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  1. Always a bit sad, yet renewing at the same time. Yesterday in place of NFL football unexpectedly got my non-streaming viewing culture on - wow. Wasn't prepared for that culture immersion of Paula Zahn highlighting NYC arts, CBS Sunday Morning, etc. - felt like a new man after. One more NFL Sunday left. Then everyone is at 0-0. And then on to those joyous late winter/early spring sports rites, Spring Training and March Madness. Back to our Jets - a hopeful, great read on Joe Douglas: https://nypost.com/2020/01/25/joe-douglas-effect-is-palatable-as-jets-overhaul-gets-underway/. Keeping fingers crossed big time Ozzie Newsome's GM skills particularly drafting, have rubbed off on Douglas majorly. Hear our prayer, NFL Gods.
  2. Good news is apparently this is a deep draft for o-linemen; tho we'll see in a few years. I hope Jets trade down multiple times ... other than OT you can generally build a good o-line rounds 2-5. Assuming you know how to draft. And the Jets must upgrade their offense overall. With KC's potent quick-strike offense, any contender to their AFC throne must be able to light up the scoreboard. Give me an offense averaging 27 points to start with, from there fill in at pass rush and beyond best you can. Hopefully Chris Herndon rebounds well and becomes a real weapon next year.
  3. Can’t remember where I read or heard it many years ago, but it was a respected venue: Revis’ 2009 season was by any measure the most dominant performance by a CB ever, the best single season ever. That alone is worthy of at least some hyperbole.
  4. Exactly re the Pats: hate saying it but I’ll believe they’re in trouble only when it happens. Be it under BB or a BB-handpicked successor. No doubt BB will aim to leave the Pats in good shape long term after he exits the scene. But before that: Pats were still very relevant ‘08 with Cassel at QB. If Stidham is the real deal the Pats will remain a serious factor.
  5. Umm, Brady still put up impressive numbers this season. His problem was his supporting cast - cumulatively they weren’t good. If/when Brady goes to a team with a strong supporting cast (including NE if they load up offensively), he’ll be lighting it up again.
  6. Exactly. Sherman began talking smack at Revis years and years ago saying he was better than him. Back then Revis was dumbfounded why Sherman was essentially attacking him for no reason - Revis had never said anything negative about him. Also no small thing: as Mevi$ as Revis got nailed for - 1) do any of us try to bargain for less $ in our profession? Owners make many millions and sometimes billions in the case of an old AFL family the Raiders’ Davis family and players shouldn’t try maxing out their value? 2) like each new great at a position Revis helped raise the salary for those who followed, such as Sherman. Both great corners, but as someone said Revis at his apex was better than Sherman’s zenith.
  7. Yes an extremely small sample size but he had a healthy offense week 1, at home, with 4 first half turnovers that put up all of 8 points (a whopping 10 if he had a good kicker). Back then it was pointed out that 8 points off 4 first half turnovers was a historically low scoring output. For me that’s when the red flags surrounding Gase started their way back up the flag pole. Yes not mentioned in the article cited by the OP, but there’s the broader context: Gase’s recent Miami offenses had been awful. This wasn’t a proven commodity HC-OC Andy Reid going from Philly to KC. It was a questionable HC-OC Gase going from Miami coming to NY. Worrisome side note there: Philly & KC have been among the better organizations the past 10 years and KC scooped up Reid; Miami and the Jets among the worst and Jets scooped up Gase. Anyway, hopefully he can change the trend next season with better talent, most critically up front. And re-discover even just some of the Denver magic and to a lesser extent his solid results in Chicago.
