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  1. Fatukasi making a name for himself I'm really starting to love this d-line and big Nathan shepherd to rotate into
  2. White or Dortch? Which undrafted free agent will shine the best during preseason. This is getting exciting
  3. He sounds like he has a problem with Khalil coming out of retirement and playing for a team like the Jets. I never liked him.... He is the knucklehead!!!
  4. Kalil wants to go back to the super bowl and win this time.!!!
  5. I haven't heard anything on Valentine Holmes in camp not one thing.. although he might be a sleeper laugh out loud...
  6. He said he did it so he can take more hits because he's 41 years old. Lol!!!!!! He's going to end up getting injured .. He is pushing it.. can't wait for QW to smash him up this year
  7. Top three in receptions for the Jets this year will be Bell , Enunwa, and Crowder. The next three Anderson Herndon Montgomery
  8. 5th option.. wtf are u talkin bout...?????? Crowder it's going to have more receptions than Robby Anderson and Chris Herndon probably.the only players on the Jets offense that will have more receptions than Crowder will be an Enunwa and Bell. Dortch and Burnett ...lay off the crack
  9. Cannon couldn't field punts without fumbling last year remember. that's why they took him off a special teams. I think he fumbled like two times on punt returns in one game in the preseason and they took him off that roll and he's not big enough to return kickoffs.Don't get me wrong I like Canon he's from my hometown but I don't think he's going to beat out McGuire and Powell
  10. Especially for a 180 lb running back. Not happening
  11. Fitz will beat the Jets this year in Miami and the Jets will pay them back in New York. Just saying!!! That's the nature of the beast.. jets are going to sweep the bills and split with the Patriots.. 4-2 in the afce
  12. Hopefully the Jets will find a couple cornerback stragglers who get let go before the season starts
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