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  1. Rivers is done so is Eli Manning... Prolly Roethlisberger too!!! Brees and Brady are getting close to retiring also
  2. How do you forget fatukasi the biggest guy on the defense!!!
  3. Nice game from the CB position even if it was against a rookie quarterback
  4. Shep should start over quinnen Williams
  5. Rex Ryan was a horrible head coach for the Jets. He gassed up the opposing team every week... He ran his mouth before every game and then lost. Coaches don't do that in the NFL, they don't gas up the other team on purpose... Rex Ryan didn't know when to keep his mouth shut that's why he's not a coach
  6. Keep Adams he's the best safety in the whole NFL! Use the draft to build up the offensive line and cornerback positions. You also have free agents to fill wide receiver and other needs...
  7. Next two yrs should be interesting. Jet should be rockin and Rollin by the time darnold's 24
  8. is still the youngest starting quarterback in the NFL at 22 years old. I still believe in him . The more experience he gets the better he will be when the Jets build their offensive line around him.
  9. Jets are going to lose fitzmagic time the writing's on the wall.. magic man's going to light the Jets up.. Jets have no linebackers and Jamal Adams won't be playing at 100% because of all the trade talks not that it matters
  10. I heard somewhere Adams say he would love to play for his hometown. What's that about? Why would Adams say that?
  11. I voted no because Robbie is the Jets best playmaker he needs to be re-signed.Robbie is one of the best deep threats in the game if not the best he will be hard to be replaced.
  12. Something tells me that makes you feel really good. Sorry I mispeled
  13. I'm so effing pissed off right now I'm starting to see ghosts of the past
  14. Nobody wants to watch the same team win every year and go to the super bowl. NFL is ruined they're supposed to be parody in the NFL.. Unwatchable where one team dominates over everybody.. it's more belichick than anything...
  15. I've been impressed w/Quinnen Williams Leonard Williams, Folorunso Fatukasi and Steve McLendon. Keep up the good work!!!
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