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  1. Most NFL players will generally stay silent in a situation like Jamal’s: the code of don’t talk about a player fighting a team over his contract. Even if they think he’s behaving foolish.
  2. There is no defending the dearth of WR talent in the WR room. Joe D speaks of doing all he can to support Sam - then he presents him with one of the worst WR corps in the league? What happens when one of the top 2 go out? Pats cast off Braxton Berrios rides in to the rescue? It’s Maccagnan-esque. And why are the Jets so very far under the cap? If we’re all in on 2020 why couldn’t we afford Robby and the rest of our WR corps? If Joe D’s honest answer is we’re not all in on 2020 - that raises a red flag is he will never prove to be the man for this job. It shows a fatal conservatism streak. Hopefully then he has other grander reasons. “If they don’t bite when they’re puppies, they’re never gonna bite.” - Parcells
  3. This defies facts and logic. Sam had an absolute putrid supporting cast around him last year, save perhaps week 1. When your o-line is essentially second/third string due to injury and Maccagnan’s malfeasance and your best WR is a slot wideout - no QB in history could “light the world on fire.” Just impossible. Sure a GOAT like Brady or Manning would’ve performed better - but neither of them would’ve been lighting up the scoreboard with that Jets unit last year (For example look at New England’s offensive output under Brady last year as the season unfolded and injuries mounted - it became one of the weaker units in the league. So by your logic Brady isn’t a good QB?). Speaking of GOAT QBs: as a rookie Manning like many all-time greats hardly lit the world on fire. What’s he throw like a NFL record 28 INTs leading the Colts to 3-13? So now you’re holding Sam to your own delusional standard? He should’ve come in as a rookie, with an average supporting cast and substandard coaching, and been HOF material straightaway? C’mon. Those who come in gangbusters as rookies - it happens occasionally, but it’s crap shoot, and not always specific to how high they’re drafted. If you want to argue the Jets gave up too much for Sam - sure, that’s plausible. As a QB he eventually must be leading the Jets to perennial high seed playoff berths to make good on their investment. The thing is, he actually must be in a legitimate NFL offense to do that. Ya know, with an o-line where he’s not running for his life, a fleet of weapons like Mahomes, Prescott, Brady Bucs and other 2020 QBs have, a competent OC, etc. Until he’s in a good NFL offense, it’s virtually impossible for him to reach his potential, whatever it is. The hope is Joe D’s o-line makeover and other alterations to the offense provide Sam a sound framework ... and Gase can coach it up. If that’s the case and Darnold underwhelms - only then will your Darnold argument be valid.
  4. It’s become dogma how Jets had this surprisingly stout, “top 10” defense last year. In the category that only truly matters - scoring - not quite. 16th in the league IINM. And mind you the Jets were blown out in at least 3 games. Meaning the opposing offenses likely throttled back to chew up clock. Whereas if the Jets offense provided some competition, the opposing offense remained in attack mode putting up ever more points. Yes Gregg Williams’ 2019 unit was a pleasant surprise (highlighted by a dominant run defense). Including that the Jets last-place time of possession offense had the D on the field incessantly. But overall it was a mediocre unit, getting sliced and diced through the air plenty & constantly unable to get off the field on third downs. Hopefully Zuniga’s raw talent makes an impact in the Jets pass rush.
