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  1. re C : the variants can occur as the virus mutates to survive against the vaccines. please consider the following concepts: Just as antibiotics breed resistance in bacteria, vaccines put evolutionary pressure on viruses to speed up mutations and create more virulent and dangerous variants Viruses mutate all the time, and if you have a vaccine that doesn’t block infection completely, then the virus will mutate to evade the immune response within that person. That is one of the distinct features of the COVID shots — they’re not designed to block infection. They allow infection to occ
  2. best to Maxman and family, happy to contrib.
  3. always wary when the nyj win accolades before the summer solstice.
  4. ok..not trying to being political. just saying the big sports money controls a lot of decisions by the schools, and to your point the athletes are the $$$ attraction. cheerio.
  5. probably being too optimistic but maybe its just one of the moves towards reforming higher education into a more competitive product for the families' money. this generation of young adults will not blindly put their kids in these institutions without better results.
  6. didnt we just draft seven tiny LB's?
  7. now you just are going off the rails.
  8. Joe Namath put himself in more physical peril in any Raiders game than Sanchez or TB12 has their entire career. You should just be thankful he even made it to 1/12/69 in one piece, as clearly his docs said he wouldnt. He has rightly never had to buy another drink in this town but he unfortunately took everyone up on it, like Mantle, Sinatra, Babe and some other great flawed artists.
  9. it does seem this comes around every six weeks.
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