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  1. undoubtedly the "New York Jets" or a form of it is a trademarked business name. next case.
  2. were you triggered by the article pic of he and shula "inspecting the turf"? (i admit i was, but slightly)
  3. i was at this game with my dad. we left a few mins early from the mezz and came running back out a tunnel right near the EZ as we heard the roar to see eddie bell with the ball crossing the goal line.
  4. hopeful here but if KT looks like LT there will be angst.
  5. needs a dozen pounds of lean beef added.
  6. i came around to like him in last 2 weeks as media and chatroom FUD just seemed over the top. also very happy to have sauce and JJ at least saves us from edge regret.
  7. wilson is an ankle breaker who fits today’s quick 2 step drop pass game or can stop and go for the house runs. love both picks.
  8. top 4 in order hutch thibs sauce neal (if no med issue) next 6 in order if avail at 10 (after any of the above) wilson icky (if not neal at 4) karlaftis (if no edge at 4) jj (if not edge at 4) burks lloyd
  9. deebo deal may not happen until jet pick 10 is on the clock. if wilson avail he is a quick ankle breaker whose style fits the quick 2 step drop current trend. or see if trade down avail and can grab burks mid round plus assets in trade.
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