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  1. that took me a minute to work through.
  2. some honorable mentions from days of yore RB Anthony Davis LB Mark Merrill RB/WR Ralph Clayton LB Michael Taylor (who?) R1/20 ‘72
  3. if it said ring of horror count me in. humor aside, nyj failures of that era def were not all on mark. he’s got nothing to be ashamed of, but he’s not worthy of special honors.
  4. thats what i see, favre. but lets hope he can develop the other qualities with reps and experience. he’s been advertised as a strong study too.
  5. does anyone else here think davis short armed it on that sideline 3rd down miss ?
  6. so the plan was to turn man mountain becton and beer can to the head feeney into the june taylor dancers.
  7. upvoted mostly for your username, but a football prez might just help.
  8. all one had to do was watch him disappear in that sugar bowl to know.
  9. they are clearly trying to fit players to the "system". a classic blunder if they don't adjust asap. plenty of posts about plays for zw that could help him. and whatever blocking schemes they are using? holy crap.
  10. hire a president of football operations? JD can still be "GM" just negotiating trades and deals. the new prez runs personnel and scouting. now who that could be i haven't a clue.
  11. after one O series i knew this game would be reminiscent of the ‘96 blowout at DEN with kotite.
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