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  1. I prefer neither at 11.

    Ideally trade down. If value can't be had in a trade, then a proper value pick in order: an o-lineman, edge rusher, WR if his name is Ruggs or Jeudy.

    Re Lamb: Big 12 offensive skill players other than RBs have, without fail, bombed in the NFL the past several decades. I've looked it up and so far that's what my findings have concluded. It's because conference doesn't play defense, the numbers are skewed. Very dangerous projecting Big 12 offensive skill players' numbers to the NFL.

    If the Jets go Lamb and I'm wrong, I'll be happy to eat crow.

  2. Which is why there are zero excuses for the 2020 Jets offense.

    Between JD & Gase, they must field a potent offense this year. If not it means one or both of them screwed up royally. Which rightly or not will = Gase’s seat becoming scalding hot or taken from him altogether.

    Then again Chris Johnson seemingly loves Gase, so who knows if he’ll judge his coach based on results, and nothing else. After all he basically behaved like the Jets secured the division and a first round bye upon finishing the season 7-9 in Buffalo, beating the NFL powerhouse Bills’ back ups.

    Competent regimes turn around an offense/team after more than 1 year on the job. 2020 Jets offense, no excuses. 

  3. in the 2020 draft. Or a Quintez Cephus or Donovan Peoples-Jones.

    No more of these generic-named WR draftee shenanigans. Stephen Hill, Chad Hansen, Devin Smith anyone? 

    Some of our best drafted WRs had names that could go for miles, or had a ring to it: Wesley Walker, Al Toooooon, Keyshawn Johnson, Laveranues Coles, Santana Moss (Johnny Lam Jones - no comment). Not to mention some of our WR trades that worked out, if only briefly: Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes.

    Later in the '20 draft, WRs Quartney Davis or Antonio Gandy-Golden are promisingly-named potential hidden gems.

    With a name like Breshad Perriman, I'm expecting huge things out of him this season. JD knows it's all in the name at WR.

    (I want Ruggs at the right value, but his first name doesn't cut it. Tho "Ruggs III" may be close enough to be grandfathered in. CeeDee Lamb makes the name cut, but I'd only draft him if he falls. I don't trust offensive skill players out of the Big '12).

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  4. Since this is about as depressing as the world can get, why not throw this in - it goes down lighter at a time like this. Living the Gase dream. I want nothing more for him to succeed and if he coaches to win 100% of the time he can:

    Since Gase left his job as quarterbacks coach for the Broncos, where Peyton Manning was heavily involved in crafting the offensive game plans, Gase has not led a team ranked in the top 20 in yards or the top half of the league in points”.  https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2019/12/10/21004162/new-york-jets-exit-interview-adam-gase-sam-darnold


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  5. None, doesn’t matter. 

    This is about the big picture, hopefully a successful 20 year window of Joe Douglas-led Jets success. This offseason including the draft = getting the ship of state sailing in the right direction. I think JD is the man to do it. If so the next big question is if Gase is the HC to do it. 

     But it’s fun focusing on the positive: seems we’re in able hands with JD, a solid football-guy/citizen. 

  6. Or at least I'll be surprised if he does. Why?

    - Douglas seems to have a good amount of old school about him. And old-school types like a Parcells, Belichick - did they ever go WR round 1? I remember their 1st-round picks more along the lines of d-line, o-line, defense in general.

    - His background: a former college offensive linemen, reared in the Baltimore and Philly personnel departments, teams that generally featured stout o-lines when he was there. 

    - He's mentioned multiple times the importance of protecting Sam up front, giving his talented young QB the best chance to succeed. Such as here: “Obviously we need to have a strong offensive line. We have to do a good job of taking care of Sam moving forward,” Douglas said (https://nypost.com/2020/02/25/joe-douglas-background-shows-what-jets-makeover-could-be/).

    - And here, also from the NY Post: Douglas must — and will — fix the broken offensive line, which needs at least three new starters in 2020. “The line of scrimmage is always going to be a priority here,’’ said Douglas, a former college offensive lineman (https://nypost.com/2020/01/01/joe-douglas-first-big-chance-to-rebuild-jets-is-finally-here/).

    So I doubt JD goes WR round 1.

    Another reason why, more ancillary: his biggest offseason WR acquisition Breshad Perriman - a complete 1st-round bust in Baltimore. Although Douglas wasn't there when Baltimore drafted him, that's exhibit 1 on his roster of a first-round WR bust.

    However, If JD does take a WR in round 1, I won't be surprised if it's Ruggs. From the Post: 

    The Jets offense, which ranked dead last in the NFL last season, needs more than just linemen. The unit needs some explosive playmakers, especially if it loses Robby Anderson in free agency. “I think you saw that in the two teams that competed for the Super Bowl this year,” Douglas said. “How many explosive players they had on both sides of the ball. Everyone is trying to get bigger, faster, smarter, tougher. We need explosive guys. We need explosive, dynamic playmakers.”




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  7. If the value is there, do it JD.

    Plenty of perennial contenders have done fine drafting late round 1 seemingly every year, while sometimes also accumulating extra picks in rounds 2-4. Of course to make the trading-down approach work, you must have a winning system you can properly draft players for, not to mention having an elite QB.

  8. The art of being a GM is pegging a player's value today and in to the future. I've been in between on the Jamal situation. Because he's such an effective blitzer and tackler I say let's sign him to the biggest safety contract ever. But safety, that position just doesn't impact a game enough for me on a regular basis.

    But this is a very extra-special safety: pay the man.

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  9. That Sons of Anarchy pass rush - that's one thing that goes very far you once you get in to the tournament.

    I jinxed the whole thing by traveling to Buffalo for the match. Or not.

