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  1. jets should be listed "in the hunt" at week 15
  2. yeah, Godfather 3. “every time i think i’m out they drag me back in!”
  3. SD Jones deserves more respect. (also he was once LSD Jones). i’d say Joe Turco.
  4. ah. so holtz lines them up by height and kotite by number.
  5. i distinctly recall seeing kotite line them up. not sure about holtz. maybe RK was emulating..
  6. alex karras on air said he would punch him out if on his team. (garry puetz) kotite lined them up by number. recently watched this 1975 jets yearbook. note the incredible power of nfl films and john facenda to make this team look like a juggernaut.
  7. like the 'worst loss' threads, one needs an encyclopedic shelf arranged by decades.
  8. as a near 60 year old i am at odds with this comment. my gen would’ve stuck with SB3 or sack exchange retro. note the article rankings do show some respect to the classics.
  9. the match: roddy locker room post match what I love about this is when he says “the plane“ in reference to Danny DeVito. you can dig through YouTube for other great clips . I know it’s not everyone’s bag but to me it was just a riot back then.
  10. jesse the body “Look at the size of the Giant!” fun stuff ..actually my fav match from the era was the mtv hulk v rowdy roddy. catch the post match interviews too.
  11. you can add SEA legion of boom as another recent era example.
  12. can’t wait til big boy starts giving them “the business”
  13. that was my thought. the "tone" could've been very different in the actual call.
  14. i’m from LI and gave up NJ literally two decades ago. you could drive into NYC easily from LI on any sunday morning even in holiday season. manhattan parking is available and discounted if not really cheap. bars restaurants and rooftops would feast on Jetfan takeovers just like NYR and Knicks. hells kitchen midtown chelsea high line and uws. thats your tailgate.

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