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  1. i could never get how HC at this level can only “know” O or D. are they not just two sides of the coin? you must know the strengths and weaknesses of your adversary to succeed on your side of the ball.
  2. yup its been 1977 around these parts for almost a decade.
  3. seeing gase’s handiwork takes some of the luster off the joe judge snark around here.
  4. at least he can suck from multiple platforms.
  5. so many stories. hope that gal is ok. and your friend too. i knew a number of cantor people. one friend was out that day. he was badly affected. peace.
  6. worked at 1 wfc across from south tower. ran late that day. just bought an old convert and decided to drive in this day with the top down. stopped at red light , liberty and west st. before into the wfc garage. took a few moments to just gaze up at the towers, which i and all locals almost never did. weird i was among the very last people on the planet to do that. 10 mins later up at the office, looked down at same spot with a car aflame and owner and cop just staring at it in disbelief. this among many horrible and unforgettable scenes of the day. please never forget our friends colleagues and the real heroes that were lost.
  7. wow certainly recall the game and the play, but not the down distance and score differential. in retrospect makes it more egregious. ugh.
  8. uncertain about the W/L results but enthused about all the youngins drafted by JD. mekhi, davis, and mann should be fun to watch.

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