    But that team was f--king loaded. Surprisingly so. Sure they may have petered out first or second round - but ya never know.

    The Buffalo debacle I blame the coward offensive game plan above all - and that sits with one Todd Bowles. It's his HC-ing cowardice why he'll never be a HC again.

    But hey, thanks for getting us close in '15. Or not! Dammnit I'm still not over that loss and never will be! That team was loaded

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    The following week I drove up to Buffalo to attend for our playoffs coronation, while meeting up with an old college buddy- what a disaster that game was. Still so very great to meet up with an old frat brother and set it off.

    Again what a painful defeat that was (and what a s-thole that stadium is) ... as my old Jets mate said after that horrendous Buffalo loss ... "hello darkness my old friend". Lol!

  11. Doing QB, top 2 WR and top TE, instead of the big 3 (QB, RB, WR) as that metric seems outdated in this pass-happy NFL era. Not set in stone as apparently Watkins is headed outta KC, and the Jets will be adding a talented WR. But definitely sobering:

    Darnold, Crowder, Perriman, Herndon

    Mahomes, Hill, Watkins, Kelce

    One hopes Perriman stays healthy and is the player he was those last 5-6 games Tampa '19 - and not who he was the prior 3 plus seasons. Hope is always a good way to build a team.

    TE: obviously has become a premium position. KC, SF, NE, Philly - most recent SB participants have had a very good - great TE. Maybe if the '18 Rams had an elite TE like Gronkowski making a huge play late, they're the ones win the Super Bowl. I've seen some mocks having the Jets taking a TE day 1 - fine by me if the Jets pick up an extra day 1 pick, and the value is there. Herndon and another TE weapon could be interesting.


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  12. 5 hours ago, Jets723 said:

    Yeah look I’m not naive I don’t think he is ever gonna do that on a consistent basis but neither did Robby.  If I had a choice would I pick Robby?  Yes I would but I don’t think it’s a big drop off.  I mean the Jets did offer him a pretty good deal so there was nothing they could do except maybe overpay for him to stay.  Look this is not a 1 year process.  This is gonna take another good offseason at least.  The good news is the draft is loaded with receivers and JD isn’t making the same mistakes Macc made.  Gotta give it a chance 

    The big issue with Perriman is he's been injury prone. Whereas Robbie hasn't. If Perriman stays healthy it could work out well.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    "Robby Anderson, he's had good things in his past as a Jet, bad things in his past as a Jet," Giannotti said. "But it seemed like him and Sam were on the same page. And that's the part of this that I don't like, that here's Sam Darnold going into his third year -- and you're talking about two bumpy years to start out -- and it feels like he's starting over again. And I just don't think that's the greatest thing for a young quarterback like him."

    Added Esiason: "Probably the loser, I guess -- if you wanted to say that he was a loser in all of this -- would probably be Sam Darnold because of the relationship that he had with Robby Anderson. And then the other question is now, when are OTAs going to start? Are they going to start? Are these guys going to get a chance to work out together? Are they going to get to know each other?" 

    Boomer said he expects the Jets to add one or two more receivers in the draft.

    That's the concern, echoed not just by a media member but former NFL QB Esiason: how losing Robbie could negatively impact Sam and thus the offense and entire team.

    FWIW Mark Sanchez recently touched on this topic separately - what happened to the Jets offense after a promising 2010? And he mentioned how he'd built a rapport with Braylon Edwards, Santonio, Dustin Keller and all a sudden 2/3 were gone and Santonio was injured at some point. And having to build a new connection with different receivers, can impact progress. 

    Still: great offenses (great personnel and OC) integrate new receivers seamlessly. So in a way losing Robbie is moot - it's the offense JD builds and Gase schemes that matter, not losing Robbie who is no Randy Moss. 

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  14. 20 minutes ago, phill1c said:

    the notion of trading your best player, an All Pro, and Jamal Adams in particular, is the racist part. They don't like him because he's Black and too uppity for their tastes. IF he were White, they'd be wearing his jersey and anointing him to Canton. You really don't see that?!

    Trading FOR OBJ is just stupid and, again, in keep with the racist profile: they're stupid.

    No one can deny things like bias, jealousy, racism, etc aren't part of the human condition.

    But you can't really prove what you're saying. For starters there are a ton of Jets fans of every race who do exactly what you say they don't: they LOVE Jamal, wear his jersey and anoint him to Canton. Just go to a Jets home game and see - I'd wager his jersey is the most popular.

    Otherwise there are some folks, like me, who weren't in love with his behavior when his name came up in trade talks last season. Which had zero to do with whether he was black or white - he just came off on Twitter and in public like a spoiled brat - like many young athletes of all races do in these modern Twitter times. Has zero do with race.

    There are any number of foolish white athletes like Jeremy Shockey who turned off people of all races, same as there are any number of foolish athletes of other races who do the same.

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  15. Definitely hurts from a depth and chemistry with Sam perspectives. I know someone mentioned he & Sam only had a 47% connection rate or something last season, but behind that o-line and operating in that offense - that actually may be a very good rate.

    Chemistry between a QB and his receivers is a very real thing. Which comes with time.

    That said talent is what matters - if Joe D adds at least 2 legit talented WRs the Jets will be okay.  Most teams have a substantial drop off after their top 3 WRs. And Crowder is among the best slot receivers in the game. Offenses like the 49ers give me hope: lacking a true No. 1 WR yet still very potent. We need Joe Douglas to hit big time on our own version of Deebo Samuel. 

    Still and all, on paper it seems a WR corps of Robby, Crowder and a No. 1 type would've served Sam and the offense better than two new faces. 


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