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  1. but they don't have a five year window to get to the playoffs like ol' walt did. let's call it two.
  2. my mom still has the ny post 2009 jets sched tacked up in her garage by my dad RIP. why he picked that spot no one on earth will ever know.
  3. myself and other pre sb3 fans look forward to being wheeled out by you guys for the next one.
  4. surprised its taken this long for someone to bring them up, it was my first thought upon the pick.
  5. 10 picks even with big tradeup fqb avt wr,rb, plus bonus te in udfa and nice mashup of hybrid Lb and cbs for the back 7 and s/t
  6. if its more OL we need a C now. especially with rookie qb. a-stay for: jok lb Creed c b-move back 5-10 ileafu the syracuse cb moore/marshall wr freiemuth te javonte rb assorted G’s if b- package late scrub picks and get another 2.
  7. i like him too, more boom or bust maybe? C needs to be security blanket for baby qb. creed's level of comp and 2020 experience makes him more ready perhaps.
  8. agreed. and for those dinging the giants, they were in the same dilemma, and executed the trade back, still getting a very productive SEC wr and picking up lots of value.
  9. agree on the tradeup especially this year with scouting shortfalls. certainty should sport a premium.
  10. i was tongue in cheek here. but the jamal for AR equation would be entertaining.
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