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  1. Starve him out of football altogether, then let him go for nothing after he's forced to sit out for 3 years. That's how the Jets win this standoff.

    Sure if the Jets can get two No. 1s for Jamal do it - that's his value, probably more as draft picks are crapshoots. Of course no GM will make that trade.

    So as many people in here and elsewhere have stated the obvious: call his bluff and let him run his mouth from the cozy confines of his couch while the best three years of his brief NFL career amount to nothing.

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  2. All I've heard is groupthink regarding this matter.

    Why hasn't anyone floated that Jamal may be utilizing a strategy we aren't yet even aware of?

    To wit: everyone knows Jamal has declared war on the Jets, messed with his brand (or not no such thing as bad publicity), seemingly weakened his bargaining power. 

    Why? Why hasn't anyone asked why he's doing this? Is it possible he's a lot shrewder businessman than anyone has allowed?

    (Disclosure: he's made me hate him with all the social-media BS he's pulled on the Jets. A real man would handle his business like Christian McCaffery and get paid by being publicly silent. if I saw him he'd hear from me he's nothing but a traitor).

    But it's important to remember: his Dad got jacked by the NFL & his career got cut short - in that vein maybe Jamal is playing some sort of planned-out, longer game we're unaware of. And we're all rising to his bait.


  3. Coming from someone who would know in Von Miller ... this provides a succinct synopsis of today's NFL. If you want to compete for a title, your offense must roll outta bed able to drop 30+ points on any opponent. 

    I liked the Jets offseason, but it seems pretty clear we don't have the offensive firepower of a Kansas City. To compete with a team like that, seems the Jets would have to win TOP decisively while scoring at least 25ish points. Even then that probably won't be enough points. 


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  4. 4 hours ago, SAM SAM HE'S OUR MAN said:

    But , soccer is not really a sport .

    Lol, definitely. Because globally soccer dwarfs all other sports by any metric such as fan viewership and economics. Even here America is waking up to the beautiful game, as it’s essentially surpassed the NHL in popularity and still growing rapidly. 

  5. 10 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

    He should. He won’t. 
    He’ll privately and publicly blame everyone else except himself.  The weak minded fans and ownership will buy this con-man’s BS and he’ll keep his job.  

    He,seemed con manish to me at least once last season. If he truly is, I think he’s the kind of con who doesn’t do it intentionally. Just somehow wriggles his way thru taking the blame. 

    The frustration with Gase, for me, is I think he’s got the skills to be a good OC. But it hasn’t translated consistently on Sundays. He’ll have a couple good weeks then an absolute head-scratching embarrassment like New England and Cincy. He’s also a funny dude when you hear some of his interviews. Hopefully he puts it to together this season. Won’t be surprised if he does or doesn’t, he’s in prove-it more. 

  6. 17 hours ago, New York Mick said:

    The Steelers have 6 SB wins, back to back SBs, SBs in multiple decades, 600 plus all time wins and a sh*t ton of playoffs games and wins. 
    The Pats are a better example but they were better then the Jets before they got a new owner and turned it around. The Jets have the same owner for 20 years and they sucked. They are not a winning franchise. 

    Overall yes, the Jets have an inglorious past. But the first ten years under the Johnson ownership were actually fairly good. Playoffs most years, 2 AFC Championship appearances, only a few losing seasons. Whereas the past ten years have been god awful. 

  7. 17 hours ago, SAR I said:

    The Pittsburgh Steelers were once an NFL joke.  The Patriots were the Jets in blue uniforms for 30 years.  All it takes is the right owner making the right front office hires and a couple of drafts to set a team on a successful path.  We get no hats and t-shirts, but a successful rebuild with a franchise quarterback in 3 years is a hell of an accomplishment.  Christopher Johnson is the man.  He's our Bob Kraft.  He's our Jerry Jones.  You'll see.

    SAR I  

    From your lips to the football Gods’ ears! 


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  8. Appears Jets goal is to have the slowest RB corps in the NFL 🙂. Unsure how this fits with JD's emphasis on adding "explosive" skill players to the offense.

    However, lack of speed at RB isn't the end of the world. And JD did add major speed at WR with Perriman and Mims. If they & other receivers stretch the field while the o-line opens holes ... hopefully that = our powerful backs Bell, Perine and Gore getting to the second level. Can still make hay with a downhill rushing attack as Titans, Ravens and Niners demonstrated last year.

    ram punching bag GIF



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  9. 2 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    He put himself at more risk going to a Jets game in the Oakland Coliseum than he would spending a week in Wuhan!



