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  1. The Big 12 doesn't play defense. And now he's going up against NFL all stars. I'll believe when I see it.
  2. And we all just live in it. According to Maxman's April stats. Regardless what nation it is, it's a good time.
  3. If this is for real and the Steelers are targeting him - that may be the best WR endorsement you can get. Steelers are the modern-day WR NFL factory. https://steelerswire.usatoday.com/2020/04/24/cbs-sports-mocks-pittsburgh-steelers-taking-wr-at-no-49-and-rb-at-no-102/
  4. Some have mentioned that. Keep hearing he's explosive. If he is comparable to Samuel, sign me up. Deebo is a beast.
  5. At WR don’t forget about Laviska Shenault. Bart Scott has him rated as best WR available, fwiw. I know consensus has him more in the 3rd round. But I’ve heard some other intriguing things about him.
  6. Bart's always good for some classic, hilarious takes; he's been going off (in a good way) on Becton on ESPN radio. Some more, paraphrasing: Going up against a lineman like Becton "you either gonna end up on your ass, or your face. It's one or the other, choose which one." "Leveon Bell's gonna be talking smack to the defender who just peeled himself off the turf" after Becton's done with him. "Bell's gonna be yelling at his coach to run that play all day!" He said Becton is more in the mold of a Willie Roaf, a Flozell "The Hotel" Adams vs. Andrew Thomas, D'Brickashaw Fergsuon. There were more - Bart was on fire, spitting it (when isn't he lol). He's never met a mic he didn't like. Separate: I won't repeat what he said about CeeDee Lamb's girlfriend Crymson Rose - entertaining but potentially insulting.
  7. Bart Scott has Laviska Shenault as his best available WR remaining.
  8. I trust he didn't because the offers were very underwhelming. Since trading down is usually the best way to go for a team seemingly in transition like the Jets. But perhaps Douglas sees his team ready to make some noise this year; I don't see why not if he adds some more weapons for same and the o-line gels.
  9. A consensus top 15 tackle = a "project" who won't provide "immediate help"? Got it.
  10. For $8 million annually and his physical talent, all of Jetsdom certainly has made little mention of Perriman in recent days vis-a-vis the draft. It's like he's an undrafted free agent the Jets took a flier on at minimum salary. When he's a talented former first rounder who runs a 4.25 40. Yes he's been a bust as 1st-round pick. But a WR can't command $8 million annually unless he's put some good things on his NFL tape. Then there's Crowder, who is among the best slot WRs in the league. Seems Douglas has a different take than many Jets fans on his current/future 2020 WR corps. Including that he knows he'll find a legit WR later in this WR-rich draft.
  11. Not true. I heard "Yellow jacket" potential bandied about on TV and radio tonight according to some scouting reports.
  12. It's a WR-rich draft. A ton of great WRs aren't first round picks. Let's wait and see where the Jets stand after the draft is over. If the Jets add a legit WR and another receiving weapon (WR, TE, pass-catching RB), a receiving corps including Crowder and Herndon will be solid. Also Leveon Bell, when used properly, is a major receiving threat.
  13. So said Rich Cimini just now on ESPN radio. Doesn't see Jets trading down. Those that pine for Lamb or Jeudy - you may get your wish!
  14. I hear ya about safety being a luxury, but Adams is a special player. Force multiplier for the entire defense and team. I'm open to trading him, but it'd have to be for a very sweet package ideally including a good young veteran.
  15. That's a lot lower than some Jets fans want him at. If that happens that Tampa offense - looks sick on paper. Assuming Tampa has a good o-lone, father time doesn't suddenly catch up with Brady, and Gronk is still Gronk. Saints v Bucs games may be like college scores, 63 - 56. Falcons Bucs games too perhaps. Gunslinging NFC South.
  16. Regarding if as a QB, they could only have one or the other at 11. Just heard this on Michael Kay Show. Kay mentioned Esiason & Simms' preferences, Mark Sanchez spoke for himself as the guest.
  17. It's not either or, the Jets need both. I've been about prioritizing the o-line in the draft. But that doesn't mean ignoring WR. Not at all. Whatever the best value is, draft them wherever. If equal, take the o-lineman first then a WR later on. Otherwise overall: be sure you come out of the draft knowing you've done much to fortify the o-line. My one caveat drafting a WR at 11: Douglas better be damn sure he's going to be a perennial Pro Bowler. Otherwise it's a terrible waste of draft value. Drafting a WR early carries with it more risk, so Douglas better be right if he does.
  18. I’m a long hair is, may as well run with it tomorrow If this Jets draft doesn’t work out, you can blame my decision to max out with the 80s Gastineau hair style. Not like he ever updated his approach. Making it that much more Gastineau legend.
  19. JetsLife


    Lol hit post by mistake. DWC is an absolute JN genius btw. When I grow up I want to be like him.
  20. Best o-lineman available if value is there. If not, best WR available followed by best CB or edge rusher available.
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