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  1. Yes I’ve been every year since they started at Atlantic health. autographs almost guaranteed. tickets are free now. Just look out for the dates and snag them.
  2. Liquidated my Doge to put into AMC. xxx AMC shares just shy of xxxx
  3. potato interpretation. Saleh is saying the Jets will lift Zach up (which they failed to do with Darnold) instead of hoping Zach lifts the Jets up. meaning, we are going to support you in every way we can to see you succeed Zach.
  4. Looks like Saleh is wearing the “prove then wrong” bracelet Wilson wears. The other is all gas no brake
  5. Bosa or bust. I’d be 100% on board for #3 and Bosa, drafting Fields, trading 23 and Darnold for #8 and moving on with our lives.
  6. The most recent accuser wasn't a massage therapist at a rub 'n tug. Has anyone read the most recent complaint filed? Haven't had time to do that myself but from what I heard on the radio, Watson coerced a chiropractor (young, just married female) to perform oral sex on him.
  7. JD’s idea of giving Sam good players was signing Breshad Perriman. For JD, signing Corey Davis is like signing Jerry Rice in his prime.
  8. Does it not make stick with Sam and trade down more obvious?
  9. The Jets should have figured out the QB situation prior to FA. Players could probably look past a team coming off a poor record but won’t overlook the fact that said team seemingly has no solutions for the bad record.
  10. Hopefully Douglas has learned the Breshad Perrimans of the world are not acceptable solutions for a #1 receiver slot.
  11. The Wonderlic should hash this stuff out. Asking for extra time to finish would probably be a red flag. That said if the kid scores high, it should be a good indication of his processing power.
  12. Because no other collegiate athlete has been on prescription medications before. Every NFL player is cognitively gifted and disease free and requires no further medical care for their well being. Regardless of the alleged disorder, I do not want Wilson.
  13. Can you link me the post where you discuss this please? I missed it!
  14. 100% Many years in a row at training camp, my entire family was able to get stuff signed by Jamal. One year he went into the Atlantic Health facility, changed, and came back out to the practice field and kept signing. By that time it was like two hours after practice. I watched him do that stuff many times. Say what you want about his media persona, but we saw “the real” Jamal and he genuinely did care about fans
  15. Was thinking about this today. In terms of Adams, it would be pretty hilarious if the Jets become competitive and Seattle fizzles out.
  16. I see absolutely zero toughness when I look at this kid.
  17. Thanks! Did it say they met or they will meet? Maybe this was the update that they are meeting today.
  18. Craig Carton just reported the Texans are meeting to discuss which team they will be willing to trade Watson to.
  19. Madison resident checking in. Originally from Bergen county. Fantastic down here though. Get invited to the facility a lot. Hopefully this photo doesn’t die hard.
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