  8. I think his offense put up pretty good numbers his one year Chicago, between Manning & Denver and Miami.
  9. The second point is the most damning. What kind of offensive mind essentially gives up on drives facing 2nd & long? It happened ad nauseam this season with throwaway predictable run plays for Bell. It reminded me of when Chrebet was hurt watching Paul Hackett’s predictable, lame offense with friends: he said they were constantly calling out plays before the snap. And mind you these weren’t professional NFL coaches. Much of the same this past season with Gase. It’s unfortunate because I think he has the ability. It’s just too often he reverts to his tendencies, utilizes fear ball. And great defensive coaches and defenses eat him alive.
  10. Don't enjoy being the bearer of realistic news, in this case bad news ... but prep to be cranky (hopefully not but ... ): 1) Schedule. As easy as this year's schedule was, next year's is as difficult. This season was a window to, at minimum, claim a wild card berth. Better yet contend for the division and the No. 2 seed like Buffalo did. Alas when Buffalo was 7-1ish contending for the division title we were 1-7 - and poof there went the '19 season window. The 2020 season - no more easy street: NFC West, Chiefs/Chargers/Colts away, if Brady returns then a powerful NE again, twice. Hell even if he doesn't return they still have Belicheat & McDaniels - NE will be a factor. And Buffalo twice which has re-established itself. We could have a second-coming HC, of Andy Reid's offensive prowess combined with Belichick's evil defensive genius - but the number of holes the Jets roster has, 9 wins in '20 won't be easy. And often that's not enough for a WC. 2) Our HC-OC, senor Gase. Until proven otherwise, he's not yet the second coming at HC. We saw plenty of exciting & encouraging moments this past season. Unfortunately we also saw more than a few alarming red flags. Yes o-line sucked, the roster was paper thin due to Macc's ineptitude and thus hamstrung by all the injuries. So Chris Johnson, many in here and elsewhere gave Gase a '19 hall pass. Fair enough: then let's see what Gase does in 2020. Conclusion: all this said the NFL is such a wild, week-to-week league. Some of this year's contenders are next season's pretenders. Seemingly unexpected crazy s--t can and does happen (see: Titans stomping Ravens). If Joe Douglas manages to build a strong o-line and pass rush in one offseason - then the Jets should have a chance to contend for a WC. In which case it'll be on Gase & his staff to have the Jets in WC contention and hopefully better in December.
  11. I think you and other buyers of this AFC champions gear jinxed us for the next decade. All that stuff belonged in Pakistan like you said. Do some voodoo chants on said gear so we make the playoffs next year.
  12. You guys are way off. At no. 1 overall he would’ve had a clear shot at Jachai Polite. Lest anyone pounce on him like Macc was worried about with Hackenberg.
  13. I imagine this has been mentioned elsewhere in so many words, but I’ll add: If this is a deep o-line class, I suggest consider trading down multiple times to add picks in the second - fourth rounds. Load up on drafted o-linemen, sign a FA edge rusher if the talent & price is right, go from there. Fortify the o-line and juice up the pass rush to start, that would give some hope. Both would change the complexion of the entire team: enhances Sam x 2 via better run game and pass protection; hopefully a better pass rush ultimately = less points allowed, less opposing TOP, gives offense more possessions. And so I Elementary stuff the Jets and other losing outfits have failed to achieve.
  14. General rule: it’s very difficult to buy championships in the NFL, impossible to buy sustainable success. NBA definitely, MLB to a large degree; NFL not so much due to salary cap. Just not enough precious cap dollars to go around to fill out a top tier, deep roster via free agency. It’s all about the draft, and a few key free agent signings. And it’s essential to hit big on costly free agents as they eat up multiple players’ cap space. On-field production must almost exceed the contract.
  15. FWIW the Eagles were injury riddled this year. Especially late in the season their offensive skill positions were the walking wounded. That they kept it relatively close vs Seattle last weekend with McCown - not too bad.
  16. Parcells never believed in resting players, equating it to a dangerous non-competitive mindset. 3 weeks off for Jackson (perhaps other Ravens I don’t know) thanks to Harbaugh resting him week 17 - no bueno. Meanwhile Tennessee came to put in a day’s work including their coaching, wow. I think the story of the game is Tennessee utterly out coaching Baltimore.