    Quite true. I attended 3-4 Jets games from 2000-2002. A huge portion of Oakland fans are literally outta-control predator animals, including a number of current/former gangbangers. Barely made it out alive twice through no fault of my own other than wearing a Jets jersey. Last time I went I wore Jets gear underneath a shirt initially as I wanted to enjoy the game rather than fend for my life. 

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  10. 59 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:

    Those seem to be the 2 picks that everyone has the most issue with, I can see why. Are you also unhappy about the rest of the draft? 

    No I’m not. I’m cautiously happy with the Becton and Mims picks. And Zuniga. 

    The bottom line is the Jets offense and pass rush aren’t scaring anyone. The NFL requires both of those units to be feared. I want JD to create it. He’s taken some steps but I have my concerns. 



  11. Maybe. The NFL now is based on two simple factors: an-time offense and a great pass rush.

    The only way you're defeating the AFC's best is with a 33ppg offense and an exemplary pass rush.

    So I am unhappy JD drafting Davis 3rd, Morgan 4th.

    Instead load up on offense and pass rushers on defense.


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  12. The AFC road to the Super Bowl goes through Kansas City, and to a lesser extent Baltimore. To contend with KC's offense, for one, the Jets offense must be able to roll outta bed and drop 40 points on anyone. That's reality in Mahomes's AFC. 

    Where do the Jets stand in that quest? After offseason doings culminating in the draft, still seems a ways off.

    For example, comparing offenses Jets v Chiefs:

    - In free agency the Chiefs re-signed Sammy Watkins, Jets swapped Perriman for Anderson. Watkins as KC's WR2 is arguably better than our WR1 (be it any of our top 3 WRs). Not overly encouraging. Sure the Jets upgraded their o-line, but that was just getting it up to par.

    - In the draft we added Becton & Mims with our first two picks, Chiefs added one offensive player Edwards-Helaire among their first two. You'd hope the Jets' two additions give them a greater than a KC's single selection. Tho Edwards-Helaire will add another dimension to that offense.

    Seems Jets best bet to contend with a team like KC is time of possession & points (you hear that Gase & Lev Bell?). Time-consuming drives ending in points. That's the formula SF utilized well for much of the Super Bowl; it's what the Jets used to perfection vs. Pats playoffs 2010.

    Otherwise in a shootout - it seems the Jets have somewhat closed the gap, but it's still significant. In FA or the draft, wish JD could've added Antonio Gibson or another dangerous multi-purpose weapon. 

    As an aside: the Chiefs attack teams with their offense and defensive line/pass rushers. That's where they invest most of their resources, at the expense of premium positions like CB. At some point in most games the KC offense explodes, then their defense pins its ears back and blitzes like crazy.

  13. The Jets braintrust is placing a major bet on their WR corps’ upside potential. That’s one way to look at it. Because right now when comparing it to top WR corps, say a Chiefs, well it isn’t much of a comparison. But that’s not necessarily bad, so long as our WRs stay healthy and develop. 

    I badly wanted JD to draft an explosive, tackle-breaking, shifty, versatile weapon like an Antonio Gibson. Or a Laviska Shenault who’s been likened to Deebo Samuel, San Francisco’s explosive, powerful, versatile WR. As Perriman and Mims have excellent speed, but it’s more deep speed vs short-area quickness and power. Plus both aren’t known as clinical route runners.

    The obvious problem is the draft capital required to add a Mims and a Gibson/Shenault - necessitating a trade up.

    Fortunately we do have a major talent possessing aforementioned quickness and shiftiness traits if not the brute power, in Jamison Crowder. I could see him having a very big year if Perriman and Mims stay healthy and develop. Which if they do would also open up things for our other short-area receivers our TEs, Bell, Perine, etc. Who to be sure like Herndon and Bell can also go deep matched up vs linebackers and safeties.



  14. ... and Jet Nation has an Ace Ventura meltdown throwing up in the toilet and a “Noooo, nooo!!!!” violent crying session in the shower. BPA mentioned by JD in link below. 

    Affer stepping back from the ledge I took it with a grain of salt: there are different versions of BPA. And the great Ravens GMs past and present adhered to their BPA version, as have other excellent GMs. JD’s version seems to be BPA mixed with need. For if it was Macc’s version we would’ve drafted a DT first round and Hackenberg second round. Then Idzik would’ve drafted his first WR late round 4.

    This is a results business so now that JD has finished the major part of his first offseason, I’ll judge him just as I do any prior GM. Dispassionately based on the product on the field. I remain optimistic but I expect some promising results this season. 


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