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  1. Well hopefully whoever the number 2 wide receiver is tonight can make some early catches and take some of the pressure off Anderson. Offensive line better bring their a-game for this one or Darnold is going to get it
  2. where is demaryius Thomas where is Jamison Crowder what's wrong with the offense. What a mess the Jets are after winning three games in a row and look like this garbage
  3. I see the Jets winning by over two touchdowns 27-13 something like that. The rifle likes to throw it all over the place I can see the Bangles getting the touchdown through the air and maybe their defense makes a play gets a touchdown or a turnover by Darnold. I can see the Jets defense getting a touchdown too
  4. Jets have never beat the Ravens in Baltimore but there is a first. Crazy things happen on Thursday night football
  5. Thursday night football anything can happen on Thursday night we all know that
  6. Jets made history. No team has ever scored 34 points 3 games in a row in the history of the NFL
  7. The raiders definitely came out swinging went down the field to kick the field goal. It was 3 to 3 after the first quarter Midway through the second quarter is when the Jets took over the game all she wrote.. darnold Le'Veon Bell and the defense stole the show
  8. Jets win these next two games if anything is possible on Thursday night football baby
  9. 34 DE 43 DT! He's all over the place ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜’

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