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  1. let’s bring joe torre back to the mets while we’re at it.
  2. sorry may have been said in one of the previous posts but if Alex Karras can get in with a one-year gambling suspension certainly Klecko deserves it. that said I do understand the ‘fame’ aspect of the HOF and Karras certainly was a colorful guy and i don’t begrudge him the honor. but 73 ? cmon man.
  3. ok first to admit i start my casual-fan scouting on new years day but fwiw Biadasz did not look very good. i've also come around to keeping Adams anyway.
  4. i too got bamboozled by rex and the "louisville slugger" also liked the G Jonathan Cooper.
  5. after seeing Tom Seaver in a Reds uniform.
  6. Shurmur looks like toast. wfan today carl banks ‘roots’ for him then points out uncorrected rookie technique errors by the handful. then antoine bethea on air super awkward throat clearing replies ‘so what do you think of coach?’ ‘i just do my job’ ‘don’t really know him’
  7. regardless of draft , we got him now. forget that. he’s got some tools and high ceiling and seems a great kid which can be an influence in the room too with time. unless you’re getting top half R1 in trade you see him for what he is and work with that. that said if you ‘see him’ as something less, well, opinions will differ.
  8. yeah joe gets iced out while dog killer vick (who yes i admit did his time) gets honors at pro bowl.
  9. agree with [mention=32956]genot[/mention] . tuna had 10 points at DEN and no injuries and more talent. was he a disaster too? playing best teams at their house for the chips everything has to go right. hated the way PIT game went down but that year jets played their super bowl at NE after beating the same colts team on road. nothing in the tank. was that one on rex? maybe. honestly don’t know. rex was flawed but we overachieved both years before it went south.
  10. young team, not tanking for a QB or new GM, so better to win a few.
  11. my dad , RIP, and the person responsible for my jet fandom (all is forgiven pop) , loved sports extra.
  12. really is getting hard to watch all these babies last nite buf/pit dueling group poses in the ez after turnovers tweets during practice begging for trades anyone else note 'man of the year' candidate pouncey was last seen kicking myles garrett in the head?
  13. they are the Ruth and Gehrig of sh*tty Gms. re mac, besides adams , all mentioned are mediocrities at this time including Sam, who cost 3 2's and recall he didn't know who was gonna be available, whilst two Qbs drafted behind him are in the playoffs in year 2. one bonus point for not drafting rosen.
  14. with dolan would there be a west side stadium ?
  15. eh i think walt took long to make that team competitive. played below its talent level for several years even halfway into 1981.
  16. yup. 50 years of nyj observations told us so.
  17. a team that hits the clubs immediately after one upset win.
  18. enough of these OC/DC coaches . you need a guy who can delegate tasks and motivate players. all that said at this point you have to give him this whole season to evaluate fully, but it ain’t looking good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. literally shades of the Kotite era. good times. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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