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  1. 2 hours ago, Jetster said:

    This is the new normal in reporting whether it's News or Sports, you have to be blunt & have no objectivity. Is this guy reporting about anything? Or is he attacking both Joe Douglas, stupid signing & Fant, bad player? Both & do you know why? 

    Because it get a rise out of everybody! Works everytime, generates views, and now he's a winner because everyone wants to watch the asshat Brit tells us he's right, Joe Douglas is wrong. 

    So, pro Douglas fans respond WTF! SOJFs say, " TOLD YOU SO", The players themselves, " F*ck that little twerp" 

    Winner? Little Twerp, his stupid video which really wasn't even correct information regarding Fants contract will be watched by many. 

    Yes & no. There are plenty like me who usually take all media evaulations with grains of salt. And don't read nor watch them at all ... unless they're positive lol.

  2. 7 hours ago, Sarge4Tide said:

    What would be your reaction if the Jets "Double Up" at either offensive line or WR in the upcoming draft?

    By "doubling up" I mean taking the same position at both #11 and #48

    One idea: how about all 4? That is: if the value is there trade down from 11, then again, pick up 3 picks and maybe draft two o-linemen and two WR.

    Seems like overkill especially as Jets need help at pass rush and CB. But offense wins championships in today's NFL, not defense.

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  3. 1 hour ago, section314 said:

    Could it be we actually have a GM that knows what he's doing?

    🙌  🙏

    Offense offense offense, starting with o-line, is fine by me. Sam is a dynamic QB talent and tho we're thin at WR, we have 3 legit pass-catching weapons in Crowder, Herndon and L Bell. Plus it doesn't hurt having Griffin. Add more o-line and a couple more receiving weapons, and there's no excuse the 2020 Jets offense shouldn't be potent.

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  4. Seems everybody is on Buffalo's jock, Pats are a way behind them, Miami is rising fast, Jets have Darnold so they have a shot.

    The division does seem as wide open as it's been in a long time. I could see easily any team winning the division. As for my favorite: heart will always say the Jets are winning it all every year. My head, one thing I haven't heard those semi anointing the Josh Allen-led Bills over the rest of divison mention - and it brings me no joy saying it:

    Umm, there's a certain Belicheat aka arguably the GOAT (cheating) head coach still running things in New England. Who went 11-5 without Brady in 2008, something like 4-0 when Brady was suspended for Deflategate. Who will size up the remaining veteran QB market, add a Newton, Dalton or some such at a highly affordable rate, and perhaps have a decent if not great QB situation this season be it the vet or Stidham. Who since 2000 except for like two seasons has always had his team either winning the AFC East, in the playoffs, AFC title games and/or Super Bowls. Sure Brady was the key common player denominator throughout, but it was only in 2007 and after the Pats became the Brady-led Pats - before that his stats weren't that special, and they won as much with great complimentary team football, including at times a stifling defense. It was the Pats secondary's annual highly successful mugging of WRs and receivers (particularly in the playoffs) that was one reason the NFL changed the rules - to this current flag football era where DBs can barely lay a finger on receivers past five yards.

    Until someone actually dethrones New England this season and on a regular basis, to me they are still the team to beat unfortunately. Annoyingly Belichick is that good even if my misbegotten means sometimes.

    Seems every other year people write off the Pats when they lose a ton of talent in free agency, or hit a rough patch in the season. And yet every year they've firmly been in within the top 3 of the AFC and nearly always top of the division. Of course that's been with Brady at the helm. And certainly losing Brady = an offseason setback unlike the Pats have experienced under Belichick. But Belichick's NE history pretty much dictates that between now and opening day, he'll be fielding a team favored by plenty of wise, chastened NFL minds to win the division yet again, Brady or not. Not least despite free agent losses, no doubt the defensive mastermind that Belichick is will have his 2020 defense humming. A good defense still remains a major equalizer.



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  5. On 3/19/2020 at 9:12 PM, NYallDay said:


    I’m 33 live with my wife, son of 7 months, mom dad and sister and myself mom and dad all tested positive. Tested on Glenn Island, new Rochelle. Took 2 days for results. I had symptoms last Thursday and Friday but have been fine since Monday.



    Freaking out



    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    Hang in there. Know that those who’ve read your post are thinking about you and your loved ones, and hope you all get well soon. Keep us posted. 

    Obviously follow the doctor’s orders. Otherwise I’ve always strongly believed in  plenty of sleep and plenty of fluids when ill, FWIW. 

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  6. On 3/17/2020 at 10:22 AM, hamat711 said:

    They were 10-6 and likely would have been 11-5 if they don't rest their starters in week 17.

    Ignoring all that...

     they have a top 3 defense and all their starters return except for Jordan Phillips who Ed Oliver will replace.

