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  1. hit the nearest planet fitness, you'll work out your frustrations, look and feel better, and its a target rich environment.
  2. he also hit davis deep sideline but for a toe on the line.
  3. honestly i'm not a fan of bob w's delivery. but seems like a good guy. must say at least hes better than kevin harlan whose jibber jabbering i cant keep up with.
  4. Twitter makes this place look like the Roman Senate.
  5. i recall his rookie bio. he wanted to be President. RIP
  6. i was literally stuck with one in a hot air balloon in 2005 in AZ. this sausagy broad somehow got on the subject. tossing her wouldve sent us spiraling out of control, as per the pilot. i asked.
  7. half jokingly, maybe he's gassed from running back and forth to the sideline 20 extra times.
  8. now an OL steps on the foot of their kicker.
  9. I’m sorry I just don’t see Herm embroiled in a recruiting scandal of his own volition. And if this is the way he was escorted out its despicable. Yeah he displayed some flaws as hc here but his team was very competitive with the rest of the geniuses in the league.. btw is there still a Joe Paterno statue at the Happy Valley Pedophile Resort?
  10. strike while the iron is hot. offer him to the Seahawks for 2 R1.
  11. my (all its worth) 2 cents, 2 word predraft scouting report was “ankle breaker”.
  12. nailed it. they are tanking to draft a new hip millenial fanbase satisfied with participation trophies and cool tweets.
  13. yes some corner of my brain hits me with it when i am exposed to this.
  14. can i start unseeing lifesize pit shots of JD or his body double please?
  15. saleh, and jet fans, will now have to live through weekly comparisons with nyg. edit case in point both teams play evenly matched opponents, CLE and CAR, who just met in very close game.
  16. thread tldr so it may have been brought up, and it may not be rational but in nyc you cant help it,.. jets folding while giants rallied late makes saleh look even worse in comparison, what with both teams in rebuild. if the trend continues and we watch the giants make some noise this year, its bye bye bob for sure. that said, still early, zach will return, and young guys show promise so all is not lost. yet.
  17. true lord knows they saved enough quid going cheap a dozen years ago on that joint. pay up and reinvest some of those dividends into grass.
  18. if the manning clan extracted eli from the then-dysfunctional chargers, they will move heaven and earth to keep young arch away from this green swamp.
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