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  1. Montgomery hasn't played one down for the Jets and he reminds me of Richie Anderson already
  2. Nah it's just the weather migraines. You'll be okay so will the Jets
  3. Go Robby Anderson #11 bright white jersey. $how em the $$$!!!
  4. It's going to be interesting to see their 3-4 and 4-3 defensive looks.
  5. I'm rooting for Bless Austin to be a 6th Rd steal and for Jeremy Clark to step his gm up this yr.
  6. #2 corner and a true 34 NT to clog the middle. Q Williams better be able to take my mind off snacks
  7. Why does ty Montgomery wear a wide receivers number when he is a running back. Very confusing and weird..
  8. Feels great have no injuries got rid of the GM who's held us down for years things are looking up .. Jets have a bunch of young weapons on defense and offense can't wait for the season Young quarterback in the second year bunch of new offensive lineman new tight end new running backs new wide receivers got this kid named blessed Sean Austin at cornerback got a big couple fat dudes playing nose tackle in the middle name fats Shepherd and their second year
  9. Number three wide receivers at best!!! You're not a real Jets fan you know I don't know what you're watching. Enunwa is as tough as they come over the middle of the field and he's fast. Watch the games this year and you'll see how good Anderson and Quincy are
  10. Great move by the Jets of firing Macc now!!! Jets got their weapons in free agency we got our coach and our draft picks. now the coach is lighting a fire underneath some of the players asses that they overpaid for that's all. Especially the one that's not in camp 😂..
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