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  1. At WR don’t forget about Laviska Shenault. Bart Scott has him rated as best WR available, fwiw. I know consensus has him more in the 3rd round. But I’ve heard some other intriguing things about him.  

  2. I trust he didn't because the offers were very underwhelming. Since trading down is usually the best way to go for a team seemingly in transition like the Jets. But perhaps Douglas sees his team ready to make some noise this year; I don't see why not if he adds some more weapons for same and the o-line gels.

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  3. 3 hours ago, jgb said:

    Bad choice. Darnold needs immediate help and we take a project. Good news for Danold turthers--another year of excuses ready made.

    A consensus top 15 tackle = a "project" who won't provide "immediate help"? Got it.

  4. For $8 million annually and his physical talent, all of Jetsdom certainly has made little mention of Perriman in recent days vis-a-vis the draft. It's like he's an undrafted free agent the Jets took a flier on at minimum salary. When he's a talented former first rounder who runs a 4.25 40. Yes he's been a bust as 1st-round pick. But a WR can't command $8 million annually unless he's put some good things on his NFL tape. 

    Then there's Crowder, who is among the best slot WRs in the league.

    Seems Douglas has a different take than many Jets fans on his current/future 2020 WR corps. Including that he knows he'll find a legit WR later in this WR-rich draft.  



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  5. 34 minutes ago, DLJ said:

    Darnold will have all day to throw with no ******* weapons to catch.

    Great pick.

    It's a WR-rich draft. A ton of great WRs aren't first round picks. Let's wait and see where the Jets stand after the draft is over.

    If the Jets add a legit WR and another receiving weapon (WR, TE, pass-catching RB), a receiving corps including Crowder and Herndon will be solid.

    Also Leveon Bell, when used properly, is a major receiving threat.

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  6. I hear ya about safety being a luxury, but Adams is a special player. Force multiplier for the entire defense and team.

    I'm open to trading him, but it'd have to be for a very sweet package ideally including a good young veteran.

  7. That's a lot lower than some Jets fans want him at.

    If that happens that Tampa offense - looks sick on paper. Assuming Tampa has a good o-lone, father time doesn't suddenly catch up with Brady, and Gronk is still Gronk.

    Saints v Bucs games may be like college scores, 63 - 56. Falcons Bucs games too perhaps. Gunslinging NFC South.

  8. It's not either or, the Jets need both. I've been about prioritizing the o-line in the draft. But that doesn't mean ignoring WR. Not at all.

    Whatever the best value is, draft them wherever. If equal, take the o-lineman first then a WR later on.

    Otherwise overall: be sure you come out of the draft knowing you've done much to fortify the o-line.

    My one caveat drafting a WR at 11: Douglas better be damn sure he's going to be a perennial Pro Bowler. Otherwise it's a terrible waste of draft value. Drafting a WR early carries with it more risk, so Douglas better be right if he does.


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