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  1. When Aikman talks into Siri a hand reaches out of the phone and slaps him to get it over with already for gods sake.
  2. When I was a kid George Blanda looked 20 years older than Tom Brady does now.
  3. he also likes sinatra so thats a big plus in my book.
  4. watson and jd would have mutual interest to get him here for cheapest deal. he has the no trade and can point to jets. where exactly is the line drawn on collusion and tampering?
  5. its a team option. that means its jets choice to extend or not. its also may not march. if they trade him before this deadline, does new team retain the option?
  6. sam has value holding clipboard should watson materialize. unless he’s included in a deal to Hou there will always be qb desperate teams either in tc or early in the season.
  7. a dese and dose guy i wanna kish you
  8. so we got Gm/HC line squared away, but now we have a chris and woody reporting problem.
  9. there were minutes away from 3/30 for cousins and that was over the market then too. the cap room is due to a decade of bad drafting thus few extendible players at high level.
  10. i will feel bad for macc as he didnt survive to see his 11-D chess plan to its conclusion.

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