    Their offense is returning every single starter except for Robert Foster who will be replaced by Stefon Diggs.

    10-6/11-5 on a super easy schedule. The Bills and the rest of the division won’t be trodding easy street this season. With the AFC East’s 2020 schedule, good chance New England wins the division yet again while the remainder miss the playoffs altogether. (Which of course will somehow convince the Johnson idiots ‘to retain Gase as the Jets are headed in the right direction.’ Pathetic how Chris was virtually gushing over his team upon the season’s conclusion in Buffalo). 

  7. As much as I dislike you as a Jets fan, I always relished our lads going up against you.

    We had that Rex '09-'10 two-year window of getting the better of you a bit, and how sweet it was. Those in attendance '09 week 2 describe how Jets Stadium was literally shaking it was so loud (defintely noisy).

    In '10 I had the privilege to drive round trip NYC to Gillette on MNF, only to be humiliated by you and the evil Pats, 45-3. Great little stadium almost like a big arena, cordial enough fans. Most of us sensed that tho we lost the battle that night, the war was far from over. That's what I told the Pats fans. And so it was in that following playoff run. My toes nearly froze off at frigid Heinz Field in the AFC Championship. What a heartbreaking loss that was.)

    Thanks Tommy for doing it with great class and dignity. Unlike you sore-loser head coach, you conducted yourself with great class and dignity win or lose. Was always struck by that classiness. Whereas BB is the biggest sore loser I ever saw. The whole Tom Shady thing is stupid - he got caught deflating footballs, big deal.

    On a personal note, thank you for enriching my coffers $ doing business with you. Cool you got a kick out of my Raiders-Jets game experience as a Jets fan attending in Oakland ... how let's say how 'passionate' those fans are. 

    Otherwise nothing has changed: when the Jets face you again, the hope is we knock your block off.

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  8. So why not trade down in round 1, perhaps some more again, and amass the max picks possible rounds 2-4? This draft and as a general rule. Save obviously a franchise QB (which the Jets have wasted so far)

    It seems like more than 50% of first round picks are absolute wastes of precious draft capital. Trade down when there's good value.


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  9. https://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/82503/time-for-jets-gm-joe-douglas-to-put-his-ozzie-education-to-work

    Encouraging anecdotal info. (plus it's funny he's spot on The Mountain from Game of Thrones - a good killer at that).

    Douglas also recently echoed what I and others espouse: it makes sense to pay total attention to the two Super Bowl participants, most recent and during this era. What was it that gave them access to the 2 most coveted VIP seats?

    Football is simple. The champions boil it down to simplicity. In today's game, in a nutshell it's this: average 30 points per game offensively, possess a dominant pass rush. It is that simple. Now, it will take a Herculean outfit to knock Mahomes off his perch in 2020. But it can be done. 

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  10. We have the consensus best QB from recent prior drafts ago. You have a big amount of cap space. It’s an offensive league. All the Jets need do is create an offensive line - no easy task. But achieve that and there are no Jets 2020 offensive excuses. 

    To SAR 1, Tom Shane and the rest of the Gase apologists: this is an accurate 2020 pro Jets post.

    Any Jets fan with half a brain knows this post is accurate. The rest are Leon-Hess, Coslet SOJF. 

    Am I wrong?

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  11. Amen. The question mark Gase is notwithstanding:

    If the Jets could build a road grading offensive line - they could easily contend for the 6th or 7th seed (if the latter gets approved) and perhaps much more. Then once in the tournament crazy things can happen. 

    It all starts up front at OL this offseason and offense across the board. Easiest and best way forward in today’s game is lighting up the scoreboard. Where possible add pass rush. 

  12. On 2/4/2020 at 11:19 PM, slimjasi said:

    You are generally correct that scoring is the name of today’s game, but most SB winning teams in recent years have had at least a good defense (Eagles had the 4th ranked defense in 2017, the Pats had 7th ranked defense in 2018, the Broncos arguably had the best defense in the league in 2015, etc) and a few have had an elite defense. 

    Championship teams usually have to be able to do both competently and there will always be examples of both dominant offenses and dominant defenses winning the super bowl.

    There is no formula and there never will be 


    Good points. 

    Fact remains you basically can’t get to the SB now without a great, high scoring offense. Teams like Denver ‘15 are now the exception. 

    The days of defensive, ground & pound  teams like them, ‘00 Ravens, ‘90/‘86 Giants, ‘85 Bears winning it all are essentially dead. This approach can still get you far. But now the odds are against it getting you over the SB mountaintop. 

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  13. On 2/5/2020 at 3:08 PM, Sonny Werblin said:

    The difference in the game was that the Niner D had to stop Kelce, Hill, Watkins and Williams playing with a QB adept at making plays off schedule. While the Chiefs had to stop who? (Anyone?) playing with a QB for whom the play is essentially over if he does not throw to his second option.

