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  1. This sign should also include “Hire a Director of Football Operations” “Stay out of running the team Johnsons”
  2. Love that Kelly~~ is still on the internet posing as a female.
  3. They were talking in training camp. I have pictures of it.
  4. You shouldn’t have made the much anticipated new “Jets anthem” and posted it for public scrutiny if you can’t handle the critiques.
  5. Absolutely. Philly is a good suitor for him. The Jets need to trade Leo in season to get some draft value back.
  6. Maccagnan himself acknowledged the Jets paid a premium to move up from 6 to 3 and was okay with it specifically because it was for a QB. If the Jets are aware the Redskins are trading up for a QB, why would they not want the same premium in return?

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