  5. For the uninitiated - the Curb Your Enthusiasm Jets episode is perfect in its diagnosis of our pathos and pathology. It was Bitoni’s clearly pained Jets rant reminding me of that must-see episode, for all Jets fans. https://www.google.com/search?q=the+jets+killed+carl&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS752US754&oq=the+jets+killed&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0.3924j0j7&hl=en-US&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8
  6. Okay the draft was months ago, but just came across this looking at Jets depth chart: https://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchart/NYJ What Ourlads' Scouting Services said about DENZEL MIMS before he made the New York Jets' Depth Chart: Baylor, 6027 207 4.37. Three-year starter, Daingerfield, TX. Earned All Big 12 honors in both 2017 and 2019. The former high school basketball and track star had a bit of a back and forth career at Baylor because of the quality around him. His senior year cemented him as one of the top receivers in the class. Has a classic wide receiver build with wiry strong length and a defender’s mentality. He is incredibly physical and tough but also shows a blend of finesse and pure speed that can make him a threat within all areas of the route tree. There are some elements to his game that need to be fixed, most notably his release and route running, but the tools are there. His issues are fixable and if he fine tunes the skill set, he can be a number one receiver in the league. Has the speed over the top and also the balance to stutter step his way to separation underneath. Gets to a lot of balls away from his frame. Uses that wide catch radius combined with late, strong hands to come down with a lot of balls that other receivers can’t grab. More than willing to send himself into a crowd like a missile en route to the ball. Can block like a tight end in space, completely dominant against defensive backs. A high effort player no matter what his role is. Takes too much time to get off the line against press coverage. A lot of wasted steps, needs more urgency as a route runner. Gets rocked by contact too easily. Too many concentration drops. Eyes don’t seem steady and smooth when chasing the deep ball. 2019 stats: 66-1020, 15.5 ypr, 12 TD. OSR:2/ 51. First/second round. (A-33 7/8, H-9 3/8, VJ-38 1/2, SS-4.43).
  7. You got it all wrong bro. Jets provide singular excitement via the draft. Other than a few teams, no organization has had such highly-anticipated drafts as the Abominable Jets these past 5-10 years. Who cares about the in-season results when we get all hyped up for the draft every year
  8. I read somewhere this was one actual/purported reason Seattle made the Adams trade. That there was a good possibility of no college football in 2020 - making the 2021 draft a much riskier proposition than normal. Conversely, there's the risk the 2020 NFL season could be cancelled if there are major outbreaks - then Seattle is screwed. That trade aside, no college football in 2020 will have any number of effects on the 2021 draft.
  9. Just because someone writes a certain way on Twitter (Robby) or speaks a certain way (Newton), doesn't mean they can't communicate in standard English when necessary. Same thing with certain folks from Appalachia in the South - they may as well be speaking Greek. It's patois, slang. Nor does it mean a good number of these people aren't fairly well educated, if not PhDs. Also, texting/Twitter/social media have created an almost entirely new language. How someone Tweets usually corresponds very little to how they communicate in other settings.
  10. That’s the part that’s impressive. From the beginning of this affair in October ‘19, it was reported Joe D would only budge for an enormous haul. As he knew how great a player Adams is. It’s just a very positive statement about Joe D’s GM bona fides. Now his ‘20 draft class and the next two must produce a pimpin young roster.
  11. If Douglas can draft like Baltimore did here, that would be wow: https://mobile.twitter.com/MoveTheSticks/status/1287162516007612417
  12. Reed and Adams are two very different safeties. Reed is among the best ballhawking safeties ever. Whereas Adams is nowhere near the ball hawk, yet covers very well and does critical things better than Reed. Jamal is way more than a box safety. Overall I'd take Reed over Adams in a heartbeat, but to minimize Jamal's impact on the field is silly. He's a unique safety and talent who does almost everything well (not a ball hawk), and does a few things great.
  13. - "Scoring a sh*t ton of points": precisely, by far the name of the game today. Joe D must utilize all that draft capital towards a 30+ ppg offense - the going rate to compete with KC. - Adams is way more than a box safety - just because Jets had him attacking the LOS a lot doesn't mean he wasn't an all-around great safety. - The Seattle GM may end up looking like a fool - his track record predicts the opposite. He's built one of the best programs in the NFL almost 10 years running. I think he and Douglas both may have done well here.