    This has been a bit overstated. This year Jimmy G had some great games in one what was essentially his first full season as a starter. See: the game at New Orleans as one prime example. 

  14. 9 hours ago, slimjasi said:


    A lot of different formulas have resulted in a SB title. 

    Great defense/power running game (e.g. 2000 Ravens), explosive/high flying passing game (1999 Rams), jack of all trades team (most NE titles), etc. 

    Let's start by drafting a some really good players at impact positions (OT, OG, WR, OLB, CB) and take it from there. 

    Wrong, for you and the poster you replied to. 

    It’s not about mimicking the Chiefs, not least there’s only one Mahomes. 

    It’s about acknowledging the obvious reality of this NFL era: you must be able to light up the scoreboard first and foremost.  Playoff teams and SB winners/participants in recent seasons are a who’s who of the NFL’s highest scoring teams. Baltimore, KC, SF, New Orleans, Green Bay, Dallas, Minnesota, New England, Tennessee, Houston and so on. In this high scoring era middling offenses are generally wild cards at best in this era. Whereas in prior eras, you could win with a shutdown defense and a possession-based offense that did just enough. Now it’s the reverse and has been for years since the NFL became the new NFL, the National Fantasy (football) League. Defenders can barely lay a finger on a receiver past 5 yards - so scoring shot up dramatically for years now. 


  15. More I think about it the more I conclude:

    We ain't never beating the likes of KC unless we can get in to a legit shootout with them. O.K. Corral style. '86 Jets v Dolphins, 51-45 OT style.

    The Jets conversation should begin & end with building the highest-scoring quick strike offense in the league. It can't be done, we can't equal Mahomes and the Legion of Zoom? Perish the thought! Let's go for it. Add offense offense offense, JD & Gase!

    Mahomes is the ultimate gunslinger on another level ... but sh-et man, Darnold can sling it well and is good off schedule.

    Winning in the playoffs as 6 seeds like the '10 Jets and '19 Titans did - it only got them so far then & now. Close, but not near close enough.

    Solidify the o-line, find a Tyreek Hill, Kelce and so on. Easier said than done, but I see it as the best way forward. 

    Secondarily: where possible beef up the pass rush.

    Then let the offense grab big leads - and blitz like crazy. A bendy, blitz happy defense with the highest scoring quick strike offense in the league ... even if we can't catch KC, sounds like good fun.

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  16. Build Kansas City East perhaps. Dominant offense, and a good enough blitz-happy defense. 

    Because 'til further notice the AFC path to SB Sunday goes thru KC. Last two AFC title games were there, they just won it all, and they have an otherworldly kid QB dream teamed with mad offensive scientist Andy Reid. 

    Seems dangerous building a team just to counter one team ... but KC is a new gold standard*. Call it KC East or whatever - surely this model is nothing new in today's era ... but yeah, build a dominant offense and a good enough blitz happy defense.

    Regarding KC's blitz happy defense: with the Mahomes-led KC "Legion of Zoom" offense -- Spagnuolo knows he can blitz like crazy and risk getting burned. He's got that ace of an offense up his sleeve. His defense gives up some points or big plays who cares - seems only a matter of time until Mahomes & Co. explode to the rescue. All the while Spags' KC blitz D has fun attempting to batter/rattle QBs in to submission like they did Garropolo yesterday.

    *Tho no doubt Brady plans his final say about gold standards. Wherever his 2020 high-powered offense will reside. And tho seemingly exposed two playoffs in a row, Ravens should remain a factor.

  17. Just when we were enjoying a Gase-debate reprieve, Costello, Manish and JN pull us back in. 🤢😀

    Unsure if I’ve seen/heard anyone point out: there is valid logic on both sides of the Gase debate. He’s been good and bad. Not unlike other young NFL HCs.

    However count me as a major Gase skeptic, will wait to believe it until I see it. Mostly as his skills don’t translate on game days near consistently enough. He’ll have a run of some impressive HC-OC’ing ... then completely sh-t the bed outta nowhere.

    Also: he seems too inflexible, reverting to tendencies - which good DCs and their defenses eat alive. Smaller scale: he seems way too content to call predictable throwaway run plays leaving his offense in 3rd and long ... usually resulting in a punt. One sometimes gets the sense he’d rather punt like crazy than be in a riskier, non stop attack mode. Yet by risking little he risks much more.

  18. Niners. I won’t be surprised if they win by decisively. For reasons you mentioned and they too can throw it around the lot, light up the scoreboard. 

    It’s been said keep Mahomes off the field to try slowing down KC offense ... same can be said of Niners’ offense. May not be as quick strike, but it can pile up points too. 

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