not least because Peyton influenced him.

    Now Chris is doubling down on that risky bet. 

    When this all shakes out one must hope Joe Douglas is for real and the Johnsons become hands off. 

    The more they’ve led this franchise post Parcells regime extended, the worse its become. 


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  6. 3 hours ago, nycdan said:

    Look at the game tape from the first half of week 1 last season.


    Don't get injured.

    Don't get mono.


    You mean when the Jets offense had 3 turnovers & the D’s pick 6 to work with, and scored all of what, like 8 points? Jets should’ve been up at least 21-0 at half with what the D provided the offense. 

  7. 23 hours ago, SAR I said:

    Gase is a great head coach.  Perhaps he's not a great offensive coordinator, but that doesn't matter, coordinators are dime a dozen.  Great head coaches, impossible to find.

    SAR I

    Hopefully he’s a great HC some day. Not quite in Canton as of yet. This Jets gig is likely his last opportunity as a NFL HC ... with 2020 potentially his end if the Jets embarrass. 

    Truly great coordinators are also, pedestrian coordinators dime a dozen. You can spend a year as a Buddhist mountaineer and get a coordinator gig (Jeremy Bates). 

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  8. Bills 26
    Jets 19

    Improved Bills offense, weaker Jets defense, Jets offense lacks enough  firepower to deal with stout Bills D. 

    X factors which could reverse this outcome: Darnold connects with Mims & Perriman, Quinnen and Zuniga lead an improved Jets pass rush, Bell and Herndon go off. 

  9. Why Joe, why?

    I loved you once with all my Jets heart - and we’re rolling in to 2020 with a questionable offense?

    Why not build a shutdown offense this season and every season? 

    What good does a NFL team do now without a shutdown offense? And a dope pass rush at that?

    I thought you were a chosen one, to save us from evil. But you’ve recklessly scattered precious draft resources on Davis, Clark, Morgan, etc. when you could’ve gone all in like KC. Sure they’re top heavy offensively with the Edwards-Helaire selection. But if Mahomes stays healthy they’re blasting off yet again. 

    Let’s go, Trevon Wesco!


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  10. Poor Samuel Darnold - he landed in to perhaps the worst NFL offensive program in history 2 years running. 

    Then again there’s been no need for the horrendous sand-lot INTs and putrid QB play. 

    Chicken or egg. I like both. And I think the grandson of the Marlboro Man will win big in the NFL some day. Hopefully with a team that actually understands the NFL and surrounds him with a shutdown offense. 

  11. Thank you Dear Leader for setting the stage and positively at that. I’m a newbie to your forum and knowing my angry self my days are numbered on your site. But it’s been a blast and I don’t put it past the Jets players to surprise. As for Gase, I hope he surprises. The sands on his NFL head coaching life are ebbing away - it is time for him to put up. 

  12. Expecting 9ish wins. If more well done by Gase, if less he should be fired. After two full off-seasons, year 2 a head coach should have his team slightly above .500, minimum. Sure he was saddled with Maccagnan last off season. But with one season to implement his program and one off season with his boy Joe D, 9 wins isn’t too much to ask. 

  13. If Belichick was running the Jets there would be zero talk of rebuilding. 

    And yet all we here is rebuilding. 

    The fish rots from the head. Chris Johnson hired Gase. Gase hired Joe D. 

    And so the Jets narrative is once again, patience. 

    They ain’t preaching patience in KC or Tennessee or Houston or Baltimore.


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  14. On 8/25/2020 at 12:54 PM, GreekJet said:

    I feel like we are heading for a season which features a stretch where Jeff Smith, Chris Hogan, and Vyncint Smith are starting at WR.

    Every year during this playoff less stretch outside of 2015 they seem to throw away a game or two starting scrap heap level wideouts. 

    Vyncint Smith

    Jeff Smith

    Deontay Burnett

    Andre Roberts 

    Rishard Matthews 

    Clyde Gates

    Chaz Schillens 

    Greg Salas 

    Am I missing any other scrap heapers that have started games for this franchise in recent memory?




    Any modern NFL team knows offense wins championships. 

    You don’t need the high-end Julio Jones type at WR. But you do need quality and depth. The Jets have Crowder and a bunch of question marks. Which means questionable quality and poor depth. 

    Joe D and Gase have gambled with their careers by coming in to the season with this group of WRs. You don’t start a NFL season now with this kind of WR room.

    Yet if the top 3 Jets WRs start week 1, who knows maybe they’ll pan out. 

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  15. It all depends on one’s point of view as Obi Wan said:

    Do you see the Jets as rebuilding or retooling? 

    I’m of the latter opinion. When Parcells transformed a 1-15 Jets team to 9-7 - that helped to convince me of retooling. Then other regimes did the same many times in the salary cap, free agent era: competent regimes turn things around fast - there’s no such thing as rebuilding anymore.

    Coming in Parcells had more to work with than Joe D & Gase. But they’ve now had a full offseason to refit, so I expect nothing less than 8-6ish going in to the final two games. 

    Continuity shmantanuity. Let’s expect results rather than wallow in excuses. 

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