  17. Worked for Parcells in '98 when he made future HOFer Kevin Mawae the highest-paid center in history at the time. Worked for the '19 Bills when they signed Morse. Didn't work for Maccagnan's '19 Jets when he stood pat with Harrison, leaving Douglas to scramble for Kalil. Recently read Baltimore's center was a standout earlier this season. Unsure what he's done since, but assume it's continued. If so undoubtedly a factor in Baltimore's formidable ground attack & offense. Center play is critical to good offense - get it done JD!
  18. Publicly he seems to be a strong believer in Gase, along with our genius owner Christopher Johnson. Gase at best - the jury remains out on, worst he’s a garbage HC-OC. Perhaps Douglas has different thoughts on Gase privately. If not what does this say about Douglas’ judgment?
  19. Getting more specific: Lamar is lucky he didn't get drafted by this terrible ownership. As the Johnson Bros increasingly put their stamp on the Jets post Parcells/Parcells' Jets Tree, so has the franchise gone down the tubes ... Jackson has been unbelievable. But Cleveland (a few other teams I'm guessing) slowed him down a bit twice - and playoff football is a whole different animal. Let's see how things shake out this weekend and beyond. Also: on Tuesday talking with some friendly Pats fans while on winter holiday in deep Pats country, I mentioned something many have thought and said: while Jackson is built like a tank - there's some major Ronnie-Lott type hit, knocking him in to next week awaiting him. It brings me no joy saying that, but simple math dictates any RB (what Jackson is when he runs the ball) eventually sustains some devastating blows. Not to mention the overall toll RBs' bodies take. Yes he doesn't get hit like traditional RBs nor carry it 25 times a game - but math is math.
  20. Well in today’s game you must be able to light up the scoreboard. Seems Jets best chance to do that is vastly improve the offensive line - at least from a personnel perspective. Defensively, IMO the priority should be building a dominant pass rush (easier said than done - premier pass rushers are at a premium). Super Bowl participants almost always seem to possess a potent pass rush. I’d be intrigued to see what a 2020 Jets team could do with a road-grading o line and juiced-up pass rush.
  21. One big take way from yesterday was the Vikings pass rush. Brees was constantly harassed, forcing him in to several turnovers and the underdog Vikings won. Once again underscoring the critical importance of potent pass rush. A powerful pass rush is a value added, force multiplier for the entire team. Changes the entire complexion of every game. As much as the o-line needs help, so does our 4-man pass rush. A blitz-heavy defense like Gregg Williams' generally bites you in the ass over time. Live by the blitz, die by the blitz. I'll be a happier Jets fan if Joe Douglas builds a Fort Knox o-line and a ferocious pass rush. For the 2019 Jets' surprisingly strong run defense, their pass rush wasn't good. Not an insignificant factor in their poor 7-9 record.
  22. This could be the case. Bottom line for any HC is wins and losses plus in Gase's case, how many points his unit puts up. For whatever reasons, his offenses have been atrocious in the scoring department post Manning/Chicago. This could partly be a function of bad luck/circumstances i.e. deficient personnel and injuries in Miami and here. Yet 4 years of awful results is a horrible look. Now Gase partners with his friend Joe Douglas - a respected personnel man around the league - to assemble the talent. There never should be excuses - beginning in 2020 even less so.
  23. Against a very easy 2019 schedule. Jets could be healthy next year and go 6-10: For example if Brady returns to NE the Jets could be looking at 4-5 losses alone including their NFC West slate. Away it’s Rams & Seattle. Plus KC away. So perhaps 5-6 losses right there alone. Yes I’m being negative but also perhaps realistic. And Buffalo is stout again.
  24. So long as Belicheat is HC/Czar they’ll be a factor. He can take your’n and beat his’n and the reverse, paraphrasing Bum Phillips.
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