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  1. 9 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

    I think some people are really missing the meaning and importance of that statement.  Quite honestly, and this isn’t much exaggeration, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever heard from the Jets and shines a light on just how different the approach is now with Douglas and Saleh.

    For the past 10, 15, 20+ years the Jets have mismanaged their team, the roster, the talent, the Draft, etc.  We all know this.  Coach after coach, GM after GM would goof things up and then they’d do two things to try to fix it quickly and save their jobs:

    1) Overspend on has-beens in free agency and

    2) Draft a young, hot shot QB

    The idea was that they could mask years of ineptitude, poor drafting and bad football strategy with a big $$$ contract for guys like Trumaine Johnson or something.  That they could make up for a lack of talent up and down the roster by drafting a Top 5 QB who, at something like 21 years old would extinguish the litany of f*ck-ups the GM had made over the previous several years.  “The Sanchize will lead us,” “Darnold is the savior,” and other BS.  When Macc drafted Darnold he thought his job was done, he got the QB and everything would miraculously fix itself.

    This statement tonight was different.  This was the polar opposite.  The Jets aren’t saying to Wilson that he’s here to lift the team and save the franchise.  He’s not the bandaid on a broken leg.  The Jets are now saying it’s on them, not the QB, to elevate the team.  It’s not, “Hey Zach, can’t wait til you get here and save all our jobs!”  This is a statement from the true leaders of the team that it’s THEIR JOB to make him successful, not Zach’s job to solve 30 years of Jets ineptitude.

    This really kinda spoke to me.  It’s refreshing.

    ding ding ding 

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  2. 15 minutes ago, HighPitch said:

    ESE teacher here.

    I have soooooo many opinions on adhd, but I will keep them to myself for the most part because I am sure it will cause an uproar around here.

    What i will say is YES, the Op is correct that aderall is probably the drug as it is the most common. IMO, adhd is over diagnosed. I know what kids truly have adhd and its way less than the total that are diagnosed. Another thing I see is adhd helps you focus on things you DONT like to do. I never met an adhd kid that needed aderall to play his ps4.

    so if he LOVES football i dont see an issue. Film study, playbook, who knows. I am concerned about his academics now though. What are his grades what are his test scores etc.

    It may be nothing or it could be something

    The Wonderlic should hash this stuff out. 

    Asking for extra time to finish would probably be a red flag. 

    That said if the kid scores high, it should be a good indication of his processing power. 

  3. 4 hours ago, football guy said:

    When I say a gentlemen's agreement I don't mean that it's already agreed upon, rather, they have an understanding... I don't think that understanding stops the Panthers from evaluating other options, just as the Jets will do their due diligence as well, but they agree at the very least what the price should be for #2 if the teams choose to act on it

    Ultimately, I see them agreeing to a trade before the draft

    Can you link me the post where you discuss this please?  I missed it!

  4. 41 minutes ago, DetroitRed said:

    Chris is correct.  Never seen a player spend as much time signing as Jamal


    Many years in a row at training camp, my entire family was able to get stuff signed by Jamal. 

    One year he went into the Atlantic Health facility, changed, and came back out to the practice field and kept signing. By that time it was like two hours after practice. 

    I watched him do that stuff many times. 

    Say what you want about his media persona, but we saw “the real” Jamal and he genuinely did care about fans  


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  5. I live in NJ near the Jets practice facility in Florham Park. Nobody who plays for the Jets would live in Edgewater or nearby. It's too far away and their are numerous towns that are just as nice in a 10 mile radius around Florham Park - Summit, Chatham, Madison, Mendham, Chester, Randolph, Bernardsville....

    Madison resident checking in. Originally from Bergen county. Fantastic down here though.

    Get invited to the facility a lot. Hopefully this photo doesn’t die hard.

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