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  1. Thanks! Did it say they met or they will meet? Maybe this was the update that they are meeting today.
  2. Craig Carton just reported the Texans are meeting to discuss which team they will be willing to trade Watson to.
  3. Madison resident checking in. Originally from Bergen county. Fantastic down here though. Get invited to the facility a lot. Hopefully this photo doesn’t die hard.
  4. Great place. I live walking distance from the Jets facility. All the locals know the places these guys frequent. Met Gore at the liquor store couple weeks back. He declined a selfie. Anyway the Saleh hiring seems okay. Will have to trust JD on this one.
  5. Probably Roots or Rods. Rods is at The Madison Hotel which is extremely close to the facility. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Couldn’t get my hands on the 15 or 20 due to production shortages. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Looks like a Merle colored French bulldog. They’re like 7k.
  8. Is it unusual to stack 2 interviews per day? I feel like the vetting process is just tip of the iceberg via remote sessions. I’m guessing second round is in person interviews?
  9. Based on what Douglas said on Kay’s show, 1983’s source seemed to be accurate in terms of the decision being made very recently.
  10. This is very ironic. Before I saw this article today, earlier this AM, I met McLendon, Fatukasi and Franklin-Myers at the local high school track (this is where I typically do my jogs in the summer). McLendon was literally coaching up Fatukasi and Franklin-Myers. A few days prior I met the Kaufusi brothers at the same spot. Couldn't be nicer gents.
  11. You are probably right and unfortunately you have to chalk it up to a first time GM. Though, I'm not sure we will ever get Douglas' account of the discussions at this point. For the record: I wouldn't extend anyone with the NFL season in jeopardy.
  12. There's no time frames mentioned. It's possible Joe had the intention of offering an extension after 2 years. Maybe in the preliminary discussions Joe showed what that may look like on paper to pacify Adams and maybe that approach backfired and did the opposite.

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