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  1. hire a president of football operations? JD can still be "GM" just negotiating trades and deals. the new prez runs personnel and scouting. now who that could be i haven't a clue.
  2. after one O series i knew this game would be reminiscent of the ‘96 blowout at DEN with kotite.
  3. if he shows progress, sure. carrot and stick.
  4. i like his talent too but its clear Mims did not know his assignments. sit his ass till he does. would a guy like tuna stand for it? the bar for quality of preparation has to be set now. asap. pronto. there are half a dozen rookies starting and watching this play out also. edit sry if this is wrong thread to rant on this.
  5. judgement aside of the pick of mims, is it possible the HC and org is trying to set a high standard of preparation? would that not be a good thing? is this not the "culture change" we all so hungered for?
  6. two sides of the same SOJF-ism. we are truly damaged goods.
  7. imagine if we didn’t get skunked on favre 30 yrs ago , half this board would time travel back and trade him to GB after 2 games just like the falcons did.
  8. but is it true this years draft was supported by a JD-restructured scouting staff? as opposed to 2020’s mediocre group?
  9. i was much less terrified for Zachs well being yesterday, at least theres that.
  10. zach looks like he has brett favre traits, moreso than rodgers or mahomes. exciting upside but could be really pull out your hair stuff going on for while.
  11. I definitely would’ve liked a center, being it is very important for a rookie qb. but also I have to believe the secondary draft strategy was in cooperation with the new HC.
  12. moving becton to RT wont ‘fix’ him. he’s got the tools for LT. he needs to be in NFL condition. He’s got to improve his training and dedication. don’t know if he will have the heart to do this.
  13. lets hope saleh didnt come here to kiss his rings.
  14. hey whacking somebody always focuses the troops lol.
  15. i guess some people here got over their skis on the OL which hadnt had any chance to play together.
  16. not sure of your point, but whatever. my only context was: really tough event happens to a player and the first response is "oh crap he was on my fantasy team" nobody cares. especially those impacted in real life. i dislike it for other reasons, but rightfully, why should anyone care about what i think either? cheers.
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