  14. Many across Jets land & in here have declared victory in this trade, patting Joe Douglas on the back. My take is both sides may have done well.* Sure it looks good on paper for the Jets but consider: 1) Many saying Joe Douglas "fleeced" Seattle and by extension GM John Schneider - I doubt it. Douglas has exciting pedigree and promise. Yet it's unknown how he pans out long term. Meanwhile Schneider has developed a perennial top 5 program since he drafted Russell Wilson. He's collected one Lombardi trophy and highly likely has a second if Carroll runs Marshawn Lynch on the 1-yard line three times in a row v NE. Schneider is a premier NFL GM who gave up a lot for Adams. But like all successful leaders understanding greatness requires calculated boldness: he knew it was a risk worth taking for such an impactful talent like Adams, a luxury he could afford since he annually fields a team led by a special QB. 2) The folks laughably de-valuing Jamal as some mere "box safety": is ya crazy? He is an all-around amazing safety and special football talent - they don't give out All Pro for nothing like they do Pro Bowls. I just saw on ESPN his amazing pass coverage stats. His only weakness is his lack of picks. There's a reason Douglas would only trade Jamal for a king's ransom: Adams is that good, a HOF in the making. 3) *In sum, obviously: we won't know the true value of any trade like this for some time. Jamal could slot in to Seattle helping them to another Super Bowl berth (they were close to the NFC championship last year and match up well with SF). Or he could blow out his knee and the deal blows up in Seattle's face. Douglas hopefully parlays all that draft capital in to a dominant offense and pass rush**. Towards fielding a perennial AFC powerhouse. Yet there is probability he'll miss on some of the players he drafts with said draft capital. He just can't miss by too much. **Would've been fun seeing a great Jets pass rush with Adams as part of it.
  15. Great post and data, thanks for posting.
  16. This is repeated time and again by fans and certain media like it’s sacrosanct. It may not have been a premium position 20 years ago, but if has been for awhile now in this pass-happy NFL era. Almost every SB participant the past 10 years has had excellent safety play. To combat potent passing offenses generally,and more specifically the phenomenon of dominant TEs littering the league. Such as Kittle, Kelce and before them the likes of Gronk. It’s obviously nowhere near high premium like QB. But there’s a reason KC won it all with a average corner play - Matthieu is a beast who helped get them over the top. Another example is New England: Belicheat teams always feature good safety play. JD did well getting that much - but that a great franchise like Seattle coughed up that much to get Jamal, indicates how critical the safety position is and how good Adams is. Don’t be surprised if Seattle is in the Super Bowl this season. Ashtyn Davis, step on up.
  17. problems for the Jets. I'm coming up there to bring a Super Bowl to the Jets.' This is paraphrasing his interview to Deion, first interview he made after the Jets made his NFL dream come true. Let him rot for as long as possible, Jets - and if he continues with conduct detrimental to the team - fine him non stop up to the max amount. Teach this fool and remind players about what leverage means. I believe in Joe Douglas. Rot out this punk-ass, JD.
  18. We’ll give them away for nothing. Then Douglas leads the franchise and makes the new HC hire. Remove these two cancers - and let a legit football man run the franchise and turn it around fast. It’s only July but I acted extra good this year Santa - hook it up.
  19. Read that somewhere last year, I think on the Jets website - it was a quote from a Jets player. He found it funny, I found it utterly alarming. Football is the ultimate leader-of-men gladiator sport for head coaches - and your leader is deferring to one of his assistant defensive coaches to do the pregame speech? SMH, not a good look for a NFL HC. I posted this info in here last year. Was surprised the media didn’t cover it more. Look Jamal has labeled himself an unholy cancer, but considering what this other player said - it doesn’t mean Jamal is lying about Gase’s squirrelly game day locker room leadership. You get the sense Gase avoids in-person conflict with his players in favor of doing things in the dark. Which would be fine if it worked, unfortunately 4+ years in as a NFL HC there’s scant evidence his M.O. works.
