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  1. 13 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

    I’m okay with another cheap one year deal to fill a roster. It’s what we should be doing. When you’re rebuilding these are the types of moves that make sense.

    We just have to bite the bullet, hope JD can put together a couple of good drafts in ‘20 and ‘21. Then we should be ready to compete for the AFC East title.

    Jets need two wide receivers from this draft very deep

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  2. I see the Jets winning by over two touchdowns 27-13 something like that. The rifle likes to throw it all over the place I can see the Bangles getting the touchdown through the air and maybe their defense makes a play gets a touchdown or a turnover by Darnold. I can see the Jets defense getting a touchdown too

  3. 2 hours ago, Jetlife33 said:

    I think if we get to 6-7 the picture becomes more clear, but Baltimore on the road with only 3 days to prepare probably ends that dream. 

    Thursday night football anything can happen on Thursday night we all know that

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