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  1. 12 minutes ago, Jetlife33 said:

    Yep nicely done. Roots. 

    Great place. 

    I live walking distance from the Jets facility. All the locals know the places these guys frequent. 

     Met Gore at the liquor store couple weeks back. He declined a selfie. 

    Anyway the Saleh hiring seems okay. Will have to trust JD on this one. 

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  2. 5 hours ago, Mogglez said:

    I think you need to re-read my comment if you think I was attacking you as a person. 

    There was no moment of enlightenment in the 11th hour.  Douglas has been reaching out to candidates through back channels for a very long time now and, again, those candidates were made aware that he would be running this ship.  You want me to call your source a liar?  Sure.  They’re a liar.  A very bad one at that. 

    Based on what Douglas said on Kay’s show, 1983’s source seemed to be accurate in terms of the decision being made very recently. 



    5 minutes ago, Rhg1084 said:

    I think the fact that Douglas publicly came out and stated this and then did nothing sent Jamal off the deep end

    You are probably right and unfortunately you have to chalk it up to a first time GM.

    Though, I'm not sure we will ever get Douglas' account of the discussions at this point.

    For the record: I wouldn't extend anyone with the NFL season in jeopardy.  

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