  20. That's great comedy. The NFL was quaking in fear of the Gase-led Jets offense the latter half of '19. They were putting up unheard of points, slicing their way to the playoffs. This said yes - Gase had a sh-t hand to work with last year AFTER the injuries mounted. He deserves much credit for galvanizing the lads after such a nightmarish start. But why is it I never hear a good response from you for that egregious offensive performance week 1 at home? Each game is roughly 7 percent of the season so every game is critical, and Gase had all offseason to prepare for week 1 - and his offense is gifted 4 turnovers and comes up with 16 points? In an offense-driven league? A truly great HC like Andy Reid never ever sh-ts the bed like Gase did week 1 and in other weeks last season. He's the only HC ever to lose to an 0-7 team and 0-11 team in the same season. I hope I'm wrong about Gase, I truly do. Everything I've seen about him dictates he has the football skills, but lacks the always killer instinct.
  21. The Gase Apologists swear it's because Jets fans are just too negative. I couldn't agree more. We are negative until the Jets offense averages 30 ppg. Aka the going rate to compete with Mahomes. Oh yes, it's always Jets fans' fault for demanding a championship level offense now.
  22. If Joey Douglas believes Sam is a special QB (as he mentioned several times, 'feeling the urgency to put a winner around Sam asap') - why not make a little more noise in free agency? Why not re-sign Robbie and add Perriman? Or perhaps another dangerous offensive weapon. From what I've see we did have the cap space for that sort of thing. Or the draft: why not select a dynamic talent like an Edwards-Helaire or Antonio Gibson adding a new dimension to the offense, instead of drafting Ashtyn Davis? Why not trade for Trent Williams like the Niners did, solidifying your o-line even more giving you more draft flexibility? It behooves any organization thinking it has a special QB on a rookie deal, to spend a bit extravagantly while wisely to support said QB, for as long as that rookie deal is in place. Maybe that's the rub - maybe Douglas isn't sold on Darnold & didn't want to build around him all out yet. Totally understandable if so. Sam has showed horribly more than a few times. But as an avowed Sam fanboy I'm duty bound to attribute that also to factors beyond his control. Such as the absolute garbage supporting cast supporting him his first two years - including the '18 Toilet Bowles Admin, and the '19 awful o-line and questionable Gase. Just seems Douglas went to lengths this offseason to support Sam - but didn't finish it out with another dangerous skill weapon or two on offense. I wonder why?
  23. Hope I'm wrong, but I can't shake what many of us have felt from the beginning - Gase is an OC at best (maybe a good OC). But he's not a NFL HC and never will be. Way too much data indicating he doesn't have what it takes to lead a team to to a title, much less consistent playoff berths. 6-10, 7-9, 9-7, 5-11 - yes sure. But to take a team all the way? Obviously none of this is news nor rocket science - seems around 65% of Jets nation including me hated the hire, understood Gase was a charlatan as an HC, yet another moronic Johnson hire. Not least he had a zero track record as a HC - so Johnson entrusts his franchise and young potential franchise QB to such results? Yet going in to last season I re-upped my season tix after some seasons off in hopes it could pan out. As I watched week 1 v Buffalo at home that putrescent Jets offense go 3 & out time and again, putting up 16 points total off 4 first half turnovers - I knew then I'd stop payment on my season tix after the Cleveland MNF game I'd promised to go to with my brother. I was reminded then how much of a game day incompetent Gase can be. It sucks as I think he could be competent on a weekly basis if he wanted to. But he simply lacks the proper killer instinct to see it done. He's comfortable with winning a meaningless battle while losing the war. I tried with Gase and I hope I'm wrong.
  24. If this man wants to fight the Jets on social media - let's hit him back! Enunciate to the world the Jets gave him a platform to perform on the biggest stage in the world. And that he did. But it was supposed to be a 2-way street. And now he wants to besmirch our brand for whatever reason. Then Jamal if you want to play it that way: we'll let you sit out for your most productive 3 years of your NFL career including financially $. If you want to go to war - we'll put you to bed for 3 years minimum. You try to f--k us, we'll try to f--k you. We will protect our brand and interests.
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