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  1. Not sure but most likely yes because we didn’t pay Folk who is still effective. not sure if timelines line up.
  2. Nothing but flawed logic here. if you think dad wallet Douglas paid 2.75m for camp competition, I don’t know what to tell you. Folk was also in a completely different age bracket. would have loved to see Gay from Rams but not sure his status.
  3. This guy was an absolute horror show last season. horrible signing.
  4. If I were GM, I’d be trying to pay Matt Gay from LAR.
  5. M3 competition is AWD. badge on the grille is M3 competition.
  6. This article is a joke. It says Becton has panned out, yet later states he often quits on plays….
  7. Well I can confirm the OP is wrong. I named my FF team “Moore Money Moore Problems” and had to take and stash E. Moore on the bench.
  8. Brain dead thread. there’s no going back now. when the Jets front office said, after cutting a Bless Austin, “we are playing our young guys” that was a cryptic message for the fans to enjoy the dumpster fire 2021 season
  9. Darnold inevitably will make mistakes, can the defense capitalize?
  10. Not sure what's wrong with getting young players experience in a year in which expectations to reach Super Bowl are non existent.
  11. I do not agree. Mike White looked good both times I saw him live in camp and also when we saw time on the field in the pre-season. I'm not saying White will be the backup, but I think he earned a spot for now.
  12. Even the manufacturers are tired of the revolving door Jets roster.
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