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  1. Darnold is not playing I know he hasn't been listed as officially out but they're not going to risk putting darnold out there.. don't get your hopes up not yet maybe next week vs Dallas that's what I'm expecting . I'd be totally shocked at the Arnold place just like when he got mono everyone was totally shocked
  2. I think the defense shows up again makes a game of it but it's not going to be enough.. Jets will turn the ball over on offense too much.. offensive line still doesn't know what the hell's going on and Luke Falk sux.. eagles 24 Jets 13
  3. BUST! Number three overall pick should be dominating on the d-line but he ain't sh*tt.. another bad draft pick horrible... Jets need to get a real nose tackle also Steve McLendon sucks. Look at the Patriots nose tackle he weighs 344 lb that's what the Jets need a real nose tackle.. Jets just suck
  4. I think Fatukasi will be a really good nose tackle once he gains a little bit more weight and experience
  5. Not happening the bills suck ..offense is trash there is no way in the world they're beating New England Patriots New England's going to beat Buffalo by 20 points
  6. The whole interior of the offensive line look ridiculous on that play. Osemele, Winters and Kalil..
  7. Jets have never won a regular-season football game in Philadelphia versus the eagles
  8. Bye week is here. OL needs something
  9. Yeah we can only pray that the offensive line comes together after the bye week when Darnold comes back. Long season ahead if you don't have an offensive line to protect your quarterback I feel sorry for Falk this week
  10. Two weeks in a row the Jets defense showed up

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